aisha north


aisha north

Equinox message

Equanimity does not equate equilibrium.

Rather, it signifies an ability to stay centered

even in the most tempestuous of times.

Such as these.

For even if the celestial light at this time

seems to be balanced evenly on your planet,

the rest of your world is anything but.

But remember, this too is in the eye

– or rather heart – of the beholder.

And as such, the clear-eyed

will see beyond the hue and cry.

For even if the actions and reactions

so clearly visible around you

speaks loudly of chaos and confusion,

the heart always knows.

For your heart resides in a very different

spatial time from your mind.

It can see beyond the linear constrictions

and constructions of the mind.

So the heart knows that you are in fact

moving beyond the grasp of old restrictions

by allowing the incoming energies

to sweep you off your feet.

Thus, being balanced is not about standing still.

It is all about letting go

and falling into grace.


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