The Pleiadian Council of Light through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


The Pleiadian Council of Light through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome dear ones, we are the Pleiadian Council of Light, we come forth and wrap our arms of light around you. Yes, dear ones we know we have left you by the wayside, yes dear ones we hear the cries in your heart.  We stand back as we watch our dear children of the stars battle what is thick, dark, and chaotic.  We stand along side the battlefields of your life as great generals of light that seek to know they have taught their soldiers well.  The generals themselves do not walk onto the battlefield but stand aloft ready to lead and  instruct.  We are above in the crescents of light and you are down in the valley of the shadow of life.

We watch your hopes leap from the cliffs as we ourselves bear the brunt of what you are feeling – the pain and despair.  The engine of divine intervention has not set flight as of yet.  We ask you to hold tight Dear ones, to what you know is truth.  You hold a seed of hope and light that can never dim.  It is in this place that you must seek refuge from the daily regiments and entrapping of self-pity.  It is in this place that you will find peace.  It is in this tiny point of original light that we can align with you taking you to a new level of love.

As your humanness grows more giant-like in all of its frailties, you will begin to cast a bigger shadow.  Every doubt, every fear, every point of escape within your consciousness casts a very long shadow. You feed what is dark by your fears allowing yourself to become a victim over and over again, reveling in that point.  You grow heavy as unleavened bread with each word of negativity.  It is you, dear one, that cast this shadow and it is you, dear ones, that must retract that darkness and not let it blind your light.

You stand at a threshold of molecular decomposition that announces to you that you no longer spin in the same direction that you have in the past.  You no longer spin in truth as you have and you no longer spin in belief as you once did.  As you stand in this entry casting a very long shadow of doubt you come to a point of decompression, like a balloon that spins out of control, you stand in between here and there.  You exist between  matter and anti-matter.

You try heartily to hold on to who you once were.  Your humanness is despondent for it feels as it has lost control of the good ship of lollipops that it once sailed upon.  You feel as if life tricks you into a corner painting yourself into a place that is triangular and fanlike of shape.  Once you believed with all of your heart and soul that you could manifest and create whatever you desired. Once you believed so much deeper than the wellspring of your belief at this point of life.  You have given up, The sound of that giving up beckons its self.  A shot in the dark is what we ask of you. Just point and shoot toward the movement in the dark night of the soul. You must believe with all of your vibrations that nothing can destroy what you know yourself to be.

You have allowed the dark mistress of life to slap you into a place of compliance.  You have allowed matter to own you.  The very molecules of your light discuss your future. Every aspect of your being, both positive and negative, resembles a battery being charged.  Imagine that you are storing light like a solar device and you have a positive charge or you have a negative charge.  Imagine every thought of your 186,000 second day you are positively charging or negatively charging the solar battery of your life.  You are in a place in between here and there, a place of pretend, a place that sculpts itself from your positive or negative charge to every thought and situation.

The energy of time wraps around you in a ‘not’.  The feeling of life is an ever-changing  illusion.  They seem real to the touch and they seem real to the taste but they are not.  Your humanness is looking for a way out of present dilemmas.  We ask you to step outside of yourself and at the same time step into the very deep chasm of self.  See the beauty that you are, the master that you are, the being of light that you are deep within.

You must gather you if you are to walk into the creational fullness of your life.  Each and every day you wake up worrying about what the day bring.  Worrying about yesterdays backwash.  You are a pro-creator and activist in your life.  You are not standing by the sidelines cheering someone else on.  You are the person behind the curtain with ruby slippers on battling those flying monkeys. Yes, life beats at your door like a hungry wolf.  Yes, life breaks through your  protection. Yes, life is thick and  sticks to the bottom of your soul.

You are light and you can be nothing but light –  the layers of self you wear as winter clothing on the hottest day do not benefit you.  The misery of others that beckons you down the rabbit hole, dear Alice, is part of the release and karmic procedure you have signed up for while on Earth.  the people in your life that trip you up, that snare you, that trap you are those that you are karmically in-debt to, on multiple levels.

Many come upon the doorway of your heart scratching as a hungry bear in the night.  You stand in the center of this cabin feeling as if any minute you’ll be devoured by the very thing that comes to claim you.   It is at this point of complete desolation that you must breathe and enter your God Light, the original cell of God that lives within you.  It is only in this place that your star brethren, your light brethren, the masters can enter and assist you. When you are in a place of fear the door to you is barred and locked.  The star beings twinkle for you every night but you do not see it and feel it because the day has left you in a hardened place.

Please dear ones go to this place of light, this single entrance to the God within.  Just be there for a moment, feel all those that believe in you, feel all those that love you, feel all those that are part of you on every level of DNA.  You have never been forsaken, nor have never been abandoned.  We stand by you and believe in you even when you do not believe in yourself.    Everything has lent itself to the now – every incarnation, every word, every love, every hate.  You are at the Apex of your Light.  Instead of drowning in the sorrows of others,  stand united with all levels of your light and with all aspects of those that support you in light.  When you hear of another’s sadness, do not drown as you rescue them, but stand in a higher place to assist them.

You are so loved beyond time and beyond space. You have been well seeded for this time.  You will be the saving grace by your belief and so it is.  We are the Pleiadian Council of Light.


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