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Pleiadian Spirituality

Here is a question posed by one of my readers:

First thing I will state, I am not an authority on such matters, yet, I have been brought up as a Pleiadian rather than a Venusian, so tend to adhere more to the spiritual practices of my Father’s people, the VaCoupe Family.

Chris writes…you say you are not a spiritual teacher nor a priestess. So, are priestesses in higher dimensions spiritual teachers? I’m curious about their duties, since I have a sister who believes she was a high priestess for her star race but doesn’t remember much about what she did.

First of all, spiritual practices will vary even amongst the Isles (planets) of the Pleiadian Federation, which is what I call the Pleiadian star ‘cluster’.  The federation is a vast swath of space with many star systems and thousands of isles, large and small.

In most of the main Isles of the Pleiades, we have both priests and priestesses.  Several of the larger isles have very ancient Temples sited upon them, which tend to draw pilgrims from all over the multiverse due to their high light frequency and the palatable sense of the Presence of the Divine Feminine.  A few of the isles (of which I am currently aware from this perspective) also have spiritual schools, either associated with a large Temple complex or part of a university.  The city of Arconia on the Isle of Medina has a university that draws students from all over to study spirituality.  Temples like the ancient Temple of Groche on the Isle of Maia, and the great Shemont on Medina, also have schools included within their complexes.  Even some of the smaller towns and villages might have schools dedicated to teaching young girls in their primary schooling, until they decide to go onto university or to attend a spiritual school for training towards becoming a priestess.

The Pleiades leans more towards worshiping the Divine Feminine Essence of our Father/Mother God, although some of the isles practice more of a Buddhic slant to their spiritual practices.

Now, are priestesses teachers?  Most assuredly, teachers, healers, and counselors.  So, are priests, who also often serve in the role of teachers for advanced subjects like mathematics, the physical sciences and the like.  Priests also often serve as secretary or personal assistants for lords and ladies, although a person doesn’t have to be a priest to fulfill such a role.

Now, I am focusing primarily on the fifth dimensional physical existence within the Pleiadian Federation.  We certainly have great ascended masters and ladies who resonate at a much higher frequency and do spiritual meditation work at a very high level, many communicating in a collective voice with Pleiadian starseeds on Earth, especially during this transitional period of Earth’s history.

The Pleiades has a High Priestess for the entire Federation.  She is called by the title of ‘The Shekinah’ and serves for a specified period of years.  The Lady is neither a queen nor is she mated during her time of service as the office is quite demanding of one’s physical and spiritual energies.  The Shekinah also oversees all of the temple schools and other high priestesses.

One former Shekinah of the Pleiades is now the High Priestess of Terra, the Lady Amethyst, Archeia of the 7th Ray, Violet Flame, and Divine Complement to Lord and Archangel Zadkiel VaCoupe.  Both Amethyst and Zadkiel serve out of the etheric Temple located above the island nation of Cuba. Lady Amethyst also happens to be the Sister to Lord Ashtar, High Commander of the Ashtar Command.

High Priestesses typically perform similar duties to a Mother Superior of a convent, although in the Pleiades, priestesses are allowed to mate and have children and still serve the Divine Mother.  Priestesses are able to choose whether or not they wish to mate and cannot be compelled to if they do not wish it.  A young woman who finishes her senior studies and is made a priestess is given the title of ‘lady’ no matter what her original breeding or family.  Priestesses often marry very powerful men as being highly-trained and stable individuals they can act as strong counselors and helpmates for their husbands.  It is a great honor to become a priestess in the Pleiades, although not one I have been eager to take on myself.  I would rather be a Shaman.

The priestesses act as teachers and guides for the young, healers for those who require counseling, and act as counselors for those who hold important positions within the Federation.  Priestesses usually lead their congregations in daily community meditations consisting of chanting, prayers, dancing, and singing.  It does depend on the isle.

I hope I have given my readers a sense about some of our spiritual practices in the Pleiades and how important spirituality is to all peoples there.  Through our devotion to spirit, we have evolved from the fourth dimension and into the fifth, and in some cases, much higher.

Go in Peace,

I AM Sundeelia

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