June Forecast 2021 By Lena Stevens


June Forecast 2021
By Lena Stevens

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Written by Lena Stevens www.thepowerpath.com
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The main theme for June is “SHAKE UP”.

We are in a destabilized time of mental confusion, frustrations around what no longer works, and tremendous opportunities to approach our lives in a new way. Post last month’s powerful full moon and eclipse, we are also in a learning and integration period where we must look back to see and acknowledge what we have left behind that is no longer available to us. Do so with gratitude and faith. No regrets. We have crossed the bridge and there is no going back.

This month there is internal shake up and external shake up. Internal shakeup is the shakeup of belief systems, your life as you once knew it, identity shifts, emotional challenges of dealing with confusion, change, doubt and trust. External shake up includes literal earth shaking, as in earth quakes and other environmental intensities, unexpected political decisions affecting greater communities and even countries, sudden losses, sudden gains, spontaneous opportunities, some doors closing, some doors opening, and the effects of other people’s decisions and changes on your life as you know it.

The internal shake up requires you pay attention to your own truth and what is important as you adjust and adapt to a new landscape. The external shake up requires patience, understanding, resilience, community efforts and trusting in right timing. There is an aspect this month of cooperation, sharing with others and collaboration that is key to starting the rebuild of a new foundation for our collective future.

You will feel the need to find balance between personal alone time to integrate your own process, and community time to inspire each other with the possibilities and opportunities for growth and advancement. It is a great time of learning together and coming up with new ways of righting social injustice without going into great conflict and strife. Watch the tendency in yourself and in others for blame, righteousness, and the seduction of violence and revenge, especially in the first week of this month. Until the new moon on the 9th, we are in a volatile and potent window between 2 eclipses. This is energy that should be used wisely to jump start a creative project instead of engaging in hate, war and conflict.

The best advice for this month is to stay out of resistance to the process as well as any outcome. If you are holding on to an expectation about how things will turn out, it is best to release that attachment so you can take advantage of what is coming available in the opportunities you may not yet be aware of.

If you can stay neutral and out of resistance, you will become more resilient and adaptable to what is already happening. Change is here. Get with the program or get left behind.

(there are good exercises on the monthly support audio to help with shaking things loose as well as finding balance and support during these times)

As we approach the solstice and the latter part of the month, we shift our focus to family, home, love, beauty, ease, support and what nurtures us. Take a deep breath of vitality and goodness and blow out all the stress of the past with a deep commitment to enjoy your life no matter what.

How the month shows up:

This month personally will be part integration and part moving forward in new ways, embracing change and becoming more adaptable in the process. The best way to use this month personally is to practice acceptance and neutrality around external changes affecting you, and to keep a strong focus on your own moral and emotional compass guided by the intelligence of your heart. While you juggle what is happening around you, find the balance in never losing sight of what you want and how you want to life to look and feel.

You will be influenced by mental confusion at times this month. Even as this makes you feel vulnerable, see it as a way to give your heart and your emotional intelligence a bit more authority over choices and decisions. If you are not clear emotionally about a decision, wait until you are as right timing is an important thing to be aware of this month.

The opportunities presented this month may take you by surprise as many will be spontaneous and unexpected. Since the emotional self is a faster processor, you may get a yes or no way before your mind has a chance to upload the information it thinks it needs to make the right decision.

Make sure to balance your personal alone time with community collaboration. It can be very exciting to dream up new projects with others however, if you don’t get enough time to integrate, you will only feel overwhelmed, pressured and confused.

This is an exciting time for relationships as we begin to move into more social, collaborative, community exploration of new ways of being with each other. There is more authenticity and more desire for intimacy with integrity. If you experience great change due to the loss of a relationship or the unexpected entry of someone new into your life, practice acceptance, resilience and adaptability.

There is nothing like relationship change to shake things up. Those relationships that have been stuck and stagnant but still worth keeping should be proactively shaken up with the insertion of a new focus or adventure. The relationships that are nearing completion should be ended and the shake up that follows be honored for the opportunity for change it brings.

As to your habits and actions in relationship, reflect on the motivation when it comes to what you feel responsible for. Are your actions coming from a place of true responsibility and authentic personal desire, or other people’s expectations of you? Remember that you are never responsible for another’s happiness. That is on them. Don’t be a victim to another’s martyrdom, guilt or low self-esteem. Focus instead on the well-being that you deserve to experience.

This could be a tough month on the body as it is still adjusting to massive change. There will likely be many symptoms, aches and pains, and general discomfort that is impossible to diagnose as it has its roots more in the energetic end of things than in the physical. Good communication with the body and an increased focus on self-love and self-care will do more for you this month than chasing practitioners to come up with a concrete diagnosis.

Times of shake up can be hard on the emotional body. Watch identification with the suffering of the world and instead focus on cleaning out your own emotional fridge. What stale packages of blame, unforgiving thoughts, attachment to suffering, guilt and remorse are still tucked away out of sight?

This is a good month to shake it up by doing something new and different for your body and your health. Try some new things, shake up your routine, be a little adventurous.

This is an excellent month to start a new project, collaboration or even a business. There is a lot of abundance and support especially around the solstice for putting yourself out there with a dream and intention. Because of the unstable aspects of the first part of the month, it is best to use the first couple of weeks to clean house, refine your intentions, do your research, collect information and support, and make yourself ready for the opportunity when it shows up.

There is a balance needed between trusting the success and right timing of a project and being discouraged with the obstacles and challenges you may be facing. If it still feels right and your intuition is still inspired by the task, hang in there and allow for your creativity and innovation to bring you solutions you may not have considered. If it does not feel right, let it go even if others think otherwise.

Intense weather, possible earthquakes, and heavy winds will all play a part in this month’s theme of “shake up”. The environment always responds in support of what is needed. So, we will be kept on our toes and forced to be patient, adaptable, understanding and accepting. It is important this month to have a vision. Whether it is about the future of the environment and changes we can collectively make to ensure sustainability, or simply a vision about your own environment and how you can improve or change your personal spaces with a focus on beauty and improvement.

Shake it up. Get rid of something never thought you would part with. Include something you never thought you would. Change an attitude, a habit, a color, a location, a fixture. Reorganize, rearrange, clean and clear. As above, so below. If you work with your environment, you are working with the external shake up. This will resonate the internal shake up and give it some direction.

June 1-7: Those with instability can get truly unhinged this week so pay attention, stay present and be watchful without being obsessive or paranoid. A healthy dose of caution when dealing with the physical plane can avoid unnecessary accidents. A healthy dose of focused attention on details will help with communication issues potentially leading to conflict and misunderstandings. There is karmic energy afoot as pressure builds to resolve karmas that have been stuck or stagnant especially around relationships. A desire to complete and make a change can drive a level of intensity and determination into an already volatile and destabilized situation. Stay out of what is not yours and pay attention to what is.

The upside of this week is the opportunity to look back and see the other side of the bridge and to honor the past from which you came. This observation will guide you further in integrating and committing to what is changing or has changed in your life. Take inventory of what feels like it is paving the way for a positive future and what feels like it is an obstacle of mental or emotional confusion. Embrace the new landscape of your life whenever you can by putting more attention on what is new than what is the same or what has been.

June 8-15: A week of possibilities and navigating the unexpected. When things are shaken up and loose, it is never what we expect. So, expect the unexpected and face it with inspiration rather than with fear. Question anything that feels like it is of the old. Your comfort level will be stretched especially as we approach the new moon and partial solar eclipse on the 10th.
There is a very active energy this week that will bring some of those karmic events to a head. We may even see some earth movement that will shake things up in the physical environment. Use this spike in initiative to jump start a project or collaboration. It is a good time to raise money, sell ideas and garner support. Just don’t overdo it. Physical, mental and emotional exhaustion can ruin any progress you have made.

June 10: New Moon in Gemini with an annular solar eclipse is Thursday, June 10 at 4:52AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is a time of many possibilities on the table, many doors opening, and some closing. It is a good time for a fresh start whether inspired by an intention or forced by a change from the outside. In whatever way this open door has shown up, view it as a positive chance for change.

This moon does come with some mental confusion and a tendency for delusion, deception and uncertainty. Trust your heart instead of your mind and remember to be vigilant about details and communication as well as patient with technology and delays as Mercury is still retrograde. If there is tension, use it as an energy for progress rather than irritation and frustration. Be open to something new and stay out of resistance to anything unexpected.

Join Anna for a very helpful remote shamanic healing working with the energies of this new moon and eclipse. Wednesday, June 10, at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

June 16-23: We may feel discombobulated, slightly ungrounded, and in question as to whom we are, what we are doing, and with whom and where. Let the pieces of the shake up fall where they will and give them time to find their right place and position before you judge, act, reject, or jump into anything. This week is the most conducive to integration and assimilation and it is very important to include plenty of personal time for reflection, redefining, adjusting and anchoring your own truth. Right timing should also be strongly considered.

As you make time to reflect, prepare to use the solstice time on the 20th to good advantage. The aspects support bringing abundance, prosperity and everything you need to feed your positive visions and intentions.

June 20: Solstice in Cancer (summer in the northern hemisphere, winter in the southern hemisphere) is Sunday, June 20 at 9:32 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). The solstice is always a great time to honor change, honor self, honor where you have been in the past and where you are going forward in your future. This day should be marked with a ritual, ceremony or focused visioning and intention setting session. It is a positive and optimistic time of putting forth what you want out of life.

Be wary of over indulging. This is the time to be mature about your actions and impulses. Think about the reasonable first step to take on something new and do it with moderation and responsibility. Consider the bigger picture of what we are building collectively and cooperatively together.

June 24: Full Moon in Capricorn is Thursday, June 24 at 12:39 PM Mountain Daylight Time. (MDT). More on this Full Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above)

Join Lena for a helpful remote shamanic healing working with the full moon to keep you on track during this destabilized time of shake up and the opportunities it presents. Thursday, June 24, at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

June 24-30: Not only have we crossed the bridge, but we are in the sea of the unknown with no turning back. This week is marked by a palpable adjustment to a new vibration, a new landscape and new path for the future. We know just a little better who we are now and what we want. We can embrace ease, we can let go of our attachment to suffering, and we can set ourselves on the golden line of our best possible future.

This is the time to open up our creativity, to make responsible proactive choices and to engage in community and collaborative efforts. If you have launched a new project or business, put some good energy into it and don’t forget about the gratitude piece. It goes a long way.

Have a great month!




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