Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks


White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks

I am she who breathes with you as you breathe in the hope of a new day.  I am she who gently closes your eyes at the end of a stress-filled day. I am the face in the Mirror and I am the face in the reflection of the hummingbird’s wings.  Look for my face in all life for it is there that I dwell. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman. I come to you as you sit in strength, in power, seeking serenity. For so long you have kept your true being captive.  You have kept her silent, and you have kept her in a state of weeping.  For so long, you have kept your true being in a dungeon in the very bottom  of your heart– afraid to let it out.

I ask you to stand fully in your divinity.  You are all such beautiful beings – all different shapes and sizes, colors and personalities.  Throw yourself into the pool of creation and blend with the Mother.  Blend with all the faces of God that shine so brightly.  Blend with the cycles of the moon, of the earth and of your body. Blend with every part of you that you are ashamed of, all your secrets. Enjoy the fullness of your body or the slenderness of your body – for God touches and kisses every ounce of flesh that you are.  Do not be ashamed if you are too little or too large or just right. God lives in every ounce of flesh that you wear.

Mother Earth will empower herself with what needs to be done, what needs to be healed.  She will do this gently and with love. Be thankful that she is gentle and loving—for the earth would shatter and break apart – if she was otherwise.  Let down the hair of your soul and show the true being that you are.  Stand on a cliff over the pounding shores, remembering those times when you went to the mountaintops, and called the wind, when you sang to the water, and whispered to the elements. I come on this day to applaud the boldness of your spirit.  Do not let life and all of its human dramas whip you into submission.  Do not let your very own creations make you barren of emotions, barren of passion.  If what you have created does not honor you- let it go.  Resurrect what was once burned at the stake and drowned in the waters of fear.  I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Taken from  the April-May 2021 of The Quantum Awakening Newsletter-by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



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