The frequency of humanity and the planet is rising.  The 3D forces of control can see that the frequency is rising.  They are frightened of losing their power, so they are tightening their grip.  ONCE THE FREQUENCY OF THE PLANET RISES BEYOND THE 3D NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN CONTROL US.

It is not surprising that many people are frightened because disruption of the known and familiar is always a challenge.  When the entire world is divorcing itself from the old paradigm, to prepare for the new, it may feel catastrophic.  It is when everything is in a state of flux that we are vulnerable to those controlling forces.

Control is a narrow frequency band in the 3D spectrum…

The frequency of the planet has risen rapidly so that the old established 3D ways of education, medicine, government, finance, travel, business and just about everything else are cracking.  Into these cracks, as the last stronghold of the old 3D is challenged, we allow control to slip in.

The moment the consciousness of humanity rises above the narrow frequency band that allows control, truth emerges, fear disappears and we are free.


I am sure you have heard of the 100th monkey experiment, when scientists were doing experiments on an island in the Pacific.  They fed the monkeys by throwing yams into the sand, which meant they were gritty and unpleasant to eat.  One day a baby monkey dropped its yam into the water and when it fished it out, it was clean of sand.  Next time it picked up a yam from the sand it washed it in the water again.  Eventually the mother copied and then other young monkeys followed suit.   Then more mothers.  Finally the males did it too.  When a critical mass of perhaps a hundred monkeys had learnt to wash their yams, suddenly all the monkeys could do it.  But here’s the stunning thing.  Researchers found that at that critical mass moment all the monkeys on all the other islands in the Pacific also did it. In other words at the point of critical mass the consciousness spread to all.

We are reaching this tipping point as more and more people throughout the planet are waking up spiritually. No wonder those still in the 3D paradigm are desperate to stop it. YOU CAN DO YOUR PART TO BRING FORWARD THE MOMENT OF CRITICAL MASS BY CONSCIOUSLY FOCUSING ON YOUR ONE HUNDRED PERCENT KNOWING THAT THE RISING LIGHT ON OUR PLANET WILL AUTOMATICALLY DISSOLVE THE CURRENT SITUATION ON EARTH.  We will pass through this control barrier.  Do not add to fear, dejection or restriction for that is what is holding it in place.

Control is a 3D illusion.  We are heading for a New Golden Age of oneness, community, happiness, self-responsibility and freedom.

You are not doing it alone.  The unicorns have come in now specifically to help us through this time.  They illuminate you and help to hold your frequency high.  So ask the unicorns to hold the light with you and together you will light the way for others.


Societies that are predominately right brain orientated develop the heart centred feminine qualities of sharing, trust, nurturing, co-operation and inclusivity. They respect artistic and musical expression,creativity and imagination.  Such peoples also honour the mystical and seek an expanded spiritual understanding of life.  This results in long lasting cultures and governments.

The converse is true.  Societies that are predominately left brain orientated develop rational, logical minds.  They create structure and order and push forward the boundaries of technology and science.  Because such societies value logic and money more than wisdom and love, individuals disconnect from their feelings and close down to spiritual concepts.  Consequently, religions are formed with a focus on limitation and exclusivity instead of a spiritual perspective, which is why cruelty and violence can be perpetrated in the name of God.  When people disconnect from spirit, the result is power struggle, conflict, repression and desire to control others.

In such patriarchal western societies everyone strives for more, nothing lasts and governments are constantly being destroyed, overthrown or replaced.  They lack the stabilizing effect of the feminine energy.

Because the planet is now being shaken up to equalise the yin and yang energies, societies which are predominately left brain are having to yield their structure and control, so that more heart centred organizations can emerge.

Of course, individually and collectively you can resist this, in which case the havoc will increase.  Alternatively you as an individual can open your heart, develop right brain qualities and make choices for your life from a higher spiritual perspective.  When enough of you do this if will affect the society you live in.

Why are all structures now so large?

From shopping malls to hospitals and schools, all structures have become too large, monuments to the egos of those in charge of them.  Individuals have become lost and confused and no longer feel they belong.  It is time to build smaller local buildings again and return to community and belonging.



1.Decide what aspect of your life or ascension journey you wish to ask the unicorns to bless.

2. Relax, then sit with your hands in your lap, palms up in a receptive position.

3. Say, mentally or aloud, this powerful I AM affirmation and invocation, that merges your I AM with the unicorn energy.

I AM unicorn diamond white

I AM the truest inner sight

I AM the purest of the pure

I AM transcendent love so sure

I AM enlightenment

I AM Heaven sent.

I AM accepting a unicorn blessing.

4.When you have finished close your eyes and sense the unicorn light pouring over and through you.

5.Forward the unicorn blessings on to people, trees, situations or anything that feels right to you.



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