The purpose of body perception


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are living in exciting times upon your planet earth. Never before has the opportunity to explore other perspectives been so easy or so accessible. Never before have you been able to sample from the abundant diversity of life while sitting in your own homes. Never before have the contrasts been so vividly played out in the theater of human existence.

For some of you that is frightening. Most of you were raised to feel safe around sameness. Most of you were raised to feel right in worlds and with words that were passed down throughout generations. Many of you were raised to “keep the peace” by never disagreeing.

Now things are different. It seems that few are interested in “keeping the peace” as you once did. You’re faced – in your media, your news, in your families, and on your streets – with people whose perspectives differ widely from the ones you may have been raised with. You are living in times when you’re encouraged to own your truth, to speak up, to share your perspectives, and most importantly of all to seek understanding of perspectives different from your own.

As a result your world appears to be in chaos right now. There are so many perspectives! Some people present their ideas and beliefs with decency, kindness, and a respect for one another. Other people feel a need to bully, manipulate, shout, and push their perspectives upon one another. Whether in an evolved way or not, everybody’s personal truth is coming to the surface.

You feel your own personal truths emerging from within. You feel the things you once tolerated but can no longer. You feel the thoughts you once pushed under the rug becoming important to you. You feel the emotions you’ve stuffed for decades. You see the possessions that no longer serve you and want the things you once refused to admit you wanted. It is no longer possible to avoid feeling your personal truths. The energy is just too strong.

The loving truth of each soul is rising up from within. Given an unblocked path it emerges in a loving desire to be more authentic. Given a blocked path from within, it finds unkind expression. Pray for the souls trying to express their truths in violence and anger. They are hurting and don’t yet feel mature enough to share their perspectives with love. Pray for yourself to express your truth with love. In this fashion you become the light houses and beacons of hope and peace in a world where many do not yet know how to express themselves in a higher, happier, and more loving way.

This movement towards becoming more authentic – awkward, unpleasant, and scary as it might be at times – is a sign of spiritual evolution. One must go through the teenage years and find one’s voice, however awkwardly, before one can reach maturity. No matter how old a person, many now are going through a phase wherein they find their truth, feel the discomfort of speaking up, and as a result, share their perspectives in an unloving way.

You need not fear. You need only stay in a vibration of love and you will be safe, secure, and protected, for in love all things are made right. In love you are guided. In love you can express your truth with only a desire to share ideas, to understand and to be understood. In love you can be you and allow others to be who they wish to be. In love you will attract light and repel the darkness of misunderstanding.

You are facing times of great growth here upon your earth. There is no need to despair. There is no need to fall into fear. It isn’t the end of the world. It is, instead, a time of re birthing, a time when you stop sweeping issues that never worked to begin with, “under the rug,” a time when humanity is crying for truth and integrity, freedom and justice, and all those qualities that a soul craves in their experience.

Be the ones who understand that self-expression is an expression of the True Self only when voiced with love. Be the ones who understand that truth and integrity begin within the self. Be the ones who know that the universe is completely just already, in that like vibration attracts like. Be the ones who know that you are, and always have been, free to emanate whatever energy you like.

Chaotic though it may be the players in the theater of human existence are just that. You are a beautiful being of light, as are they. You know this. Embrace this truth. You are loved. You are pure light. You are a tuner in a world of vibration and you can pick and choose the vibrations which you wish to tune into.

Dear ones, we are working with your earth very closely right now. There are countless beings of light sending love to each and every one of you. We don’t judge any soul. We simply send our love, for that ultimately is the greatest expression of any being, whether on the earth or in the heavens. Receive our love daily and know you are all perfect and precious in our eyes. Do your best to realize that good will ultimately arise from the chaos. Be patient. Pray for all. You are all so very beautiful and so very loved.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels
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©2016 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved.


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