June Ascension Energies – The Reflection



Please note: this month the video is a more practical journey with the monthly energies, while the written post is a deeper, esoteric journey.

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What an interesting energy from May’s Heart Expression that was such a powerful aspect of the eclipse in Sagittarius. The fire of Sagittarius offers the burning away of inadequacy, fear and negativity that holds back our wise, confident and generous expression.

The week preceding the eclipse became especially stirring as the dream world and waking blurred into one message of the depths of shadow reaching toward the light. It may have felt like a stranglehold, a gentle guide, or a courageous creative impulse (or more than one of those).

Each opportunity was the clarifying preparation for The Reflection of June to show you a deeper courage that life has always known is within you. Freedom is at hand.

May, the month of 5, showed you life blooming and transforming—what was old becoming renewed into its next form. It is calling you to root deeper into the shadows, the darkness; that like the moon eclipsed, colors the (k)night with courage or fear.

For your true Heart to Express, (not just the ego’s hot mess ;o) the courage to connect with Life must come from within. It is not that you must connect with every being or every experience, it is that within you, in your sacred sanctum, there is no fear that will not be met when the light makes it react.

That is what the Light of the sun does, it catalyzes a reaction for change. That is what the Light of your Awareness does. It is what the nurturance of your Love does.

Old sorrow transforms into new love.

Old anger transforms into new strength.

Old fear transforms into new courage.

What Reflection do you see? It’s just a moment in time being called to inner-lightened change.


At the midpoint of balance in this year of Heart Freedom, we stand with a foot in both worlds and a vista of potential. Balance is comfortable and known. Time forces movement, it’s inevitable in this density; from balance to imbalance to new balance.

The Reflection offers opportunity to look more deeply into the potentials that are beneath the surface.

Life is fail-safed toward Love, for that is the binding force, the connective force, the invisible depth that compels new life. It isn’t always obvious.

Sometimes it comes in a repelling form, like a hard truth. Sometimes it comes in a pretty package of deception. Sometimes it lets you languish in avoidance, other times it seems to push you before you’re ready.

Always, deeper in The Reflection is the perfection of Love. In the physical realm of linear time, “imperfection” is the nature of evolution. Perfect in its imperfection, for the present form is moving through linear time. A Reflection from the past, formed. A Reflection of the future, reformed.

Will the reformation be a new coat of paint or a foundational shift?

The first looks like a drastic change to passersby. The latter may result in things judged as the same from the outside, but the future prepared/repaired to sustain greater growth.

With a focus within, you are preparing/repairing your future to support your creative courage to reach greater heights. Like the tree reaches deeper so it can sustain its upward growth, bringing ever higher light to ever deeper soil. This is The Reflection of Life.


As the solar eclipse of June 10 shadows the light, your creative impulse will Reflect your inner plight or sight. Do you deflect and resist the connection of heart?

Do you perceive potentials blowing by, like pollen taking a chance to fly free, not knowing exactly where it will land? If you grab it and hold tight, showing the proof in your hand, you resist the potentials that bloom through Time’s plan.

Though there is no guarantee of rooting until the rooting takes place. Just an inevitable landing from the courage of flight’s risk.

As the twins of Gemini show unique in same, the outer light is masked and hidden from view. You are asked to look deeper into the foundations within the shell of the potential your love can renew.

What’s not obvious on the surface is eclipsed within depth—the 1% of you visible for all to opine. What deeper truth do you see rooting in your Earth experience? That which can’t be burned by Light’s glare, or the flaming fear consuming new air?

Do you see the Reflection that your Love is more powerful than the viral fear? That your courage is bolder than the weak ones’ loud veneer? That your strength is Life’s grace of Love forming here?

What Reflection do you see when the mirror is clear? Beauty or Beast can be a deceptive exterior, just as your courage feels like weakness until Time forces truth. That a willingness to trust the pollen’s flight is the true courage that Life gives insight.

The external Reflection is the smallest part of the story. Most obvious, yes. But a mere shadow of your depth of glory.

Dear seeder of blooms not visible in flight, what is beneath your surface is potential new light. What nourishment do you offer to the roots of your foundation? Bring Light where shadows dig to get under your skin. For this is the The Reflection of your future forming, first within.

All that is hidden is within The Reflection. It is for those with eyes to see that shame is a game of deeper connection. Life treasures all that you are, for even your waste nourishes new life. The circle of Life envelopes all into Love.


Look deeper, then deeper, at The Reflection of Love within you. What seed could foresee the nuclear power in pushing beyond it’s safe shell?

When you feel at least a hint of balance, sweet courage, you are ready to move.

A tiny seed moves mountains of Earth. 888 There is no limit to your infinite worth.

Jamye Price is an author, energy healer, channel, and teacher. Her unique energy healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, along with Light Language—are a powerful transformational experience. She also channels Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, with information focused on the mental and emotional balance of Ascension. Jamye’s work is practical and profound; she mixes highly esoteric subjects into applicable usage for empowered living.



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