Seeking A Close Relationship With Another — A Direct Message From VERONICA

Seeking A Close Relationship With Another
Direct Message From VERONICA
     “We interact with many in the linear who are seeking a close relationship with another.  Clearly the search for a compatible mate is foremost in most minds.
     We have said it many times before but often words need to be repeated to learn the lesson.  Before one can manifest a partner….. one must have a clear relationship with the self before you can have a solid relationship with another.
     The above statement is often confusing for many.  Your culture defines a soulmate as one who completes the self, two halves of a whole etc.  There is emphasis on the concept that one is not fulfilled without another, that somehow the soul is split, leaving the two halves to find each other.
     Such information can leave one in despair, especially when a relationship doesn’t work out.
     So when seeking connection be sure to have your own house in order first.  The relationship with yourself will lead you to a partner.  The probability of that connection continuing starts with you.
     So how does one nurture a self awareness connection with the Self?  You should ask yourself the following questions.
     1.  What are my own goals?  Am I seeking a relationship to distract myself from my own path?
     2.  Do I rely on a partner to define myself?
     3.  Is the relationship struggling when I don’t focus on it all the time?  In other words, can I stand alone?
     There are endless perspectives, however ultimately your relationship with yourself needs to be prioritized.  Only then will you be “whole” enough to be truly successful in a ‘soulmate; moment.”
                                                                 ~ VERONICA


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