Sundeelia: The Law of GracePosted on May 8, 2021 by Eliza Ayres


Sundeelia: Law of Grace

Note to Readers: Inspired by one of the quotes below, I decided to write an essay on Grace, that lovely and mysterious dispensation that is sometimes granted to those who might feel they don’t deserve it, but who have surrendered and appealed to Heaven for help.

Merriam-Webster defines Grace in part as unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification. Unmerited means ‘unearned’.  Hence grace gives someone something that has not been earned by their own works but by their surrender to something greater than themselves.

The Law of Grace

“The law of grace supersedes the law of karma. If at one point we realize that we have done wrong and have truly learned our lesson, we may find ourselves dealing with the intervention of grace. This is when we can ‘dodge’ the corrective action of karma because we have come to realize that what we have done is wrong, and we go to work fixing this. However, grace is not an excuse to avoid our responsibilities and make up for them later. It only comes to us when we have truly gained understanding, and we move to use that understanding in our lives.

Awareness of grace can come to us when we are facing a difficult situation and we call out for help. At that moment, it may feel as if someone has lifted an enormous weight off our shoulders, or we feel as if everything is going to be all right. It can come to us at a time when we feel down and suddenly, we find the strength to continue, or in a moment of inspiration. Opening ourselves to grace can make our paths easier to travel.” ~ Edgar Cayce

Grace is a Divine dispensation of mercy.  It dissolves karma, creates miracles and can change matter.  Our soul has accepted the opportunity to incarnate on this planet to learn about and experience emotions and a physical body.  We also have free-will in order to create our own life in a place where every thought, word and deed manifests.  We can invoke the Universal Spiritual Law of Grace to transmute our debts, change emotional feelings, heal relationships and the physical body – however, we must be ready to receive it.  We created all of our situations with our consciousness and we must learn the lesson/s before we ask for grace.  We can offer grace to others through our compassion, mercy, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love.  Whenever we open our hearts to another, we too receive an inflow of Divine love. Compassion, empathy, mercy, unconditional love and forgiveness are Divine qualities which confer grace. Every time you open your heart with compassion, the love emanating from you grants someone else grace.  A change of attitude may take place or the release of a deeply held fear or even a physical healing. The more grace we offer, the more in turn we receive.  ~ author, Lorene Camacho, translated by: Joanne Walmsely,

The Law of Grace has similar workings to Forgiveness; it dissolves karma, creates miracles, and can transform your life.

From this perspective, I can recall an incident in Tazjma’s life when she was suffering from the after-effects of getting a divorce from her husband.  She had moved clear across the state, took up residence in a strange town, was living in a dismal basement apartment during the Autumn and felt very alone, depressed, almost desperate.  She chose to attend a church service at the local Unity Church and heard a sermon from the minister suggesting that if you are in need to call upon God for help.  So, she went home and did just that… and almost immediately, she felt wrapped up in the energetic arms of an Angelic being.  She started crying and went on crying, releasing all the self-incrimination and judgment and let go.  After a while, she climbed into bed and still felt the warm presence surrounding her like a warm blanket.  She went to sleep.  This brief experience helped her in the days, months, and years to come feeling like a golden moment when she knew and experienced the Truth that we are not alone.  She called upon God for help and help came.  It felt like Grace to her and gave her the needed strength to continue on with her own Path, despite what anyone else had to say about the matter.

Grace comes to us when we realize that we have stepped out of alignment, when we wish to redeem ourselves, where we can be honest enough to realize we may have made a mistake, or we simply need to face up to the circumstances that we have brought upon ourselves as a consequence of our decisions and choices.  Grace can grant us the necessary peace of the heart to give us strength to continue to rectify our lives, to forgive ourselves for making a difficult choice that may have upset other people.

Grace can arrive in the form of a sudden insight, too, that clarifies and eases the mind, lifts the spirits, and creates a change in attitude, which will, in turn affect our outlook on other people or circumstances within our own lives.  Grace can arrive in the form of a change of heart… altering the possible outcome of an incident from something potentially severe to something more benign.  Grace can lend one strength and courage to face whatever is bothering them.

According to Tony Evans, the overriding Law of Grace… gives you the ability to either override or to work through adverse circumstances in your life? We all face things that seem difficult to overcome: problems, pain, frustrations, people. Sometimes, it looks like we are being overridden by that which appears to be out of our control. What grace does is it comes alongside of us either to override something or to take us through something that seems to be overwhelming. You take the law of gravity which holds us down, and you take the law of aerodynamics which lifts us up. It doesn’t cancel the law of gravity, but it does override it so that we can fly in an airplane even though the law of gravity is still working. ~

According to Christian philosophy or thought, Grace comes only when you have accepted Jesus Christ.  Not being a Christian or adhering to such a limited outlook, I would prefer to attribute the unmerited gift of Grace to divine intervention from one’s Higher Self or even Source energy.  Not everyone on this planet is a Christian.  Jesus himself wasn’t one, either, nor were his early followers, but that is a topic for another essay.

When you open yourself up to listen to something or someone other than your own ego, you allow the flow of Light to come into your world, Divine Intelligence, as well as Love, compassion and empathy, for yourself, your circumstances, your choices… and perhaps can begin to see there is an alternative way to perceive the world around you.

Most people outside certain esoteric circles do not know that to receive assistance from benign beings like Angels, you must first grant permission for such intervention to take place.  Angels and other benign higher dimensional beings follow Cosmic Law and do not interfere where they are not wanted.  Ignorance of Cosmic Law is not an excuse.  Once you have declared in humility your need, the help is there instantly.  Depending on your own sensitivity you may or may not feel the comforting energy, but you will begin to feel differently, more hopeful. So, in a time of need, spend a little time within, ask for help in getting through the difficult transitions that many people are facing these days with tremendous and often unwanted change being thrust into your life, especially if you are at all resistant.  Let grace soften your way forward when you have momentarily lost your way.

I send my love and blessings to all.

I AM Sundeelia.

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