Huge Energy Update! 2.3.21


Huge Energy Update!! Feb 3rd 2021 What the Hell is Going On!!

Ascending Spirituality – Paul Wyrostek

Massive purging during Mercury Retrograde. Moon is close to the Earth… these energies are working with the Retrograde. Tons of anger is emerging as it is being purged from the human collective consciousness…

Tremendous Schumann Resonance spikes… Anger, irritability, and tremendous Light. Things you are experiencing that you have to feel through – suppressed anger, resentment, post traumatic, suppressed emotions… these hidden things are being magnified 3x now… These feelings come out through the face, neck, heart chakra – deep CORE wounds in your cells, in your experience, that is coming up to be cleared. Vent… let yourself FEEL these things.

Knowledge, information is Power! Energies are super intense!


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