Sundeelia: The Involvement (or not) of the Ego in the Ascension Process


Sundeelia:  The Involvement (or not) of the Ego in the Ascension Process

Here’s another great question from one of my readers:

Could you talk about how the ego evolves with our consciousness in our ascension process? Thank you!

Inelia Benz says: ‘The ego is a necessary “body” we need to wear in order to live in and survive in the world. It can get out of hand and is the main brake on one’s ascension process.’ —

Inelia goes on to say: ‘A lot of awakened masters have huge egos. This is reflected in the us/them mentality, “my way of doing things is the only way” mentality, and a huge resistance to try or learn any other “modality”. They are often “healers” too, with a huge list of returning clients who “need” them.’

Read the page to discover more of Ms. Benz’s wisdom when it comes to describing ‘the ego’. (see above)

Some older spiritual teachings support ‘destroying’ the ego.  I tend to disagree.  I feel that the ego has a purpose and that is to act as a primary force to protect the body and its consciousness.  It is not here to protect the soul that is embodied within the body.  If the body consciousness lowers in frequency, the soul cannot remain, it will leave the body.  A majority of people go through their lives working from a basic programmed level, set on autopilot, refusing to feel or deal with their emotions, ignoring or going into denial if confronted with new information that does not resonate with their current set of beliefs or programming (cognitive dissonance).  Their soul essence is either half in or completely outside of the body.  To ascend, you must embody, drop your soul essence into the body and be willing to deal with the feelings and thoughts that require clearing, the old pain and trauma stemming from this and other lifetimes on this planet.

Just because you have awakened and are more aware of what is going on in the world behind the scenes doesn’t necessarily mean you have a balanced ego.

I have personally been around or communicated with people who claim they are spiritual, meditate, eat vegan, and so on, yet they are highly judgmental and attack anyone if that person ventures to question their beliefs or presents another perspective.  And with that statement, I am not suggesting those particular practices create, in and of themselves, an imbalanced ego.

Whereas I feel the ego was originally designed to define the individual personality energetically, it became dominant in the psychology of Earth humans who were no longer connected in any way to Source energy.  They could not conceive of their own divinity, that they could access and connect to Source energy, but came to believe (through programming) that they required persons outside of themselves to do so, to act as mediators, go-betweens, to ‘talk’ or ‘pray’ to God on their behalf.

Due to being misinformed, lied to, programmed, dominated, and bullied for thousands of years, Earth humans came to believe that somehow, they were separate from Source, that ‘God’ and the Angels were ‘out there’ somewhere but did not seem to care about them, especially the little people, the common people.  As a result, the ego grew fearful and protective, acting out in defense of the individual separate body with its consciousness.

Now, that there are persons on Earth, primarily starseeds, but also enlightened masters and yogis of various disciplines, the ego is being recognized as being vital for the survival of the body consciousness.  Most people do not accept the concept that the body has a consciousness, but I have experienced the phenomenon myself with the transfer of soul essence from my sister to me while I walked in 2017.  While most of my sister’s consciousness had left during her ascension ceremony in 2014, what was left felt like she was still here.  Tazjma sincerely believed it after not feeling any different or going anywhere.  The body consciousness or ego is that strong – something that was not initially taken into consideration by the teams working with their various walk-in volunteers like myself and far earlier ones.

The ego can act like a frightened child, but if you send love to it, it will begin to relax and come to understand you (your soul consciousness) are not here to hurt it.

‘The Ascension process or experience involves the expansion of one’s awareness. If the ego is allowed to take over one’s mind, then it will cause one awareness to contract which will result in a block or setback in the ascension process. There are a few ways that we can tell if the ego is taking over or causing problems on our path towards ascension. We can become more limited in our beliefs and more judgmental. We might blame others for our problems and feel the need to always be ‘right’ by making others feel wrong. We might play the role of the victim. Often when we get hurt, or when we feel someone is stealing our energy, we tend to hurt others in order to receive the energy back. But all of this is the perspective of the ego and these traits or attitudes can’t exist in the higher frequencies of love and light. To continue on the path of ascension means to be in conscious control of one’s thoughts and actions so as not to let the ego take over. This means having a more expanded awareness of one’s self and their attitudes and actions towards others as well.’

Ascension is an inside job.  You can receive teachings and understandings from various persons along the way, but ultimately, you are the one in charge for monitoring your thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, and actions.  If you find yourself defending your beliefs, acting out against another person, claiming to be a victim, you are acting out of an imbalanced ego, one that is set to defend ‘you’ (what it deems as ‘you’) at all cost.  Ego defense can be quite irrational especially if based upon false beliefs in the first place.

In my case, and I am certainly not an expert in such matters… I have found that constant self-observation, examination of one’s motives and actions is required.  Extreme and sometimes brutal self-honesty is required to weed out the straggling morning glory vines of unbridled egotistical judgment against self and others.  If you find yourself being judgmental or reacting negatively to a trigger, discover where the feeling originates within the body and then send love to it or better yet, utilize the transformational qualities of the Violet Flame, which is a combination of love and strength, a balance between feminine and masculine energies.  Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions… or you may have to deal with them in the future in terms of rebalancing the energies (karma).

The ego’s focus is the everyday world.  It is a tool, a ‘body’ that provides us with the means to survive in this earth plane.  I am no scientist or psychologist, but I would venture to say that the ego is the part of the body consciousness that identifies as “I”, the personality.  It is not part of the soul or spirit.  It will dissolve when the life essence granted to the body via the soul is withdrawn at death and cease to be.  Yet, your soul consciousness will continue to grow and expand beyond death, whether in or outside incarnation.

While you identify as only being the body, the ego dominates your awareness and acts out of fear of everything that is apart or separate from itself.  When you embody the soul within the body, the ego is comforted by the loving connection with Source energy, thus you enhance the health and well-being of the vehicle (body) that you wear while here on Earth as an incarnated being.

It does require a watchful but compassionate consciousness to keep the ego in check, something that many so-called masters and teachers haven’t yet quite… mastered for themselves, especially if they get stuck identifying too heavily in any one belief system or with any person, place, or material object.  Adaptability, the ability to adapt to new energies, constant expansion and exploration, both inner and outer, the ability to question, discern, weigh (but not judge) and listen will aid in keeping the ego pliable and supple, eager to assist in doing its part to keep the body functioning while you still have use of it.

Humility, a willingness to allow for self-examination, honesty and observation will inform you whether or not your ego is working with you or against your ascension process.  If you are falling into judgment, then look to see where the judgment is coming from within… without placing the blame on others or projecting your issues outward so you don’t have to deal with them or take responsibility.  You are fooling yourself if you act out in this manner and will only hurt your own ability to ascend in frequency.  Fear is the lowest of vibrations and will pull you downward, far from the path of return, which is ascension.  So, act with thoughtfulness and kindness towards yourself.  Seek to discover what still triggers defense reactions within and work to transmute that energy.  For whatever work you are willing to put in, will ease the control your ego has over your personality.  Gently guide your consciousness towards self-mastery, mastery over the personality, your interface with the physical world around you and within you.

The ego can be a helpmate and will give you the subtle information you need if you address the feelings and emotions, triggers, and attitudes that arise from ego hurt.  Pay attention, observe, and work to transmute and transform the energies tied up within your emotional (astral) body and mental body, which will lighten your load and assist you in rising in frequency (ascension).

I hope this little essay has assisted someone.  If you want to do further examination of this topic, please do your own research.  Be responsible for your own growth in coming to an understanding of you, what makes ‘you’ tick as an individual consciousness.  You are required to master your own consciousness before you can truly partake consciously in the unified field.  You are already a part of the unified field but only at an unconscious level.  The information you seek is within, available to be accessed through that unified field or quantum field, wherein all that you ever need or require in terms of knowledge and wisdom is there already.  Seek to balance this search with loving yourself and forgiving yourself for your perceived shortcomings.

Life is an adventure, one that we all agreed at some level to participate in.  Gratitude, humility, a sense of responsibility, and self-awareness will go far to contribute to your success as an ascending human consciousness.

Blessing to all,

I AM Sundeelia

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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