A Message to Lightworkers – April 23, 2021by Caroline Oceana Ryan

People from all over the County were delighted to be able to visit Doneraile Park again after the 5k travel limit restrictions were lifted.

A Message to Lightworkers – April 23, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today our writer has a question, which opens an issue that many are dealing with now in more than ever.

COR: My friends, I would like to ask about the issues of financial debt.

Millions have gone deeper into debt due to the economic effects of the pandemic.

Could you assist us in how to release debt for good?

I realize that that may be nearly impossible in a system dedicated to debt. But some assistance in this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I know a number of people who lost their job and/or their housing in recent years, or who have been facing large medical bills, among other issues.

But even those who still have a steady income are finding it difficult to carry on as fully as they would like right now.

Doneraile Park, Ireland – Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

THE COLLECTIVE: We are happy to speak on this issue, dear one.

You are correct that many are in a position that feels tenuous to them now.

For one, you all of you participate in a system that is not of your making.

The “rules” have been written with non-human entities such as banks and corporations ranking first in order of who is served.

People and environment come last in that system, though occasionally claims are made to the contrary.

Most people realize the unevenness of this arrangement while still quite young, because as children you tend to ask a parent for something you would love to have.

You do this while still resonating with the memory of creating instantly via projected thought, as one does in the higher realms. 

The parent has long been re-trained regarding having what one desires, with all the presumed constrictions of Earth life.

And so they will often reply, one way or another, “No, we can’t spend money on that right now!”

Or they may grow angry with a child who asks for a toy or to be taken somewhere fun, diminutizing the child’s preferences as nonsense or as asking for too much.

Often a parent or caregiver speaks out of a sense of shame or sadness or anger that the family does not have more money than it does at present.

Or they may borrow the money needed, and feel the inner weight of debt in their energies.

Certainly it is not healthy for a child to receive everything they impulsively desire in the moment, as that impedes growth and wisdom rather than supporting such.

Yet the denser effects of almost always hearing “No” from the parent are that, for one, the child feels that it is actually Creator, the Universe telling them “No”—that they must wait, or work hard, or pray hard for what they desire. Or all of that.

They then “learn” that what they or anyone desires does not flow to them easily and joyfully.

No one has answered their request with “If that is for your higher good, then it shall come to you in perfect time and way.”

That sort of answer would make a world of difference to a child, who could then hold a sense of Joy at the thought of easily receiving what they desire, or something better.

They would not be hearing “No” so much as “that which is best for you is always flowing to you, easily and Joyfully.”

Though children are not known for their patience, much good can come of teaching them to hold something they desire in their hearts, and to take Joy in the thought of it, which children will do quite naturally as they anticipate something Joyful.

Hearing a flat “No” or “You have to wait for another time” without the affirmation that their Good is always flowing to them builds a sense of loss that is hard to take.

To their young heart-mind, that means that the Universe withholds what they desire for a particular amount of time—perhaps, indefinitely.

This translates over time to the feeling that “If I don’t get that now, I will never have a chance to get it.”

There are other factors as well that contribute to the feeling that something must be bought or experienced in the moment, whether or not the buyer has the money available for it at that time or not.

We are aware that many have gone into debt to cover basic cost of living, and not only due to purchasing something desired yet unneeded.

What we point to now is the underlying belief that “There is not enough,” which undergirds all debt situations.

There are at times valuable lessons to be learned from borrowing.

And there are also what we would call positive borrowing experiences, which are linked to long-term positive situations, such as buying a home, training for a job, or receiving further education.

Photo by C O RyanYet even these things, you know in your heart of hearts, should be well within your grasp, in a fair and equitable world, without the action of borrowing.

And so the social training and overall expectation that debt is a way of life is highly faulted at its conception.

No one should “owe” anyone anything as a condition of being alive.

Millions are refusing to accept that as a way of life now, and the minimalism movement, the “tiny house” movement, off-the-grid living, and self-education movement—all of these are current forms of refusing to accept that one must buy certain items or experiences in order to feel fulfilled.

In fact, too often the opposite feeling ensues.

When one desires and obtains something within a particular frequency of consumption, that paves the way for an ongoing sense of Need that relates not to actual outer need but to inner feelings of lack which no amount of outer receiving can ever fulfill.

This is a cycle perpetuated in modern life in the wealthier nations, and even in some of the less wealthy nations, and it has led millions into unnecessary debt, out of an unending sense of “I must have this,” a false “need” which is never fulfilled.

Regarding going into debt for essentials, we would ask that all who have done so cease to feel bad or wrong about this.

We ask that you cease to feel at a loss, or that you have failed in some way, or that the Universe has abandoned you.

None of that is so!

You are doing what you can to remain afloat in a tenuous time when your very economies are failing to support that which they have purported to support and stand for, for many centuries.

You see now the lie of the “every person for themselves” sort of philosophy.

The feeling now is that either you all sail together, or you all sink together, to revise Benjamin Franklin’s famous comment.

Humankind is increasingly seeing now that sailing together in a vessel not meant to hold everyone is not only a horrible lie, but a ridiculous undertaking.

Photo by Jerry Moriarty

“Why can’t we ALL know financial Abundance?” is a question being asked by millions now, and not only those who openly call themselves “spiritually aware.”

“Why is it that the elite have written an economic structure that excuses them from all the forms of responsibility that are required of the working man and woman?”

“Why is it that the Earth is expendable to them, and so are workers, while we who do all the work are considered cannon fodder for their wars?”

And so as these questions flow from you, you begin to see the idiocy of “grading” yourself on how much you have saved or how much you owe to others.

We would say, separate yourself from the energy of debt—from the frequency of it.

Notice what you DO have, and give thanks!

Begin to notice all of the endless and ongoing forms of Abundance in Nature that are constantly available to you—the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the grains of dirt or sand—all of it nearly endless and uncountable!

That is the Universe you live in. Not one of lack, but one of Plenty.

Look at your own body, and consider all the ways in which you are healthy—what is going Right with your body now? What are the things that never trouble you physically?

Consider all the necessities that are there without your asking for them—the air you breathe, steady ground beneath your feet, any food you are able to have, even if you received it from a food bank.

Consider the depth of your own life experience—all you know and all you are.

Your gifts and abilities and depth of interests and inner Wisdom and Knowing—there is true Abundance! And it has nothing to do with a bank balance.

Give thanks for all you are and all you have, friends!

Not out of a sense of, “Well—at least I have something,” so much as “I have so much that is so important to me, and so amazing! I feel so wealthy! Thank you, Universe. You are always fulfilling my desires in perfect ways.”

This shift in focus and emotional resonance can shift your outer situation powerfully, even quickly.

There is much to say on this issue, but we would say for now:

Take your focus off of that which you do not have, or the feeling that you lack what is needed in the moment, and constantly affirm that you have more than enough, that your cup is overflowing. 

Photo by Vanessa PillayJust holding that image in your heart-mind is very empowering! And know that you are never abandoned to any situation, no matter how trying.

Release the need to judge where you are in life, and focus inwardly on all you have come through so far, and all the incredible wealth you carry within you, though economies should come and go.

You are the rock upon which the New Earth is being built!

How could you be anything but empowered to create wealth in every way, on every level?

The more you concentrate on how wealthy you are, and comment on such—better yet, write down that you are wealthy and free of all debt, bringing that Truth into the physical world—then the more it will become so, through a series of remarkable events that none can withhold from you.

We ask, in other words, that you view yourselves differently, in order to experience something different from what you are seeing now.

The perspective (the vibration) comes first, dear ones, always.

Namaste, friends! We will speak more on this.

And for now, remember that you are never alone.


Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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