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To experience something beyond this reality, that exists in the 97% of light spectrum that the human eyes cannot see, is truly a mystical experience.

Only those who have experienced that which cannot be explained by current modern science truly understand that what we see in this world around us is only 3% of the light spectrum.

Our third eye, the pineal gland, also known as the seat of God, is the gateway into all dimensions and realities beyond the 3D. And once you experience this, you have a sudden awareness of how much we are capable of experiencing when we lift the veil of the physical eyes.

A mystical experience reminds you of your connection to God/Creator/Universe and that you are an integral part of the grand design. To be a powerful co-creator in your reality, you need to utilize the quantum field and be in harmony with the unseen.

This is the awakening of the soul.

Nicole Frolick – Telegram

Sundeelia: Intuition, What is it, what is it really, how can it be used?

So, the intuition is a ‘mystical’ power at least according to the image above.

Well, it is a power that is accessible by any human being who is making a conscious effort to connect within.  Why make it something that people think is super or beyond their capabilities?  Intuition is perfectly natural, just not a physical sense.  It is metaphysical, beyond the physical senses and therefore, assigned supernatural ‘powers’.  It isn’t really supernatural; it is just that with the manipulation of the human genome, some of the former senses available to the body (over 300) were turned ‘off’ when the DNA strands were limited to just two.  Still, these senses are still available to those who commit to a spiritual path and begin to rise in frequency, resonating with the quantum portion of their DNA, the so-called ‘junk’ DNA that many scientists have claimed to be useless.  Their claims are not true or based in real science, but propaganda designed to limit the human imagination, the ability to imagine beyond what is seen, felt, or picked up by the physical senses.  A great deal of the world cannot be accessed by limiting yourself to what you can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste.  What is beyond is still a part of you, the quantum unleashed energetic spiritual body of you as a singular individualized consciousness, of the wholeness of which cannot be contained within a mere physical form.  It can, however, be accessed through the intuition, through the creative channels of the right hemisphere of the brain, through the feelings of your body.

Do you require assistance in learning how to use your intuition, which is a natural part of your Being?  No, not really; you just need to be quiet and pay attention to the quiet nudges, the sensations that you feel through your body, the certain knowingness that you have once you let go of the programming and the confusion placed upon you by the expectations of others.  And then, it is up to you to trust what you are being told without the benefit or distraction of words.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes intuition as ‘the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference’.

I will tell you how Tazjma, my sister, another early walk-in, learned how to use her intuition.  She learned it while being outside in Nature, mainly alone or sometimes with friends, hiking or backpacking.  Tazjma could especially tune in when she was alone and not being distracted by the babble of other voices and consciousnesses who were, perhaps not as in tune with the natural world surrounding them.

One time, she was walking in a park located not far from Spokane.  She came in to an unmarked trailhead, parked and then dropped down across a creek to the main trail following an old roadbed.  Walking along, she noticed a wild mink slinking through the fallen cottonwood leaves at the edge of the creek, and then she felt a sudden change in the atmosphere, like a ‘click’ in her head.  She knew the cloudy weather was about to change.  She hurried down the creek to where she could pick up the sketchy trail and climb back up the hill to where the car was parked.  She was within one hundred feet of the car when the heavens opened up and a chilly autumn rain began to fall.  She was able to get off the mountain safely and return home.  There were no words, no instructions, no guidance given that came from outside of her observations and feelings, only a certain knowingness.  This is an example of the use of intuition.

Another time, another place, Tazjma was accompanying a group of hikers and was driving up a gravel forest road in late March.  There was snow on the ground which was continuing to fall, one of the late spring snowfalls that occasionally hit certain cold pockets of the Pacific Northwest, even though the road was just miles from the Hood Canal.  Driving up the road, Tazjma knew that she might experience trouble due to having already removed her winter tires and exchanging them for the summer ones which didn’t have suitable tread for slippery conditions.  She began to feel a tightness in her belly… in her gut and knew that since she had a front wheel drive vehicle, she couldn’t go any further up the road.  Despite the fact that she was part of a group, she told her riders that she was going to turn around and did, and began to drive back down the hill.  Minutes later, she noticed she was being followed by the other car.  Explaining the situation to the other driver, it was decided the hiking group would play it safe and choose another dimension, one at sea level.  A good hike was had by all, safely.

There have been times when out hiking that Tazjma would be able to identify the family or genus of a plant she had never seen before.  The words would drop into her consciousness.  She would store the image of the plant in her mind and then later go home and look it up to fully identify it.  As a result of her interests in native flora, she began to be called upon by others as a lay naturalist although hardly ‘trained’ to be so.

Intuition is the ability to know things that are not taught to you by others.  You simply know what you know without knowing just how you know it.  And then, it is up to you to trust what you have been given.  That, my friends, is the true test.

Humanity has been programmed not to trust their feelings or their intuition but to trust ‘science’ or what others who are trained authorities say.  Yet, can we trust them?  Given recent events, and how science has been manipulated to fit the agenda of those who would destroy humanity, I think not.  Science has become another tool used to control humanity.  If it is not used for the good of all, it is not good at all.

Scientists… true scientists, inventors, mathematicians, musicians, artists, writers, and other creative persons have utilized their intuition for ideas.  Humanity will eventually learn that their intuition can supply them with the knowledge now held within all the libraries of the world and more.  It is an unlimited library card to the knowledge held within the Divine Mind of the Creator.  If you enter into this library, you must do it quietly, humbly, with true purpose, listening to what is being given to you, each according to their interest, intent, and focus.  No, you will not learn everything there is to learn.  You will learn what you need to learn in the moment, what is necessary for your growth, and no more.

Our physical senses are limited.  Our consciousness unbridled is not.  By using the intuition, you will be guided to safety, to a solution, to a theme or idea, to whatever you need within reason.  Intuition will not serve those who are greedy, controlling, manipulative, who lie, destroy, and pillage others.  They are incapable of utilizing the creative faculties of the mind and heart; the Door to the Intuition is closed to those who have turned away from the Light, the Divine Intelligence of the Creator.

Quiet your mind, put away your cell phone, close your laptop, turn off your television, go out into Nature and listen to the non-verbal communications of your body, that come through the intelligent cells of your physical vessel, non-verbal communications which have been transformed and stepped down from your fiery etheric body, the closest body to your Soul.  Allow your Soul to embody, to settle within your physical form, and treat the body like the holy temple it is meant to be.  Then, you will have daily access to the resources of the intuition, guidance for daily clean living, true emotional balance, without the need to rely on the teachings of others.  Your power resides within, waiting for your attention, your surrender to the inner divine well of Being.  Allow the inner union to happen, the reunion of Soul and body, while you live here on this material plane.  What you accomplish here in terms of soul evolution will be duly recorded and carried into further incarnations as your Soul continues its journey beyond this world.

You are a fractal of God consciousness, eternal, experiencing a human existence, a transient existence.  Learn from the experiences, deal with the circumstances, and follow your inner guidance and you will know Peace, Joy, harmony, and Love despite whatever madness appears to surround you.  Your intuition will teach you what is real and what is not, what is Truth and what is not.  Trust, hope, and have faith in what is given to you for your highest good.

I AM Sundeelia.  Go in Peace and know you are Love.

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