New Moon Rainbow Connection


I’m loving the scent of fresh pine lingering in the air. It fills my lungs with immune-system building goodness from deep-breathing during outdoor activities. Mix that with remnants of mesquite hints when passing by homes on the forest and there’s a beautiful synergy of seasonal gifts working their wonders on the senses and merging parts of myself in unison.

They are also stirring the impetus of potential within – calling me to remember promises and make that rainbow connection come true.

Everything is awakening in divine timing and it all contributes to an overall energetic momentum we can hop aboard and align with.

On the physical front I’m seeing evolution in motion.

Here in the mountain high altitudes we continue to experience transitioning seasons, although the weather is holding at mild temperatures in the mid to high 50’s on up to the low 60’s. That may seem cold, but at this elevation the sun shines more directly, so in fact it’s been beautiful sun bathing weather even though my days are still mixed with contrasting experiences.

The photo above is such a great example of this contrast where you can see some snow still lining the south end of the lake’s beach where sun is limited in reach by the trees there. And yet, it’s a wonderful time for beach and water activities while we remain off-season here.

We have plans for kayaking soon to enjoy the placid lake conditions. You can see in the above photo, here, just how gorgeous it’s been lately at lake level. The Caribbean-like waters of the lake are very inviting. We enjoyed views like this one from the trail above the lake for our first bike adventure of the season a few days ago, which inspired us to get jumping aboard our kayak for a complete experience of above and below – or on, as it may be. 😉

So, yes, as ski season winds down, biking, kayaking, and hiking season revs up.

Yesterday morning was day 51 of skiing this season and my last day at Heavenly Mountain. I’ll likely ski another day or two more at different resorts around the lake we haven’t been to yet, but I thought to document this momentous and oh so “heavenly” occasion of Spring skiing at its finest.

It’s been very warm during skiing so although I have a jacket on, it’s zipped open to only a tank top beneath and my remaining days will likely be jacket-less. Many people ski in a variety of attire at this time of year. I saw everything from tank tops, crop tops, shorts, underwear, and fun costumes on Friday.

But the day before had us hopping aboard our bikes for day 2 of Spring and Summer activities. Some days we ski in the morning and bike in the afternoon.

The photo below was our starting point down in the Tahoe Keys.

And this next one was a view from today’s bike ride – both reflecting Spring in the foreground and Winter remnants on the background mountains.

It’s incredible to experience the diversity all woven together within varying degrees of elevation.

There’s always one cycle finishing while one begins. That’s life on all levels of experience. It’s a continuum of flow without judgment.

It’s really a unique experience to live in a place where the seasonal shifts are very transparent. It supports understanding of the nature of things.

And with continued warming trends, this weekend begins yard and garden prepping time, finally. Although we could still get a random surprise snow fall, the temperatures are steadying and the garden is calling. So, I plan to get all the dead pine needles, pine cones, and fallen branches from Winter’s spell raked up and removed, and start trimming and sprucing up plants, removing old growth, planting some seeds, and watering.

All of this in preparation for any new plant babies that might find there way home to join the rest of the returning perennial gang.

It feels like the perfect time for this with Sunday the 11th’s Aries New Moon, which offers a fresh start – that’s tomorrow.

We already have bunches of joyous yellow daffodils dancing out in the yard with many more varieties of blooms on the way there and in the garden, but I’ll save the rest of the photos of them for an upcoming post – perhaps even a before and after cleanup.

I’m just sharing the above one because of the subtle rainbow light pouring in from the top left of this capture and the rainbow veil between the tree and the golden light on the ground since it goes with the theme of more on this rainbow energy below.

Equally aligned with outdoor preparations upcoming, I’ve been finalizing the clearing and organizing of indoors and one-by-one completing projects. I just finished a new sacred tattoo design I’ll share soon, which is no surprise to me that it feels aligned with the transformational times we are in currently and all that is opening to our potential as spirit in body.

I’ve been immersed in the beginning phases of a new painting commission that also holds such potent rebirthing and Spring-like essence, as you’ll see upon completion, but also speaks to connection and bonds of love that transcend time. And each one always takes me on a personal journey even though they are created for someone else, which is an illuminating process.

On the inner front I’m feeling evolution deepening.

So yes, I’m tending my inner and outer gardens right now, both literally and symbolically.

I have also been creating some new intentional spaces both in my office and garden by calling forth extra magick, inviting in support from the Elemental and Cosmic realms, and creating mini portals to welcome in the new. A vision has come to me for something in the garden, but I am allowing natural unfolding to work its wonders, as sometimes things come to be just as I envision – and sometimes they come to be differently, but even better than I envisioned.

I find myself having new intentions, in general, and have been enjoying holding them in heart, but now getting ready to voice them to the Universe more boldly. New Moons are wonderful for this.

What intentions do you have for the year, or even just right now in the short term?

What would you like to create in your life on any and all levels?

What challenges would you like to face or put to rest this year?

These are some of the powerful questions you can ask yourself while walking through the Aries New Moon doorway.

And speaking of “doorways”, there continues to be a transparent display of portal energy showing up. Something I think I’ve mentioned, or at least have been showing you in photos, is how rainbow energy keeps appearing, more and more.

It shows up as literal rainbows – some seen by others and some like the one I mentioned in a recent post, was only seen by me at a mirrored angle to myself – it shows up as rainbow orbs, rainbow light, rainbow sparkles that flicker, and even rainbow veils – the latter being a new constant for me, as I’ve shown you in the recent blog post, Can You Feel It.

Well, a few days after the rainbow veils at the portal sites on my walk that day I share about in the blog, I found another nearly exact portal at the other creek out back in the forest that forks that one.

You can see it here in the above photo where the bridge crosses over the creek.

It’s the same exact shape. So incredible!

And then on our bike ride of two days ago we rode past a historical lakeside site with old homesteads and this rainbow veil appeared across my favorite little cabin I stopped to admire.

Then there was the more subtle rainbow veil near the tree and my new blossoms, I already shared.

And today’s Day 3 bike ride of the season revealed this:

It appeared when I took a photo of the upper limbs of one of my favorite trees in the area – a giant, very old Juniper.

Rainbows are bridges themselves, doorways or portals, reflections of heightened awareness and other realms, message of miracles from the Universe, symbols of hope, beauty, harmonic frequencies, and promises of blessings to come. I find it fascinating that they are showing up increasingly, as I’ve seen friends post photos of actual rainbows quite a bit, rainbow light dancing in through windows or showing up inside crystals where they weren’t before, and even faery sis Laura mentioned to me that on the same day I saw the rainbow veil at the historical cabin, she saw a most amazing rainbow like none she’d ever seen.

There is so much flowing through from other realms right now, as the doors and veils open wider and thin even more. I find that the more open your heart, the more things reveal themselves in varying ways relative to each.

I also believe, however, that these are ways our higher selves and spirit guides speak to us of things we may have pushed aside, ignored, or deemed unimportant at the time. They get our attention and voice our deepest desires.

But rainbows and rainbow energy is not about “fluff.” They symbolize transformation and initiation, as well as creation, goodluck/or divine synchronicity, liminal spaces, and even what people refer to as ascension or oneness as rainbow embodiment – the light body.

I find it interesting that Rainbow Serpent Teacher was one of the very first spirit guides I became aware of that works with me. So, it feels to me like these continuous rainbow energy fields that keep showing up are also being experienced as a much more direct messaging that is opening along my journey.

With all that is unfolding across Earth, these rainbow appearances feel like comforting presences containing light codes that reflect an awakened remembrance.

They also feel very affirming of the “now” moment bridging past and future into the eternal, while also acting as transmutational bridges between storms and hopeful new landscapes.

A reflection of rebirth and potential.

Rainbows are metaphors for dreams and wishes that contain the alchemy for great joy and fulfillment. They’re a connection that resides in our hearts.

If you’ve been hearing whispers within, perhaps these rainbows indicate your deepest dreams are calling you to believe, listen, and act upon the nudges that have long held your deepest truth. Perhaps this is your time, your moment to seize the realization of spirit in flesh.

I found myself singing this song today when I woke up and along our bike ride, as it speaks to following that rainbow connection – the bridge in your heart that merges soul purpose into manifestation. I hope it touches your heart and sparks just what you might need in this moment to believe in yourself and what energetically moves through your veins as inspiration.

Tomorrow’s Aries New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to make that rainbow connection and feel inspiration toward how you can bring through body what your soul signature wants to create.

There’s a fresh canvas awaiting each of us in the liminal space of the New Moon void where something stirs the colors for a new creation to unfold. But rather than simply appease that itch with less effective uses of our time and energy just to fill a “need” or “urge” we feel unfulfilled, perhaps sitting with the energy right now and listening, will prompt us into greater alignment.

Surrendering to the blank canvas and being with the swamp of potential like Kermit, can help you hear the rainbow connection that calls. And from there your wise self will know what to do and when to do it.

A new dimension of living is possible.

Promises are knocking on our doors to remember to honor.

Perhaps it’s time to write the next chapter of your life story.

On the unified front we’re being given the chance to embody harmonic evolution more and more each day.


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