One, by Sophia

January 27, 2021
It is I, Sophia. It is the One.
There are topics to discuss. Are there questions?
Not at this time, no.
You’ve entered into the initial process of sovereignty, the first steps towards individual awareness, the beginnings of humanity’s physical expansion. It is one thing to wake up and notice the manipulation on your world as it shows itself into your day-to-day life. It is quite another to begin to look for it.
Humanity has been awakened. It is akin to waking a sleeping Giant.
Once fully aroused, the Giant will begin to move and then to stand.
Watch out when that happens. Imagery is important and close to actual visuals of what is about to occur on the planet.
The Giant, due to its size, will cover those places and people beneath it, in shadow. Some places are bound to be crushed. Others, avoided. It is not a precise process. It is an inevitable one.
The chains that held this Giant (humanity) down, have been removed.
This Giant (humanity) will have to learn and to decide where it wants to walk on its own; under its own direction.
This is no longer a process of awakening. 2020 did that for you. The set up and planned scenarios are soon to be rolled out, as if on a carpet, before you. Awake now, and moving independently, you’ll each determine where to go and what to look at first.
You will do that without being told where to look or who to pay attention to.
It is vital that you comprehend the depth of deception that has been your society.
Religion has been hijacked. Words weaponized. Intuitive senses have been trivialized and ridiculed.
Truth is found in balance. Yet, there is something else. It is that the entire idea of truth has been layered beneath falsehoods that are disguised as religious doctrine. What has repulsed so many of you, and has thus been avoided, does hold your history.
Some scripture is contraband, not all. There are real facts there as well. Facts it would do you well to notice.
The phrase “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”, is true. You were meant to disregard truth. You were then ripe candidates to absorb and believe untruths.
This is not a simple process. It is a rather messy one. It involves igniting the spark that is you, and turning on your light so that you can see clearly in the darkness.
It involves wading through the mess of nonsense that has been shouted from your most massive loud-speakers.
It involves opening your heart as a receptor and diviner of what is true. It is this step that many will lean away from – unsure if it is safe. Recent experiences do not favor vulnerability, quite the opposite. Your current life places those of you seeking honesty, those of you without the “spin”, those of you who are careful in word and deed not to overstep boundaries – into a negative light.
This awakening turns on all lights. It exposes truth and discloses lies. Nothing escapes this awakening. The light, now turned on, illuminates all.
What is critical to the process, and its initial component, is choice.
You get to choose it all.
What to believe or deny.
Who to believe or to doubt.
Where to invest the parts of you that are yours – focus, attention, movement, trust and effort.
Eventually, this will be a global choice. At the current moment, it is an obvious choice of the citizens of the US. All eyes look towards the North American continent.
What awakening does, is to get the body ready to engage with the day before it. In order to participate effectively, one must first be awake.
Now you’ve been awakened.
You will each discern what resonates. You need to abandon this sense of responsibility to convince another light what they should or should not illuminate and utilize. This moment of choice will proceed unencumbered by ego, or dictatorial mandates.
You will each choose, and as your choices lead you towards other presentations of ideas – you will choose yet again.
On some level, and to some degree, you have come now to awaken and engage in that awakened state. The level of your neighbor and/or your loved one is not your concern. To place concern, worry or focus on them does not increase your light or theirs. It is a disabling move.
Your purpose now is to increase your illumination. In this way, there is more light to see all of the stories, lies, children, officials, saints and sinners.
The choice will appear overwhelming. At first. You will then feel into the choice that supports your intent. This is where trust begins. It is trust that then simplifies all of your decisions.
You will know, because of how it feels, what and who to directly focus on. You will know, because of how it feels, if this or that effort or direction supports you.
You will know.
Your expansion is personal. There are no incorrect answers here. No cause for alarm if you discover something that instigates a change of mind. That is the whole point – changing your mind.
You’ll emerge from engaging with a new world, one of choices and positive reinforcements, a new hue-man.
Change is the point, not the exception.
Evolution and expansion demand it.
It is recommended that you roam free. You’ll find yourself gathering with others of a similar ilk – not identical and not parroting a rhetoric. No.
Encouraging deep compassion within community and the sheer joy of appreciation of your differences, your talents, your personalities.
For Oneness is not sameness. Oneness is unity; a unity that celebrates the individual.
Each path unique in direction, in difficulty and in length. Yet all taking you home to your core. That core is love.
You are in for such a treat.
That is all.
Thank you.
©2011-2021 Sophia Love All Rights Reserved.
We are One.
This is our planet.
We are freeing her now.


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