A Message to Lightworkers – March 19, 2021by Caroline Oceana Ryan


A Message to Lightworkers – March 19, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today our writer has asked us, “Can you please address how urgent things feel for so many people now?

“How so many issues are hitting the boiling point, or requiring immediate answers or healing, or resolution in some way?

“Can you talk about how we no longer seem to fit our lives—as if we’ve all outgrown last year’s school jacket—and now we’re struggling to make our current lives work as they once might have?”

And we would say, most assuredly we are happy to address such, though our answer may also feel a bit odd the first time you try it on.

Nothing “fits” as it once did—sometimes, with only a week, a month, or a day’s notice—as you are not the same person you were even a day or an hour ago.

That is how fast your evolvement is occurring now, and how quickly the nature of life on your planet is evolving. 

Also, your ability to maneuver or “coast” through the energies flowing to Grandmother Earth now are also drastically shifting and changing, as Earth joins Her new timeline.

Due to the higher energies you now live amongst, you may feel that, “Everything feels to be calling up my inner resistance, at the same time, they’re requiring me to open up and Allow the changes inside me.”

Earth energies are behaving very differently now, requiring newer forms of integration than they have in the past.

Your other lifetime experiences on this Earth, though seated deep in your subconscious, are still informing what you call “reality.”

Yet these are not necessarily helpful to you now.

All of those unconscious expectations regarding “how life works” or “doesn’t work,” and what emotions, thoughts, or experiences might be of help to you now, are being transformed.

So that the old reference points are of no more help to you than a seven-year-old’s math primer could aid an 18-year-old studying calculus.

Photo by Jerry Moriarty

You may feel some days that things can never be normal again, and that you must resign yourself to being in a place of struggle with life.

In this place of transition, you are being called to think, feel, and treat yourself and others in a very different way than you have in the past.

This may or may not pertain to what you see on the evening news, or read in news reports.

The airwaves are full of erroneous claims regarding this illness or that preventative cure.

There is an inauthenticity to much of what you once trusted that has caused you to back away from many former information sources, and declare them null and void in your life.

You may feel insulted by much of what you are being asked to believe or pay respect to.

It can indeed feel difficult, and so you are seeing a renewed push to regain the “authority” once held and now increasingly lost by the old power structure, yet this will not achieve its aim.

It is in part a last frantic power grab for a controlling influence upon your collective consciousness, and in part a desire to hide behind the old deceptions, of which your news reports have played a great role, as well as your entertainment sources, and the world of academia.

All have played into handing you a sense of “I know what’s going on,” yet increasingly you will pull back from the group, from those who decide that the too-long-trusted channels of information are not offering information at all, but well-worn forms of mind control.

“Then where do I go to find out what’s really happening?” you may ask.

And for that, we would say, it is not hard to gather what is happening in a country on a basic level—that some information from the old channels can be helpful, but that from there, you are on your own—exactly where you have asked to be, as free and independent beings.

You not “alone” in a desperate way that says, “I have no country” or “I have no connection to the whole,” for you are the Whole, friends.

Though you may feel to be only a microcosm of it some days, you are such a powerful presence in this Universe vibrationally, that you cannot help but connect inwardly with all occurring now.

You will know in your heart of hearts, the more you ask, the more you tune in intuitively to what is happening in your nation and in the world, what is “really happening,” and this will be far more informative, and far more truthful, than what any outer news report could reveal.

Now, we can of course hear you saying, “What if I tune into the wrong frequency or transmission?”

And we would say, practice on the smaller issues before you come to trust what comes to you in the larger ones—and yet, nearly all of you have been learning to do that very thing.

Regarding not fitting into last year’s school jacket, we would say, you were thrilled as a youngster to see you had grown another few inches taller!

No one would have been able to contain your Joy at being more and more the grownup, living a free and independent life, as you went through uncomfortable yet necessary growing pains and processes!

It is no different now, except that instead of learning how to navigate the social and emotional pressures of school and social life, you are learning how to navigate the energy flows of your galaxy, your Earth, your Universe.

Photo by Sherri BauschMost happily, that journey is a far more fruitful one, though yes, there are some moments you will need to reconcile to a higher vibrational level, in which the wounded ego is no longer center stage, and the high heart takes over.

It comes to the fore, to help you grasp that there are no “good” or “bad” experiences.

There is only the flow of energy that guides you to greater inner Knowing, greater comprehension of that which has come before you, that which now flows within you, and that which you are now becoming.

You give yourself great leeway, and great inner support, by not expecting life or even your own emotions to flow as they once did. 

Nothing is as it was on your planet or in human consciousness, and even these fruitless attempts on the part of the old power structure to contain or constrict you on a DNA level are nearly laughable to those who have seen your consciousness expanding beyond every barrier yet created to restrain it.

They will not win; they cannot win, because you have ordained it so, that Earth and Her beings are regaining their sovereignty.

No feelings of loss, of disorientation, of confusion or upset or sadness at releasing that which has finished its time now—the old Earth—can hold you in a pattern of incompleteness in terms of your Ascension, unless you actively choose such.

And if you are reading this now (if you have read this far, as they say!), it is quite doubtful you would desire such.

And so we would say, as our writer’s Spirit team have counseled her these past weeks, “Stay in the Present Moment!”

“One step at a time! All shall be answered. Stay in your body. Stay in your breath. Release the need to know When and How.

“All is Well, and Shall Be Most Well.”

We have very little to add to that, except to allow your emotions to flow as they must—cry when needed, laugh if you can, take in the fresh air and drink a lot of pure water.

Rest more, not less.

And be endlessly kind and patient with this beautiful new being you are becoming, dear ones! 

Yes, now is the time—yet there is no need to be the superhero.

You are enough. You are always enough, as you are, in this moment.

Namaste, friends!

We are with you, always.


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