Feedback on the trailer?


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what you can expect in The Disclosure Course Experience.

If you’ve been wanting to catch an overview, then check out this brand-new video trailer we just released! 

I’m interested in what you think! The Michael time-loop prophecies I’ve been sharing from 1999 have been absolutely mind-blowing.

We are way beyond the “burden of proof” that this is an accurate prophecy… and best of all, it tells us that everything is going to be fine.

Next week, I am dropping information on bonuses and more resources that will make The Disclosure even more epic! Sorry to be cryptic. I can’t release it yet, but it will be coming to an inbox near you next week!

Step into The Disclosure now to ensure you secure your spot — and lock-in all the rewarding materials to come!

Here’s what I covered in last week’s live stream:

  • The shocking proof that we live in a unified universe: plants illustrate signs of stress at the moment a human decides to burn them. Vegetables illustrate signs of stress right before being dropped in boiling water. Plants and animals respond, empathically, when surrounding humans are under stress. This illustrates the telepathic connection within all conscious life. As we enter into 4D energies, our telepathic abilities are anticipated to greatly increase.
  • A new round of even more astonishing Archangel Michael prophecies were discovered just before last week’s episode. Data from our present was transmitted back to October 1st-9th, 1999. This is a must-see. There are so many specific references to our exact global situation that skepticism falls apart. The deeper question is, who or what is Michael, and how is “he” so confident that everything will be just fine?

Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Trailer! Let us know if you have any questions about the course, and please remember that your support is still vitally needed at this time!

Gratitude & Light,
David Wilcock 


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