The Council of Nine: We ReturnPosted on May 27, 2021 by Eliza Ayres


A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Originally channeled in 2016 after Tazjma landed in Florida. As you can see in the piece, it was written after the Brits voted to leave the EU. A crack in the dam of control by the proposed NWO… the cracks continue to grow and soon the dam will burst…

Note from Eliza:  Surprise, surprise.  I felt a birthing process beginning this afternoon, as I have been lying in bed, nursing a sore throat and headache.  My high heart chakra has been glowing hot and aching since yesterday… and now this message comes through.  I wrote it down quickly.  The information is not new, but the acknowledged presence of the Council is… for I have not felt them for quite awhile.  Per usual, take what you need and leave the rest.  As has been intimated by recent astrological events, a new beginning is starting for some of us, indeed for all mankind.  What we do now depends on each one of us stepping forward with courage, determination and surrender to the new energies that are emerging through us, Source energy.  How and what form it takes on will depend on how willing we are to each ground this energy into manifestation so we can utilize it in our daily lives.  Blessings and gratitude to all my readers; may your lives be prosperous, healthy and vital.

The Council of Nine: We Return

Indeed we have never left you, daughter.  We are here today to greet those who are wondering what will happen next.  Well… that will depend on you.

Changes galore are currently occurring in your 3D world.  The world markets have been shaken by the recent vote in Great Britain to leave the European Union.  This event is an indication to the powers that were that their facade of control over the populations of Earth is cracking.  The lies and misinformation that has been fed to the people are now being seen by a growing number to be propaganda, designed to confuse, frighten and bewilder people into submission to draconian laws, regulations and taxation without representation.  The people are fed up.

You can thank the dark forces behind the New World Order for pressing humanity so hard that the people now seek the freedom from tyranny that is their birthright, one that was forcibly taken from them so very long ago in now long-forgotten civilizations.

What is this sudden desire for sovereignty, personal, communal and national, leading up to?  Your maturation as a race, as you all become willing to take responsibility for being in command of your own world and lives.  And where does this sudden maturation take you from here?  There will be a growing recognition (indeed there is already one) that ALL mankind is related and capable of eventually living together in peace and abundance.

Change comes both swiftly and extremely slowly for those of you who sense the presence of other worlds and beings existing just beyond the ability of your present physical senses to perceive.  As you rise up in vibration, we will become increasingly visible to your eyes, but you will have to be able to maintain your frequency within the range of 5D.  And you will need to keep calm, balanced, and neutral and open to the sensations and wisdom of your own physical vessels.

Your peoples have been discouraged from trusting their own intuition or keeping close ties with the natural world.  As a result, many people especially in the developed Western nations have become estranged from nature, barely able to relate to a plant or to understand where their food comes from.  As a consequence, this lack of grounding has resulted in an inability to understand that you have been subjected to being poisoned by the agents of those who wish to continue controlling the planet.  Thankfully, there is now a movement to return to the roots of your ancestors, to learning to utilize natural foods and methods to plant and nourish the body.

For a people such as yourself, the very prospect of intelligent worlds beyond your own may be a difficult concept to get your mind around, but how do you FEEL?  Are you frightened?  Why?  Are you thrilled?  Again, we ask you, “Why?”  If you sense that your feeling is coming from a place deep within your being, that you know what you know despite all previous conditioning, then, our dear friends, you are connecting with the wisdom of the body, through which your own Soul or Higher Self communicates.

We ask you, “Are you READY for disclosure?”  Many of you, especially readers of this blog and others, will quickly reply, “Yes!”  Yet, again, we ask… are you ready to meet a 12-foot person who can speak to you telepathically while standing before you?  Perhaps not.  Do not fret, but work to prepare yourself for disclosure.

As your vibrational bodies align and rise in frequency, as you release the debris of karmic cycles and clear your ancestral lines, you will be able to open up to new panoramas and dream-like encounters that will let us know if you, as an individual and as a collective, are open to receiving us in the flesh as it were.  We will first come in your dreams and visions, into your heart with messages and light language, into your art and music… we will weave our presence into your consciousness until you are ready.  And how long that will take, will depend completely on the ability of each individual to arrive at a point of maturity and integration of their own light body and spiritual evolution.

We are ever with you.  We are your mentors, as well as your star sisters and brothers.  We represent a portion of the Pleiadian consciousness from which humanity was, in part, seeded so long ago.  We are both your future and your past, in the ever present Now.

We see the possibilities and probabilities that arise as the Earth undergoes this current cycle of intense change.  We hope that you can rise above your conditioning and traumatic experiences of the past and free yourself from the fear that has succeeded in keeping humanity at a very low frequency for so long.

The Ascension cycle is well started, by those who have volunteered and been sent forth into your world by councils such as our own.  Celebrate your victories and move onto the next task at hand, the integration of your inner masculine and feminine natures and the activation of your Light Bodies, those chariots of fire that will take you into the inner worlds and higher dimensions where you will meet us and many others of your Spiritual Family.

We greet you in the dawn of a New Age.


The Council of Nine

Channeler:  Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjma Amariah Kumara)

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-21, Eliza Ayres, and

Permission is given to re-post this written message with links provided to the original post. Replication via recordings and/or videos is NOT permitted.


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