Message from the Angels


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have heard us say often, “follow your heart in the moment,” and we hear you say often to us, “exactly what does that mean?” Today we’d like to help clarify that for you.

The heart is where the energies of your human “self” meet up and mingle with the energies of the Divine. We are not talking about the physical heart but rather the energy center that resides near the heart, in the center of your chest. Many have called this your “sacred heart.”

You will know when this energy center is wide open and circulating between the frequencies of human and Divine because you will feel loving and happy. You might feel this love as a feeling of human love – fraternal, familial, or romantic. You might feel it as a sense of Divine love, recognizing the light and goodness within another. You might feel it as admiration, or respect. You might feel contentment or satisfaction. You might feel eagerness or enthusiasm.

When this center is open, you feel good, and therefore you feel God. You feel the circulation of love in you and from you. In this state of being – without a great deal of thought – you naturally gravitate towards that which is uplifting, inspiring, healthy, and happy for yourself. You “listen” to your guidance without even having to think about it. “Shoulds” matter less than “desires” when you’re in love. When you already feel good, is easy to flow towards what feels good. You will naturally want to think or do things that inspire positive feelings. Your loving, sacred heart and your personality are aligned and working in harmony. Following your heart when you’re happy, is as simple as doing what naturally feels good.

However, when you’re feeling upset or down, it may be a little confusing when we say, “listen to your heart.” In a moment of anger, you may feel like dumping your pain on someone else in an angry diatribe. This certainly isn’t the most loving action you can take. It isn’t very mature or evolved. We don’t recommend it. We recommend dumping the pain in private, in a journal, or by ranting and raving to your angels who will take the pain and send you only love, because we live in a circulation of love all the time. Nonetheless, suppose you dump your anger on someone else because it is the most loving thing you can come up with in that moment. Even in that case, you will learn, grow, and expand. You may damage a relationship beyond repair. You may hear yourself and realize that’s not who you really are. You may not get the result you want, but you will create movement, and movement towards greater love is inevitable, no matter how gracefully or awkwardly it occurs.

In this case, you didn’t really “listen to your heart.” You simply reacted, as best you could. We don’t judge you, and we implore you not to judge yourselves. We know you are all, always – even when you don’t know it – seeking light. You are all doing your best. You are growing and learning to take more heart-centered, loving actions. You are learning to think thoughts that feel better and take actions that feel more loving. We always gently attempt to guide you to listen to the more loving guidance you will feel when you take the time to feel your own sacred heart.

Let us look at this example again. Suppose you are angry, as many are these days. You don’t agree with a rule. Someone cut you off in traffic. Someone judged you, said, or did something you don’t like. Someone may have wronged you. You might have righteous anger. Others may agree with you. Nonetheless, anger – although it often feels temporarily powerful after a moment of feeling powerless – doesn’t feel very good for very long. Your heart wants more for you. Your heart wants you to feel good. Your loving sacred heart wants you to feel God.

So, how do you listen to your heart when everything in your conditioned brain is screaming for you to give away your power to be happy to the thing or situation that angered you? You can’t change the laws immediately. You can’t change one another. You can’t alter the way people drive in traffic in this moment, and you can’t control whether or not your ex wants to continue being a nuisance… but you can listen to your heart, and your sacred heart will always guide you to a more loving, and powerful reality.

Think about how a kind and loving parent might soothe and guide an angry child. They’d give the child space in a timeout, if necessary. Your sacred heart might guide you to take some space from the problem –  to turn off the news, walk away, remain quiet, or distract yourself with better feeling thoughts and actions. The parent might comfort the child. Your heart might offer you ideas as to how you can comfort yourself in a healthy way. The parent might give the child a different perspective on the situation. Your sacred heart might help you see the situation with greater compassion for yourself and others. The parent might just pick the child up and hug and hold them until they are no longer scared or upset. Your sacred heart might guide you to something or someone who will feel like love to you. The parent might then suggest other ways of handling the situation in the future. After you are soothed, your sacred heart will give you empowering ideas to help you cope in a kinder way for yourself in the future.

At first, the idea of “listening to your heart” when you’re upset may not sound appealing. You may feel like you want revenge, in the sense that you want that person to understand just how much they hurt you! You may feel fearful, or hateful. You may really want that other person or situation to change… but do you really? Do you really want to play God? Do you really want to spend your life force trying to change others who don’t want to change? Do you really want to put fuel in the emotional gas tank of hurtful people with your attention? Do you really want to beat your head against the wall fighting others who fight back?

Dear ones, wouldn’t you rather feel great?

Your sacred heart will guide you towards those better feelings. Drop into your sacred heart and just ask, “What does my loving heart want?” Listen. You may hear something simple. “You want peace.” “How does my loving heart recommend I feel peace?” Perhaps you’ll crave a nap, or beautiful music, or just walking away from a problem. Listen to your guidance dear ones. Listen to this loving heart of yours. It will never disempower you. It will guide you back to your God-given power to be happy and to attune yourselves to a vibration in which grace, goodness, solutions, and more loving situations are all you attract.

So, whether you are flying high and happy, lost in upset, or deep in despair, practice asking yourself often, “What does my loving heart want here and now?” Listen to that. The voice of God is often a still, small vibrational whisper in your heart, always guiding you upon the most loving, kind, and grace-filled path to all you desire.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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