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On May 13th, 2021 Jupiter enters Pisces, the sign of its domicile.

Jupiter is in Pisces for a brief stay, until July 28th, 2021. In the next 2 and a half months we will get our first taste of this transit.

Jupiter re-enters Pisces on December 29th, 2021, stays in Pisces until May 10th, 2022 and is again back in Pisces from October 28th, 2022 until December 20th, 2022.

Jupiter And Neptune In Pisces – There Is Magic Everywhere

Many people look forward to Jupiter in Pisces, and for good reasons. Jupiter is in domicile in Pisces so it feels at home in this sign. In Pisces, Jupiter can be as wise, spiritual, and big-picture as he wants.

The last couple of years, when Jupiter shared signs with Pluto and Saturn, have not been easy. Now that Jupiter moves into Pisces, our sense of faith and optimism will finally be restored.

But what makes this particular Jupiter in Pisces transit even more special, is that Jupiter will be together with Neptune in Pisces.

This is very interesting because both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces. To have both rulers in the sign of their rulership is pretty magic… and I use the word “magic” on purpose.

When Jupiter, with its larger-than-life optimism and sense of expansion, and Neptune with its mystical vision are in the same sign, we will start to see the magic everywhere.

Jupiter In Pisces – Living On A Prayer

Pisces, and especially Neptune is in Pisces, may make you think of angels playing the harp. But Jupiter is expansive, loud and showy. If Jupiter was a music genre, Jupiter in Pisces would be the arena rock of the 80’s.

Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” was released in November 1986, when Jupiter was in Pisces (Jon Bon Jovi himself has 3 planets in Pisces). The lyrics of the song are of course, very Jupiter in Pisces:

“Woah, we’re halfway there

Woah, living on a prayer

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear”

The song was an instant hit because it tapped into the trends of the time. In November 1986, everyone had a Jupiter in Pisces transit, and everyone was ready to receive a Jupiter in Pisces message.

This is what Jupiter does. It sets trends. It tells what’s in the psyche of society in that particular year.

Let’s not forget that Jupiter is the planet of truth and coherence. Jupiter is the planet of what everyone agrees on. That’s why Jupiter rules knowledge, education, the moral code and the law.

When Jupiter is in Pisces, everyone agrees that, no matter what life throws at us, we will eventually make it.

Jupiter In Pisces – Saturn No More

Jupiter in Pisces has nothing of Saturn in its DNA.

Trying to tell someone that the apocalypse is around the corner will not work, because Jupiter in Pisces has a different energy than Jupiter in Capricorn.

Asking someone to be socially responsible will not work either (not because being socially responsible is not a good thing), but because Jupiter is no longer in Aquarius.

With Jupiter in Pisces, what works is painting a positive vision for the future, based on faith, compassion, growth, and infinite possibilities.

Jupiter has been in Aquarius since December 2020. Jupiter’s ingress into Aquarius was a big leap forward from Jupiter in Capricorn and has brought some much-needed relief. That being said, in Aquarius, Jupiter had a very serious (some say grumpy) roommate: Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn in the same sign is great for “manifesting” Aquarius topics. When Jupiter and Saturn join forces, things get done.

And this is great. What’s not that great is that Jupiter’s expansive function is of course inhibited.

While Jupiter (with the help of Saturn) may get things done in Aquarius, the process may not feel as joyful as when Jupiter does NOT share the sign with Saturn.

Jupiter changing signs means that Jupiter is now ‘free’ of Saturnian influence. It gets things done his way. It gets as expansive, joyful, optimistic and hopeful as it can be.

Not only that. Jupiter in Pisces is in domicile, which means it functions at 100% capacity. So Jupiter is even more joyful, expansive and optimistic than it is in any other sign.

Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces will instantly uplift our mood. And this is a reason to rejoice.

Of course, the downside of this is that we may become TOO optimistic. And since Neptune is in Pisces as well, the optimism may turn into wishful thinking and living in Lala land.

How Jupiter In Pisces Works

Let’s put things straight: while Jupiter is synonymous with growth and expansion, Jupiter can also be a bit unrealistic.

People with strong Jupiter placements have big goals which they rarely achieve.

People who have Jupiter transits take big risks, are overconfident and oftentimes get into trouble and even lose what they had in the first place – which is pretty much the opposite of what a Jupiter transit promises.

So is Jupiter really the good guy astrology is portraying him to be?

A better question to ask is “Where would we be without Jupiter?”. You may not achieve everything you hoped for, but you may still be “halfway there” and that’s much better than being in the same place you were before.

You may not become a millionaire, but Jupiter’s growth mindset may help you get to a much better place than people who don’t share your abundance goals.

People who want to become best-selling authors may not sell 1 million books when they have a Jupiter transit (there just aren’t that many J.K. Rowlings and Stephen Kings out there).

But they may still become best-selling authors in one of Amazon’s many categories, and they may still change the lives of the 1, 10, 100, or 1000 people who read their book.

When we DO engage with Jupiter’s energy, we are much more likely to achieve our goal, or at least to get closer to it.

And that’s precisely why Jupiter is considered to be the great benefic in astrology. It’s not that when you have a Jupiter transit, divine luck pours on you.

It’s because when you have a growth mindset, when you are optimistic, when you’re actively pursuing opportunities, you are much more likely to make progress in your life.

It’s not Jupiter that brings abundance and luck to you. It’s you, embracing Jupiter’s vibrational frequency, that attracts these things into your life.

There are so many people who wait for years for a Jupiter transit, but when they have it, they do nothing, and of course, nothing happens. With Jupiter, – as our Age Of Aquarius member, Marc beautifully put it – you have to actually throw the dice and put yourself out there.

That being said, if there is any transit that can bring divine luck seemingly out of the blue, that is Jupiter in Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of endless possibilities. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and encompasses all the other signs, with all the opportunities that get their last chance to materialize, before we start again in Aries.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 – How It Will Influence You

Jupiter is in domicile in Pisces, and that’s great news for you and your natal chart.

The best thing about having a ruling planet transiting the sign of its rulership is that it makes things happen.

If you have a Gemini ascendant for example, then Pisces is your 10th house. Since Jupiter rules Pisces, when Jupiter transits Pisces (like it does now), you will have the ruler of the 10th house in the 10th house.

There is a sense of flow and progress. Things finally come together. Projects materialize.

To find out how Jupiter in Pisces will influence you look up the house where you have Pisces in your chart. This is where you will receive Jupiter’s blessings.

You will need to have an accurate time of birth, or at least to know your Ascendant sign.

Using whole sign houses, these are the areas of your life that Jupiter in Pisces will influence:

  • Aries Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 12th house of the unconscious, magic, isolation and far away places.
  • Taurus Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 11th house of friends and networks.
  • Gemini Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 10th house of career, status and limelight.
  • Cancer Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 9th house of foreign affairs, learning, teaching, travel, publishing, law.
  • Leo Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 8th house of transformation, the occult, joint finances and other people’s money.
  • Virgo Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 7th house of relationships and contracts.
  • Libra Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 6th house of work, health, routines and acts of service.
  • Scorpio Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 5th house of children, creativity, play, and romance.
  • Sagittarius Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 4th house of home and family.
  • Capricorn Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 3rd house of communication, everyday interactions, learning, and siblings.
  • Aquarius Ascendant → Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 2nd house of money, finances, and self-worth.
  • Pisces Ascendant → Lucky you! Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 1st house, which is your personality, vitality and zone of genius. Even if you’re rather shy, Jupiter in Pisces is your time to shine and put yourself out there.

Jupiter in Pisces also influences you if it makes aspects with planets or angles in your natal chart.

If you have planets or an angle (Ascendant, IC, Descendant, Midheaven) in Pisces, then at some point Jupiter will conjunct this planet or angle, and this is when you will experience the peak of this transit.

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