A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner June 2, 2021

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner June 2, 2021
Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am also placed in the Earth Council for the exact purpose of this Ascension process occurring now with your planet. As most of you know, we assist other planets with their Ascension process. We have a precious and vested interest in the earth. We are here to assist humanity, all of life on the earth, as well as the earth herself.
We are dear friends with the earth. We know love and respect her immensely. We celebrate her ascension for she deserves this graduation from the enormous and atrocious forces of darkness. Some of you may be feeling lighter frequencies due to the dark ones’ isolation and removal from your beloved planet. You might be feeling as if you can breathe again.
Right now, you are at a critical juncture in this grand shift. There has been a deep drilling down and taking out of the forces of darkness. Even though they know they are done with the earth, they are fighting tooth and nail to the very end. We want to assure you that this is nearly over and that Source has the upper hand.
Please focus your attention as much as possible on the light and the beauty of this unfolding. The plan is a brilliant one and the resources are many. Hold the light and keep your hearts open to each other.
We understand that many of you are challenged and struggling. It takes courage and strength to participate in the end of so many years of darkness. You are right there at the threshold of light. You can feel it and see it. The light is real. You are nearly Home. In fact, we already have many celebrations and reunions planned for you. Of course, these will all be the unmasked version where we can see your fully beautiful faces, read the light in your eyes, and feel the love in your hearts. You will indeed see the same with us.
Promises and prophecies have been made throughout the ages. It is now time for them to come to fruition. Beloved ones, you shall inherit the earth.
We always want to thank you for your good work, prayers, love, and devotion to your ascension. Each one of you make the world of difference to us and to the planet.
In deep love and devotion, I am in Mira.
Valerie Donner
The Ground Crew
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