5:5:5 Liberation & Transformation -by Lauren Gorgo


5:5:5 Liberation & Transformation

The 5:5:5 interdimensional stargate portals officially open on 5/5, which is when we really dig into the 5 vibration of this universal 5 year (2021).  The 5:5:5 numeric is providing us with the combination code to unlock the Original Destiny for Earth & humanity, and so the (universal ONE) month of May really sets the stage for the entire year, initiating important changes for the radical transformations to come.

For those on the advanced mastery path, these incoming energies are delivering the activation codes needed to release us from the deep karmic underlay at the physical level of life…to free us from the underpinnings of our separated past and to permanently liberate us from the lower realms (of duality).

This journey of liberation is described as our “return to Grace, after the fall” (of humankind)…a process that kicked off with the recent Scorpio full (super)moon on 4/26 which was the culmination of our emotional “delivery from evil” (underworld) in which we were called to bring important closure to our core heart & womb wounds (of separation).  As that lunar cycle continues to play out…until the Taurus new moon on 5/11…we have been merging  &  purging in preparation to now enter “the freedom sphere” via the 5:5:5 stargates + the upcoming eclipse season.

The deliverance energy of these triple 5 stargates (5/5, 5/14 & 5/23) will continue to build all month long and resolve with another supermoon + total lunar eclipse (in Sagittarius) on May 26th, the highest potential of which is presenting as the physical delivery, the resolution & release point from our karmic journey made manifest.  This is when our unified/higher Self has the opportunity to achieve full victory over the lower (separated) self and eclipse our karmic past for good.

Note that the physical aspect of ascension is especially highlighted this month so there are/will be a lot of shifts occurring within the genetic makeup of our bodies.  As these stargates deliver the codes to activate dormant codon sequences it will initiate a cascade of changes to our DNA. These codes are the ones we’ve been waiting for to liberate us from our karmic genetics and to usher in the activations, breakthroughs & resolutions needed to root our Original Divine Blueprint/Tree of Life architecture…our authentic (golden) genetics…into our bodies & lives.

This will amount to the emergence of the quantum state…aka, the peaceful, zero/still-point state….that will transform the nature & expression of our being to align with our Higher Self & mission as it is woven in and thru our human experience this month. 🕊

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