New Video Message: Calling in a Higher Guide to Assist in Challenging Times 🌟


Greetings, Beautiful Light Source!

I’ve just posted a new video from the Collective —

Many are having a personally challenging time now, in addition to dealing with the demands of the world situation. Understandably, feelings of uncertainty are high.

I dive into Nature often to feel more strengthened and grounded, and I find that the images and sounds of gentle ocean waves beautifully comforting and supportive. I pray you find them healing as well.

As always, the Collective have imbued both words and video with energies of Love, support, encouragement, inner healing, and comfort, for whatever you are traveling through now. 

As with the last “ocean video,” this was shot at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California.

Apologies that it’s a bit blurry till about the one-minute mark, then the image clarifies.

Putting all our lives and the whole planet inside the Violet Transmuting Flame of St Germain! 

Much Love to you, my friend and fellow traveler into 5D!


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