Sundeelia: Matetation and Co-Creation – Part Two


Sundeelia:  Matetation and Co-Creation – Part Two

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Sundeelia:  Matetation and Co-Creation – Part Two

I decided to start a second part to this essay given that one of my readers, Chris, has asked some related statements and questions:

Chris: Wow! Co-creating a child in Pleiades is a long and complex endeavor then! Parents really need to be devoted! Lots of effort and care, but with much love like you stated.

Yes, it is a long, complex endeavor but one based in Love.  Unfortunately, in the lower frequencies of 3D Terra, the word ‘love’ became associated not only with an emotion or feeling but with physical relations, sexual congress.  In the Pleiades, to ‘make Love’ is to join energetically, not necessarily physically.  For a highly evolved male to engage in an energetic contact would liable to have an Terran woman thinking he is ‘in love’ with her while all that is meant is that he loves her as a member of his family or a friend.  ‘Love’ is nearly always translated by the human ego to ‘oh, he wants to have sex with me’, which is a misnomer. Love is beyond just an individual relationship. It is the basis of life.

Pleiadians do sometimes use touch to express their feelings.  A gesture like touching your partner’s nose with a finger is a sign of affection.  Pleiadians do kiss, but not on the lips.  A mate may kiss his wife on the forehead or top of the head as another gesture of affection.  Another physical expression of affection is touching one’s mate on their chest, something that can only be done honorably with one’s own mate.  It is a gesture representing the exchange of heart energies.  Most mates will do it simultaneously, together.

Pleiadians practice tantric love-making with their partners, the exchange of energies rather than physical coitus.

Pleiadians are aware that physical love-making can result in a child; therefore, they do not, as a rule, engage in such an act outside of marriage as it is a violation of the principles of their own culture and agreed-upon societal mores.  Also, children are planned.  You do not ‘jump in the hay and have sex with someone’ without violating an assortment of rules and cultural practices.  Such behavior can lead to a loss of soul light and a drop in frequency, something that will be immediately noticed by others. Remember, we are a telepathic people; lies cannot be spoken nor can secrets long be hidden.  Physical sex, or coitus, is therefore reserved to the act of co-creation of children. Adult Pleiadians do not require physical sex to enjoy each other’s energies or presence.

As an example of the strong energies of highly evolved souls, Tazjma long felt the energies of Sanat Kumara while she was in meditation before she knew she was related to Him.  His energies were so strong, for a time she developed the misconception that perhaps she was his mate.  When she finally learned the truth, she discovered that she was, indeed, related to Him, but more as an uncle to a niece… through the Twin Flame union of Sanat Kumara and His Divine Complement, Lady Venus.

Likewise, I, Sundee, have felt the presence of one of my uncles, Lord Arronn VaCoupe, a top commander within the Pleiadian Outer Fleet and twin to Lord Adrigon.  I had been writing about an earlier incarnation of my uncle, as Master Edar, a Feline instructor at the Medinian University Ship, with whom I came into contact while in Alyona on an assignment.  Master Edar and Raphael Kantor became good friends.  During the energetic ‘visit’, Lord Arronn was simply thanking me for acknowledging his presence in my story and realizing who he was long ago in another incarnation.  Yet, his energetic presence was rather overwhelming and could have possibly led to a misinterpretation of his intentions.

A highly evolved soul such as my uncles, Adrigon and Arronn, do not have to engage in physical sex to excite a female.  They can simply walk into a room.  Their auric fields are extremely powerful, highly charismatic and yes, rather erotic in nature. However, both being men of honor, with high moral values, they do not engage in sexual relations with females who are not their mates.  I will say this, I do not believe that either of these men are currently mated, although they have been in the past, short-lived affairs that were dissolved after the purpose for the relationship was ended, namely the procreation of specific children.  It is also possible that their mates have passed on as not all Pleiadians have such long lives as those members of my own Family.

Lord Adrigon is approximately 250,000 Earth years in age.  In the course of this long life, he has had more than one mate and several children.  Currently, from this perspective, I only know of two sons of Lord Adrigon, Commander Jychondria and Commander JoVare.  Both serve in the Outer Pleiadian Fleet, which is part of the Galactic Federation (GF).  My own father was mated to my mother while they were having children together. After I was fostered out to my VaCoupe relatives, the relationship was dissolved without prejudice.  Father is now mated to another woman, who I regard as my step-mother.  To date, they have not had any children as both have very demanding positions within the spiritual Hierarchy of Terra.

Second question: Do all couples choose to have children? Or do many choose not to, because of the rigorous demands of it or wanting to dedicate themselves to other things?

The simple answer to this question would be, ‘It depends…’

I will attempt to further explain.  First, ‘do all couples choose to have children?’  That would depend on the life focus of the individuals.  We do have mated couples who serve in the Fleets. During my incarnation as Raphael Kantor, women were not allowed to serve in the Fleet. Today, that has changed although Sirian women still do not serve on starships. Typically, Pleiadian women who are in the Fleet will not have children, as they have chosen before coming into incarnation that having a family was not going to be part of their life plan. The same thing can apply to a female who intends to be a chaste priestess for the entirety of her life, serving the people.  In my case, I was not going to have children while I was in the Fleet until I officially ‘retired’ and then had every intention of starting a family with my mate.  However, during the course of my writing assignment while here as a ‘walk-in’, I discovered a well-hidden secret about myself related to the town of Jolf and my incarnation as Raphael Kantor VaCoupe.  So, my mate, Lord Aiden, and I are the rare exceptions to the ‘rule’ that mates serving in the Fleet do not have children.  We are serving as consultants while living at home in Jolf and have just had a set of twins who will be the heirs of my mate’s lordship in time.  Neither of us has any intention to return to serving ‘on the line’, onboard one of the ships in the Fleet.  We can serve from home, which is a rare occurrence due to the nature of the special project with which we are now currently engaged upon. In the case of one of my male cousins (and probably others) he will eventually retire from the Fleet after 40 or so years, then return home to Medina and due to his station in life as a Lord (a title of respect which means ‘beloved Teacher’), will be expected to mate and have children. Males can resume their duties serving on the line if agreed upon mutually by their mates, an agreement that is usually made as part of their original betrothal and pledge to each other before becoming mates. Once a female has become a mother, if her mate leaves to serve, she will remain in the care of the rest of her family, as will her children.

Whether or not a female will have children is entirely dependent on what culture she has been born into.  As I have striven to communicate, the cultures and peoples who live upon our Isles are very diverse.  Typically, yes, mates will choose to have children as it is a part of being mated and an expectation of their particular culture.  The concept of ‘family’ is highly treasured in the Pleiades.

Lords and Ladies of high soul evolution will also have many children.  Depending on their soul lineage, they typically enjoy extremely long lives and may have more than one mate depending on their chosen focus and occupation.  In some cases, for example, a high priestess may be called upon by Source to mate with a particular Lord in order to bring in a high-frequency child.  While the couple is embarked upon this sacred endeavor, they remain mates, but the relationship can and probably will be dissolved upon completion of the expected duties of the mates, which is when the child is old enough to go to school and be fostered out to other relatives such as what occurred in my childhood.

If a High Priestess is called upon by Source to become a mother, she will not necessarily ‘be in love’ with her mate, but will perform her duty as agreed upon.  Then, after fulfilling her duties, the relationship will be officially dissolved, allowing the female to return back to her original occupation as a priestess, remaining unmarried.  Any children derived from such a relationship will be fostered out to relatives, such as was my case in this lifetime.  I was fostered out to my VaCoupe relatives at age three, moved from Venus to the Isle of Medina.  Soon afterward, I began my formal schooling at a boarding school and only returned home during breaks between classes.  This schedule continued until I graduated from University Ship and was assigned to a ship as a cadet and then as a fully-fledged technician.  Since I was serving upon the Pleiadian flagship, The White Winds, which was stationed near Venus, I was granted leave to visit my parents on occasion… my mother on Venus and my father at his spiritual retreat located in the etheric (5D) above Cuba.

As I have indicated before, sometimes priestesses do choose to mate.  In such cases, the relationship must be approved by the heads of each of the families involved, with a betrothal contract being written and agreed upon, the length of the mating also agreed upon, and whether or not children will be part of the relationship.  In all cases, children are carefully planned for and regarded with great devotion, commitment, and love.

Now, on a tribal Isle such as BerWare, the mating customs of these colorful and athletic people differs quite a bit from what is practiced in my own family.  Mates are earned through vigorous and demanding dancing contests.  In fact, dancing contests determine who will be a tribal leader, who will be a priestess, and who will mate whom.  Dancing is part of the fabric of life for these hearty desert dwellers who still live lives that are similar in essence to the nomadic people of the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa, a way of life little changed over thousands of years.  In this culture, the laws of the desert reign.  Individuals dare not disobey or they can forfeit their very lives.  On BerWare, to have relations with a female who is not your mate can lead to a sentence of death for the male when caught out. In some rare cases, the male will be exiled.  The laws of the desert are harsh and justice is swift.  Any resulting illegitimate children will be absorbed into the highest ranking family and brought up as the children of the parents of the offending individual, whether male or female.  The offending female will be compelled to act as a servant for her kin and will not be allowed to have a legitimate mate or any further children. There are no orphans on any of the Isles.  Children who have lost their parents will be fostered out to kin or adopted, such as was my case when I was incarnated as Raphael Kantor.

As to whether or not a set of mates would choose to have children in the first place, it would 1) depend on their culture and expectations; 2) their occupation; 3) motherhood in the Pleiades is considered a career and sacred calling.  It is an honor to be a mother; 4) being a parent in the Pleiades is considered a spiritual duty, to one’s family, chosen occupation, and continuation of your family line.  It is a duty that is undertaken with great Love, thoughtfulness, planning, and consideration of all parties involved, including the unborn child.  Females are not left to bring their children into the world alone.  The role of the male in any of the Pleiadian societies or cultures is understood that the male is the protector of the female, while she is carrying the child, and certainly as protector and provider for both the female and child after the birth and until the child has become an adult and able to fend for themselves.  On several of the Isles, family members stay together throughout the course of their life, with the male mate being brought into the family structure.

Another related question:  Do Pleiadians engage in sex outside of marriage? Or even if mated, do they only engage in it for co-creation purposes?

Again, what entails as relationships in the Pleiades can be quite different than what two people would experience here on Terra.  The art of making Love in the Pleiades is primarily energetic in nature.  In other words, neither partner needs to even touch the other person physically.  There is a blending of their energies, which can create quite an erotic, spellbinding sensation without physical touch needing to be involved.  Often, the partners do exchange glances, when they touch gently caress with their hands and perhaps kiss their partner (not on the lips).  These practices can and do vary depending on several factors, starting with the spiritual evolution of the two partners, whether or not they are mates or simply lovers, and any expectations of their particular family, society, culture, and occupation.  For instance, illicit love affairs while either one of the individuals is a serving member of the Fleet can result in immediate dismissal of the offending member.  Most officers of rank are from highly evolved families and are expected to perform according to rules of engagement, with honor.  For a male to engage in relations with an unmated female is regarded as dishonorable behavior.  The male can be dismissed from the Fleet, removed from his family, and exiled from the Pleiades.  Likewise, the female can be dismissed and returned home to her birth family in disgrace and never allowed to mate.  So, you can see there are severe consequences for acting out of alignment with one’s chosen life plan.  Karma is instant when you live in a higher frequency setting.  You reap what you sow.

Please understand that from this perspective, being here on Terra, I cannot categorically state that any Pleiadian (or otherwise) partners do not engage in relationships outside of marriage.  However, as seen in some of the examples I have shared above, there are severe consequences for such behavior, especially if the individuals engaging in such behavior hold high offices of authority within their particular culture.  These individuals are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards and most honorable behavior in all aspects of their lives, as examples for their family and their people.  You do not succeed in evolving as a soul in the Pleiades by messing around.  If you do engage in such behavior and are found out, you lose your office, are subject to disgrace, drop in frequency and often removed from your family.

Finally, Chris makes a statement regarding souls:

I believe that all humans have Souls. But the vast majority of people here on Earth have young Souls without much evolution, whereas starseeds, indigo children, twin flames, lightworkers, etc. have old Souls with much evolution.

I respectfully disagree with the part of the statement above.  I do not believe that all beings who appear to be human are human at all.  For instance, some individuals are clones.  Clones do not have souls; they are automatons.  Cloning of human beings has been going on for a long time and has been used in the Secret Space Program among others. Also, human genetics are under high demand from extraterrestrial races that have devolved to the point where they can no longer procreate children of their own.  A hybrid emerging from such a union, whether coming from a lab or by some form of implantation, will not necessarily have an individualized soul but would more than likely be part of a hive mind or collective ‘soul’ depending on the evolutionary status of the extraterrestrial race.

Next, do reptilians have souls?  Can they ascend?  That will have to be a discussion later as I do not know much about the genetic make-up of the Reptilian races like the Draco.  According to some reports, there are reptilians present on Terra.

Yes, probably slightly over 50% of the current population of Terra are new or relatively new souls — that is they have yet to ‘individuate’.  This topic can lead to a whole new discussion into the definition of what exactly is a soul.  These souls were specifically brought to Terra at this time of transition from one Age to another to prepare them to incarnate upon another prepared planet where they will fully embark on the long path of Return back to Source through soul evolution.  There are also what has been expressed in some esoteric teachings as ‘laggard souls’.  The laggard souls are individuals and soul collectives who have failed to ‘make the grade’, in other words, have failed to keep up with the soul evolution of their original soul collective.  Therefore, they are moved to another physical planet to resume their soul lessons until they have advanced enough to rise above the necessity to reincarnate.  This is yet another topic for future discussion.

Lastly, there is the statement that all starseeds have souls.  Yes, they do; however, many have not embodied their souls.  If a starseed has refused to ‘do the work’ of clearing and integrating their dark side, refusing to feel their emotions, only aligning themselves with the positive, and not arriving at a place of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-respect… well, then their soul is often left hanging outside the physical body leading to an individual who is profoundly ungrounded and out of touch with their own intuition and inner connection to Spirit.  The whole mission of the starseed is to bring ‘heaven’ to earth; in other words, to embody the higher frequencies while living in a physical Earth vehicle.  This sacred work cannot be accomplished when the soul light cannot reside within the body.  If the soul is not embodied, the individual will act like an automaton, easily manipulated by mass media, propaganda, and belief systems unable to use their innate abilities of critical thinking and discernment.  This is, again, a topic for another essay.

Now, this essay is long enough.  There are probably other points I could bring up or share, but I think I have covered most of what was needed to give yet a deeper understanding and appreciation that being a mate and a parent in the Pleiades is regarded as a sacred commitment and done with consideration and thoughtfulness or not done at all.

If none of the above resonates with you, then leave it. In most cases, the information that I share is half-remembered, what I’ve been told, what I have read, and what I know. There is no way I can prove any of it. Therefore, use your own innate abilities to discern the truth of what I have shared. It is your choice. Do not regard any of this as ‘gospel’. There are many levels of life in the Pleiades beyond what little I know and remember…

Go in Peace.

I AM Sundeelia Mathdis

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