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“Rapidly Changing Your Life During Dream/Meditative Time” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for Life Tapestry Creations.com.

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Dear Ones,

There are no longer gradients of better, best, not so good, or terrible. Classifications were removed when you left your 3D life. Despite that, many of you feel as if you are part of an exceptional group. One that excludes those who do not believe or function as do you.

Everyone now of the earth is exceptional. Perhaps they agreed to be of the earth to display what those who wish to be of love no longer want to be. Or they are completing other issues that have little to do with you.

All earth beings have successfully moved through as many frequencies and dimensions as you – even though not necessarily with your intent of living in joy and love. Perhaps they decided to help you by projecting the opposite of love and joy. Or they moved through the dimensions, frequencies, and earth lives to clear major pieces they could not remove until this earth shift. It does not matter. You merely need to understand you are not better nor worse than any being of the earth at this time.

All of you are of the earth for a specific reason. And the result of that wondrous soup mix of beings is a new world of love and joy.

Just as you likely cannot create a savory soup without seasonings such as salt and pepper, you cannot create a world of joy without noting the opposite. Not because such is necessary, but because in 3D, you did not find the need to change until your discomfort was so significant you could not remain as you were.

So it is most earth beings were not initially uncomfortable enough to shift from their 3D knowingness. You forerunners are focused for a reason. Without that focus, that inner need to push forward despite all, you could not have completed the phases you completed. Those waves following you do not need that focus, for you are the new earth motivators.

You motivate those who wish to follow. But then, so are those opposed to you for their words and actions are as motivating as yours.

In 3D, you had the choice to run from one fear to another. In this new world, all have the option of following the light or remaining in fear. That decision is the difference you are now noting. Those who have an open heart are running to the light. Others wish to remain in fear to clear a specific fear or to encourage you and others to be of the light.

All of you now inhabiting the earth have practiced your skills for eons in various dimensions and frequencies. There are no new students.

Those determined to live in fear are merely counterpoints, the final push into love and joy for many. Without that push, the waves following you would likely not feel uncomfortable enough to cross their 3D Rubicon.

Of course, such sounds silly given that this is a cohesive effort of all now of the earth. But those following you did not explore the same dimensions or frequencies as you. Your role was to help shift the earth and create a viable path for others who wished to emulate your transition. But like you, those waves following need to transition from 3D to 5D and beyond. The difference is those following do not have the dedicated knowingness you forerunners projected since initiating your transition.

Those waves following who wish to transition from 3D to 5D and beyond in this lifetime have different tasks to complete than do you. Think of yourself as a salmon who must swim upstream and those following as other fish species living in various waters with different needs and growth patterns. Each fish species is alert for dangers in their liquid environment and have developed methods of living as they wish despite those dangers. So it is for the earth now. Those who seem counter to your beliefs may be future enlightened beings or dangers you must work with or around to create a world of love and joy.

There are no accidents. Those who irritate you now might become a welcome part of your world tomorrow. Or they might help you discover your need to move further into love and joy. All earth beings are as spiritually talented as you; merely with a different focus they honed before being of the earth at this time.

Just as you do not need to accept every word in every book that has ever been written, there is no need for you to accept the direction or needs of others. You are you, and they are they.

Those you cannot understand are no less skilled than you. All of you now of the earth are Olympic champions with different talents and interests.

Each of you is creating a unique tapestry thread. Even though some of those threads are not as you expect, they are all part of the same glorious tapestry. And without the threads you may now feel are beneath you or not spiritual enough, the tapestry would be bland and lifeless.

How dull your earth waters would be if salmon were the only water species you could observe. And so it is.

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