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Dear Beautiful,

A common notion of failure is putting forth effort in a way that produces unwelcomed results. Despite any outcome, because you didn’t fail to try, no failure has occurred. It just didn’t end up as planned, which is often how the Universe expands your viewpoint beyond the limits of expectation.

No matter the result, never stop trying. This is the heart of dedication.

All For Love,


May this excerpt from Matt’s second book, “Everything Is Here To Help You
offer you an embrace of love and support…

While it’s natural to desire something new, it’s a far grittier undertaking to allow the old to be dismantled as a way of creating fresh space. We may not need to be devastated at every turn, but as long as we are willing to be completely blindsided, uprooted, disappointed, and in some cases even betrayed, we are offering absolute faith to our deepest truth.

Such devastation may require unsuspecting change or the unsavory actions of others, seemingly without any degree of remorse. Whether in response to a job loss, divorce, the diagnosis of illness, or even the loss of a loved one, this is not done to hurt us in any way but to flip the ego’s reality upside down, just to reorient the points of reference into the soul’s perspective.

Each and every time the grace of devastation enters our reality, we have an equal opportunity to either cement the falsehood of limiting beliefs or to allow limiting beliefs to melt away by walking through the fire of our most epic disaster.

We may not know why things are happening or where it’s all going, but in order for the soul to lead the way, the ego must be shaken from its grip of control. The more we are willing to align with Source, trust in the gift of our journey and welcome devastation without requiring difficulty in order to grow, the easier all aspects of life transform from the inside out.

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