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June 7 to 13, 2021
by Pam Younghans
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AN ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE headlines the cosmic news this week. While not a total eclipse, this will still be a spectacular event. In an annular eclipse, the Moon is too far from the Earth to completely block the light of the Sun, so what we see is a “ring of fire” – a bright band of light – around the dark shadow of the Moon.
This New Moon eclipse perfects on Thursday, June 10, at 3:52 a.m. PDT. It occurs in the air sign of Gemini and within one degree of Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini. This provides double emphasis on the areas of life that are ruled by the sign of the Twins.
IN THE OUTER WORLD, this includes all of the ways in which information is shared, as well as travel and transportation systems, computers and networks, reports and contracts, reporters and the media. On a more personal level, Gemini rules our reasoning ability and logical mind, our ability to tell fact from fiction. It also concerns our mental state and nervous system, and our need for variety and intellectual stimulation through learning and social interactions.
These are all areas to watch for new developments this week. Around the time of the eclipse, especially, we may receive information that causes us to rethink our current course. And, nervous energy is likely to be high, so take your extra B vitamins and remember the power of the breath to calm the mind.
WHILE IT’S TRUE that a Solar Eclipse usually heralds significant new beginnings – something like a mega New Moon – this one, even if it opens a new path in front of us, could send us on something of a circuitous route. One of the reasons for this is that Mercury, which rules the eclipse and is also conjunct the New Moon, is currently retrograde.
When the Messenger Planet is moving backward, we are usually cautioned to review rather than initiate. We are encouraged to spend time in introspection, to go within for answers instead of relying on outside information, and to patiently wait for Mercury to go direct before taking that first step in a new direction. So how do we resolve that paradox, of a retrograde-Mercury-ruled New Moon Solar Eclipse?
Perhaps one of the higher intentions of this event is to teach us to think in new ways, to question what we are told, and to run all externally-gained ideas and data past our internal knowing. This cosmically-guided lesson will be strong this week and also for the next six months, until the next Solar Eclipse on December 4.
NEPTUNE adds another complication to the eclipse energies, since the transcendental planet is in square aspect to the Sun/Moon/Mercury stellium. When activated, Neptune always infuses a situation with spiritual or creative overtones, but when in hard aspect, can also manifest as difficulty discerning fact from fiction. An over-active imagination or wide-eyed idealism can lead to disillusionment or self-deception.
Still, whether in easy or hard aspect, the lessons of Neptune are consistent; through its influence, we learn the importance of developing trust and faith in unseen outcomes. We find that we must let go of attachments and surrender to a higher flow. And, we gain greater awareness of the subtle realms, and realize the need to use our intuition in all situations.
THE DWARF PLANET CERES is also in the spotlight this week, but uncomfortably so. With the second Saturn-Uranus square just a week away (on June 14), as Earth Mother Ceres conjoins Uranus on Monday and squares Saturn on Friday, the tension represented by the Saturn-Uranus square manifests in the nature. Unexpected (Uranus) events challenge humanity to take responsible action (Saturn) to resolve a crisis in the environment (Ceres in Taurus).
On a personal level, the Saturn-Ceres square can manifest as feeling burdened by many family or financial obligations, or as not feeling supported by those who we depend on. The challenge of this square may also be observed in feeling a lack of support from the social structures, governments, and authority figures that we rely on for stability (Saturn).
The Uranus-Ceres conjunction then represents an urge to rebel against all of the above. However, the positive potentials of this alignment indicate an ability to find original and innovative solutions to the problems before us. Since Ceres represents the nurturing principle, when it works in harmony with Uranus, we also would expect that themes of human rights – especially the rights of children and families – would come strongly into our awareness.
THE OMEGA AND CHANDRA SYMBOLS for the Solar Eclipse lend some additional insights into the energies we’ll be working with. The eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon align at 19°47´ Gemini, so here are at the symbols for the twentieth degree of the sign:
Omega symbol: “Night in a museum; shadows seem to be moving in the paintings.” This symbol reminds us that reality is fluid. It also tells us that our perceptions are in the process of shifting and transforming, and that we can become aware of much more than what our five senses are telling us.
Chandra symbol: “A bull stung by a scorpion.” This symbol speaks of unexpected change, renewal, and regeneration. We can expect the breakup of old, stagnant patterns with this eclipse, but most likely will see strong, perhaps “bullish” reactions to the changes underway.
OTHER PLANETARY ACTION this week includes the planet Mars entering the sign of Leo on Friday. As Mars moves from a protective water sign (Cancer) into an outgoing fire sign (Leo), we feel an increased need to express and assert ourselves, perhaps in dramatic ways. Our desire to experience the joys and pleasures of life is reinvigorated, especially because many of these have been on hold for quite a while.
Relationship themes are on the agenda for next weekend, with Venus in sensitive Cancer in aspect to Chiron, Uranus, and Saturn. The Venus-Chiron square on Saturday indicates a need to self-nurture in response to hurt feelings. The good news is that the Venus-Uranus sextile, also on Saturday, can help us take time for ourselves, even if others are demanding our attention. But the Venus-Saturn quincunx on Sunday means that we still need to take responsibility for whatever adjustments might be needed in a relationship, that simply ignoring an issue will not result in satisfactory outcomes.
We also want to note that throughout next weekend, Venus will be engaging the energies of the life-changing Saturn-Uranus square that perfects next Monday. Because of this, events involving the Venus-ruled themes of relationships, values, and finances may have greater impact than usual.
LAST CHANCE! Be sure to email me this week if you want to purchase the replay of my recent “Riding the Rapids” webinar covering May-August 2021. Please use “Webinar Replay” for the subject line, send your email to, and I’ll reply with details.
IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, you may feel a stronger than usual need to share or teach what you have learned, to state your truth, and to feel heard. However, you are also involved in a process of dissolving past self-definitions, which means your truth may actually be shifting. This is an excellent year for journaling, for studying spiritual or metaphysical topics, and for doing inner work. Along the way, you will be letting go of certain mindsets, ideas you have held about who you are and what you need and want in your personal life. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mercury, square Neptune)
In peace and with gratitude,
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Annular Solar Eclipse photo by Colleen Pinski.
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Aspects of Note This Week
All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours. 
THU: Solar Eclipse/New Moon 3:52 a.m. PDT, Sun conjunct Mercury, Uranus conjunct Ceres
FRI: Mars enters Leo, Saturn square Ceres
SAT: Venus square Chiron, Venus sextile Uranus
SUN: Venus quincunx Saturn, Sun square Neptune
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