May Energy Update + New Channelled Recording


Themes for the Month

Many powerful themes came through in the May Energy Update! Some highlights include:

  • We’re on a New Energy Track now – Collective Exhale of Exhaustion from the year that was 2020 and/or a drive toward renewal.
  • Self Care the Superpower – Different strategies and methods.
  • The Emerging Road Ahead (for Visionaries) – Despite wider world turmoil or confusion, a lot of visionaries will be crystallizing and acting on your next steps for this 12-18 months.

Click below to watch the video, view the affirmations for May, and read more…

Enjoy the latest from Lee and his guides, the Z’s …

“It is a very edgy time to be alive.” The Z’s state outright in their introduction to this recording, which finds them delivering their message in a stronger tone than we have previously known them to use, as they focus on the timeline of 2021-2024.

This fascinating channeled transmission and sound healing, featuring the music of Davor Bozic throughout, offers insight and information into what may take place energetically for us in the coming few years, so that we may:

  • Rise above the density
  • Connect to a sense of freedom as a soul
  • and more…

Click below to watch a video trailer preview and learn more!

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