Solstice Card Reading


Happy Solstice!

Hello Powerful Lightworker,

What a powerful time it has been with the eclipses and the June energies. There has been so much purging, so if you’ve noticed ups and downs, there is a lot going on! These always bring progress for those that are utilizing the benefits.

I noticed a huge density release a few days after the second eclipse on June 10, so that means more personal responsibility and mastery with your manifestation. Woot! Fits right in with the card reading below.

As we enter the solstice window, it feels like the natural balance that swings may continue to feel like drastic swings for many, so your increased neutrality will be so important.

What I’ve also noticed is the back of the chakras, especially the sacral and heart chakras, are becoming so much more active. This indicates more empowerment coming into flow, which again, the card reading details into. So onward…

Happy Solstice!

Much Love,


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