June 2021Energy Forecast by Emmanuel


Hi my friend,

Over the next few weeks, we will notice an increasing influx of Light enter our personal space and the world as a whole, as the healing energies of the Sun continue to activate every cell and fiber of our being.

There may be surreal moments where things feel a bit strange to the mind, yet know that it’s all in support of the next step of our evolutionary journey.

For many, the Light making its way into our personal and collective experience will feel like a rebirth, especially since the past few months have brought in a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that most have found challenging to navigate.

As empaths and sensitives, it’s important for us to practice mindful connectedness at this time.

Feeling connected to our most authentic selves, our I AM Presence, and the Earth, will ensure that we more easily ride the waves of Light entering our physical, etheric, and mental bodies in the weeks ahead.

The following are some simple ways to practice mindful connectedness, so that we are prepared to immerse ourselves in the new higher Light. We can:

  • Choose to make feeling joyful a top priority
  • Meditate often
  • Make time to nurture, acknowledge, and honor ourselves daily (body, mind, and Spirit)
  • Play daily (dance, enjoy the Sun, run freely in a field of grass, paint, laugh, and anything else that gives us life)
  • Share our Light, gifts, and talents openly
  • Let go of the need to figure everything out, and to over-analyze
  • Express gratitude and appreciation often
  • Spend time remembering that we get to choose how we respond to life—we don’t have to react automatically or immediately
  • Eat foods that are life-giving and nourishing to our body and mind
  • Spend time in nature, and with gentle animals
  • Have moments of mindful breathing throughout the day

There are many ways to feel connected to our authentic self and the Universe.

The key is to choose to do or feel whatever brings us to being in the flow, so that we are open to receiving the Light making its way into our world.

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Awakened Abundance

At different times of the year, we travel through powerful energetic portals. These are full of beautiful energy gifts, ready to flow to us.

The Light downloads that will be entering our body, mind, and energy this month will support us by anchoring those gifts into our consciousness.

This month is particularly powerful, as it brings the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere (occurring at 11:32 pm Eastern Time on June 20, 2021, and at 4:32 am London Time on June 21, 2021).

A solstice is both a time of completion and a new beginning. If there is anything we are ready to resolve and let go of, the solstice is the time to do it!

We can then enter the next phase of our journey feeling refreshed, in our power, and ready to create a far more joyful, fulfilling life.

The main theme of this particular solstice is an increased abundance vibration that anyone can access simply by holding the intention to do so.

Because the word “abundance” means something different to everyone, it’s important to ask ourselves, “What does abundance mean to me? When I’m feeling abundant, what does that look like in my life?

“How fully have I experienced the energy of abundance over the years?

“Am I living abundantly now, in ways that feel expansive? Or have I felt constricted and limited in some ways?”

Asking these kinds of questions as we experience the solstice energies can be very helpful. The answers can then naturally come up from within, in a way that supports our growth.

We can then use that feedback to refine, heal, or strengthen our relationship with abundance in a way that feels aligned with our most authentic selves.

Now is the perfect time to ask ourselves on a deep level:

“What am I ready to create more of, in order to experience the kind of abundance I truly desire? And what am I willing to release from my present life, to create the room to receive that?”

Answering these questions can not only reveal to us what abundance means to us at this time, and what needs to change in order for us to receive that. They can also help us anchor real abundance in new ways.

Right now, millions of heart-centered, spiritually aware people around the world are working with these energies through meditation and acts of kindness.

Their high intentions and visualizations are helping to create a unified field of Love that we can walk into simply by focusing on it.

As we tap into this unified field of Love, it becomes much easier to enter a state of flow. And in that state of flow, we release all resistance to the situations in our life.

As we release the narrow expectations of the mind, we no longer judge or label things in ways that disempower us.

We open to Divine Love expressing perfectly through us, in whatever way is for our higher good.

At that moment, we are at our most powerful.

From there, we are able to deliberately create and manifest from within.

The energies that flow to us during a solstice also have the ability to bring to the surface profound healing in all areas of our lives.

Those energies call to all of us now. They welcome us in, as we increasingly transform in this higher Light that is flowing to the Earth.

It’s time for us to enter that unified field of Love, and it’s easy to do!

Starting around June 15, just spend a few moments each day where you close your eyes and focus on deep and relaxed breathing.

Place your hand on your heart if you’d like, then simply affirm that you are choosing to love yourself, others, and the world around you abundantly.

Then visualize a blanket of luminous rose-colored Light, gently covering the entire planet. See yourself also being embraced and covered by this beautiful blanket of glowing pink Light.

See yourself dancing in and around this rose-colored Light that is flowing all through and around you!

This Light is alive and aware. It carries a beautiful intelligence and presence that is all is own.

Let it activate your high heart, where the greatest Love and wisdom come into your consciousness from your soul and higher self.

Let this Love and wisdom guide you to consistently image and naturally create the reality that is most aligned with your highest vision for your life.

Let this Light and all its Love and wisdom serve as beautiful, empowering guides for that journey.



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Wondrous Times Again!

Last year and this year, we’ve been experiencing intense back-to-back energy cycles.

These are times when we empaths tend to hibernate and hide away from the world.

We do this because the mind uses the instinct to hide as a defense mechanism, so it can sort out all the feelings that come up under the pressure of the higher energies coming in.

I liken it to a caterpillar building a cocoon, so that it has a safe haven as it turns into a butterfly.

Building defensive cocoon during a time of transformation is understandable. But it can leave us feeling isolated and lonely. It then feels harder to feel happy and connected to our higher Light aspect.

Yet even though it may not feel very comfortable, being in the cocoon can help us learn more about ourselves and our path.

It gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we are ready to release from our lives, whether that is a job, a relationship, a style of living, something about our health or eating habits, or other areas of life.

Once we begin to release what is no longer for our higher good, we lighten our load, and are free to fly higher than ever before.

It’s time for us now to remove all the distractions that have kept us in our cocoon much longer than necessary. This includes turning off the news and other forms of media, while also releasing the people and habits that drain our energy.

Now is the time for us to fly!

The wonders of the Universe have always been available to us.

Yet now we are moving energetically into realizing that this wonder and magic is the essence of who and what we are, at our core.

Healing with the Violet Flame

In addition to cocooning, as downloads of Light begin to enter our space again, the mind often resorts to fear patterns in order to keep itself feeling safe.

The mind is wary of change, because it thinks it will lose its dominant role in our life, which is to keep us in survival mode.

Yet often during these times, the mind is being expanded into new roles and outlooks. So that rather than losing its job, it’s actually gaining a much better one!

From there, we see that fear is simply an indicator that expansion and breakthroughs are about to happen.

Which means that there is really nothing to fear—not even fear itself!

There is a powerful yet quick and simple healing technique that can help us purify our mind and emotions from anything that has been holding us back from living our greatest lives.

First let’s look at the power of the Violet Flame.

The Violet Flame is one of the greatest yet least-known spiritual tools on the planet. It is a tremendous gift from the Universe, and  a beautiful aspect of Universal Light.

Science has demonstrated that the color violet holds the highest frequency of any of the colors on the color chart spectrum. It is also the point of transition to the next octave of Light vibration.

The Violet Flame has a beautiful, purifying presence. It has the power to transmute density into Light, creating a sense of Love, peace, joy, healing, flow, and ease for those who use it.

When called upon through mantras or visualization, the Violet Fire is a tool of transmutation that lifts us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As we image ourselves inside of this cool spiritual flame, it restores the flow of Light and energy in our body, mind, and soul.

Its high vibration penetrates our nervous system, our heart, our spirit and psyche, and our entire physical body, going straight to the root core of any imbalance we may be experiencing.

It transmutes everything that is not aligned with Divine Love into a higher form of energy.

The Violet Flame Healing Technique:

  1. For about 1 to 3 minutes, visualize yourself sitting inside of a ball of Violet Light.
  2. While visualizing this Light flowing all around and through you, keep repeating the following statement:

“I am a being of Violet Fire. I am the purity of Divine Love’s Desire.”

  1. Express gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the Violet Flame.

That’s it!

Try this for the next 21 days, and notice the shifts and upliftment that begins to come into your life.

It’s a simple yet effective process that can empower and expand you!

If you know anyone who is going through a challenging time right now, please offer them this process as your gift to them!

I would love to hear about your experiences with using this technique!

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,

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