Carol Fitzpatrick’s Message and Inter-galactic star command speaking as a collective force

Dear ,
This month’s streaming has poured forth on many different levels of awareness. The first flowed from the inter-galactic view followed by the more earth one you’re welcome to read below.
After that first streaming of the “Star War” kind, I sat down again to give it another go. I was thinking that I just needed to clear my own field. To my amazement the same energy signatures showed up, but this time from an earth centric viewpoint.
If you wish to better understand the context of the streaming from the inter-galactic perspective, please see “Life in Seer Mode”.
This morning’s streaming:
The portals are open yet awash with chaotic nodes awaiting resolution. The galactic ground forces of controllers highjacked the vibrational resonance of righteousness and turned it against humanity. The tricksters and thieves are now on the offensive working diligently to crush any dissent. Through a show of force, an entire waveform has inverted. What was good is now bad. What was held sacred is now to be feared.
We are in the war zone outer conflict, yet deep within us, our spirits are free to fully ascend.
What shall it be? Remain entrapped in the polarities caused by human drama or ascend through the open portals and rise above the chaos and entrain to the more expansive vibrational waveforms that define the new earth matrix?
Be encouraged to know that as you decide, your brethren are already there to greet you [righteousness and non-duality is the norm].
What will you do?
Remain stuck, thwarted, dormant—waiting out the orders to stay quiet and out-of-the-way—or ascend and claim your birthright of living a liberated life.
This choice requires, of course, that you to fully honor the direct knowing of your heart-soul connection over and above the barrage of any shadow shaping projected at you, trying desperately to dissuade you, from re-claiming or re-affirming your inner alignment with Truth and right action.
Why would any being want to thwart or confuse you into thinking you are not free? As you fully embody your true power, your soul sends a clear albeit sometimes faint clarion call out to others—a signal that encourages others to drop inside and listen to direct knowing as well. Direct knowing grows the desire to liberate all aspects of your light body and the prompting to amplify is undeniable.
Freedom comes with a price. Like a helium balloon floating forever upward on the current, a conscious heart-centered choice to follow the inner promptings of your heart determines your path forward. Once you have chosen to liberate yourself from the shackles of the mind-miasmas, you begin to move in the upward more expansive direction that finds you headed toward the ultimate liberation of your soul embodied.
Just remember: Confusion leads to ineffectiveness and the dulling of your inner knowing. The moment you shut down the outer noise and drop deep inside your heart, there in the quiet, you’ll rediscover the deeper softer stirring of the soul whispering to you. As you listen, you will strengthen the signal of the heart to sense the higher vibrational waveforms that call you to open to an infinitely wider bandwidth of higher spectrum intelligence.
Rest assured: the controllers are not privy to this bandwidth even as you may be in full view. They have no way of shutting this inner signal down without your express surrender of your sovereignty as an embodies being of light. They rely upon the projection of fear and submission—and you are hard-wired to emanate universal Love and your innate expression is Joyousness.
Liberate your heart from any shadow that looms and the illusion that you are somehow stuck in limbo. Find your way home to the new earth matrix—home to where all beings are fully honored, where sovereignty is the waveform that creates expansive optimism of all things possible now, and where spontaneous joyousness is the currency of universal love.
Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach
A mission:
Life in Seer Mode:
As mentioned above, my work with embodied light beings, takes me into realms where I am shown higher dimensional aspects of what impacts human consciousness. If you would like the 30,000 view of what was shared in this month’s message, I have provided a part of the original streaming below. If you feel you have enough on your plate, just to stay focused to allow your direct knowing to guide you, the writing below may only confuse you. However, if you are like me and love the higher dimensional perspectives, please continue reading.
{Inter-galactic star command speaking as a collective force}
We are with you in heart and spirit. We send waves of light and higher awareness through the open portals into the planetary grid of consciousness. You are not alone. We are fighting, yes, fighting for dominion over separation.
The Archon race has caused a rip in your time [4th dimensional creations formed by the collective consciousness for prevailing choice] They have disrupted [taken away] the waveform that had you feeling an enormous wave of open-hearted freedom and empowerment [sovereignty].
We will not allow this interference in an entire race of earthbound people.
The people of earth are united in their resolve to love and honor one another. It is the self-appointed leaders [infused with and controlled by the Archon directives], a small group of power brokers that have hijacked earth-based systems. They have allowed this race access to life on your planet. We will not allow the human race to be hijacked again. The will of humanity is too strong.
We have been called forth by the people of earth. We are [off-planet forces] here to liberate embodied ones from this higher vibrational waveform that has been ripped away [time continuum interrupted / taken away] from those sovereign beings choosing, as a collective force, the path of righteousness.
You are empowered as you continue to amplify love. Be not dissuaded. The rip in your timeline that gains humanity its liberation is being repaired.
Stand strong. Liberation is at hand.
End transmission.
This speaking tracks back to the private session work with individuals in recent months. Some were showing a thick rubber-like plasma field around their human energy systems. This found them feeling blocked or thwarted in their ability to sense their heart choice. They were unable to see their way into the present future to make choice for moving into a lighter brighter future.
Others, still motivated and determined to see their way toward the fulfillment of their vision, were also being blocked. Opportunities once feeling solid, suddenly dissipated with deals or co-creations falling through. Others were aware of what must be done to complete their earthbound mission but felt tired and thwarted by these warring off-planet forces.
What the above transmission speaks to is the energy waves that are coming at us at all times. It reinforces earlier directives to stay focused and centered and instructs us to keep our noses out of the polarities that are playing out on earth. The only purpose of the shadow shifting of reality is to have us feeling like we have no power. This is not true. We are here to amplify, and to serves as master keys to unleash the codes of the earth matrix.
In closing, there is a depth to this understanding that cannot be conveyed in writing. I’ll share more in detail in the Webcast on February 8th (see event announcement below).


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