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Happy New Year! We are certainly off to an eventful start!
There is no point in re-stating the events in Washington DC this week, other than to say that the conversation today took place after they happened, and before the President was permanently removed from Twitter yesterday. You are most likely aware that before leaving, he tweeted that he would not be attending the inauguration on the 20th.
Things feel exiting and explosive all at once. Here’s a video that may help, shared below, “The Called: the makings of a perfect day”. It is from Jennifer Mac and Juan O Savin. We watched it last night and felt comforted at having done so.
There are a few places releasing information, if you feel the need to see it. Twitter is a ghost town. My account is relatively small, but hundreds of followers were purged from it last night. I haven’t yet opened an account elsewhere – yet Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward are two of the people who are announcing updates that feel legitimate. It’s the Wild, Wild West my friends. I will move to either Parler, Gab or both. I’ll share that link once I do.
Let’s trust what we are told in today’s conversation, and take some deep breaths. Internally I am excited, anxious and happy; unafraid. What is most concerning is the divide that exists in the narratives. Family members on both sides are getting triggered. I’ve written about what is happening for me and how it feels. You’ll find that here: (click for article).
If there is anything personally difficult right now, this would be the one felt most personally. I have heard from so many of you who are experiencing similar things. I hear repeatedly from One that it all works out and not to worry, as I have asked more than once. I am confident that regardless, truth will guide all of us towards unity and compassion. Just love. We are One.
Many blessings and so much love. Have faith. We are witnessing the coming of the light, and the source for that light is you. You are deeply loved and appreciated for all that you bring to our table,
Here’s the link for Words of One. Volume III. The next volume will be released in coming next months, either February or March. The story we are living fulfills what I was told and is shared in this series. Thanks to those of you who’ve added reviews, they help us all. This is perhaps the most relevant and important set of books I’ve written thus far.
juan o savin the CALLED
January 8th, 2021
4:44 AM
It is the One.
There are things to say. These things involve the turmoil and the fear that is being experienced by some of you. It is understandable, yet not necessary or even supportive for you now. Remember always to hold onto your belief in something unseen. This world you inhabit is illusion, and currently, those controlling the camera are broadcasting the final act. This is a set-up, a staged coup that is not true.
Let’s repeat that. This has been a set-up, a staged coup that is not true. Note that all lines are given. All actions pre-written and choreographed. There may be some ad-libbing and even some surprises, but none of this has been un-anticipated. *
You watch now the set-up for the final reveal. You witness scenes that are scripted, and carefully, for the history books.
You will be surprised at the players – on both sides. You are witnessing some of the most convincing acting possible. It’s a show. It’s a show.
None of it is real.
The force of the people, the physical force of the numbers (of people) who were present in Washington DC for the “counting” this week was a powerful force. Hundreds of thousands of you were there. It was a calling, a statement of such energy and force that if anything it has cemented and solidified the voice of truth and love and integrity and freedom – rather than be a “violent over-throw”. Everyone played their part. Even the media.
Now know that there are still steps to be taken. There are things to be made public.
The show continues.
Yet, in a matter of weeks you will know truths for which you’ve only heard snippets of, or never considered. Once laid out, they complete the puzzle. It all makes sense then. Players and parts reveal to you the plot.
You will like the ending. This has been, and continues to be a drama with action – twists and turns and seeming casualties. There are some, yes. While recently, in your current moment, there are fewer of them than you think.
You are not being shown truth. You are being shown deliberate falsehoods, to gradually reveal a story that holds boldness, beauty and a belief in the necessity of telling it at all.
For to intentionally fool the people seems counter-productive. Yet the extreme control held by the dark ones of your country’s democracy, demands it.
You will start to see your oppressors as people. You will start to see the depths of control. You, who see them first **, will be the force pushing for equality, unity and honesty in judgment. The next phase of your evolution demands it. You will be asked to decide.
These are your fellow humans. Many compromised and having proceeded in their actions to save loved ones. Not all. Not all. These are the facts you will be learning. Drips of truth are emerging already, to prepare you.
As the liberation plays out, you will learn of those players who held the controls and willingly, deliberately, and happily carried out crimes against their fellow man. These are to be stopped, who actually have been stopped at this point. They will be very clear and how to proceed obvious. For the good of the whole, these actions are necessary. For the benefit of man, rather than the benefit of themselves.
Then there are others. These are numerous and their involvement nuanced, their situations complicated. They committed acts abhorrent under threat. These become traps.
It will be vital that you lead the way with your love, your light, your truth. Where you are heading is a place of Unity, where Oneness is felt in real time. It becomes for you then, a question of just how much anguish you will willingly deliver to these people. As Oneness will be conscious awareness and the experience of all, by all, for all.
The race has experienced anguish in magnitudes that are exponential. The focus now, in order for you to move on, is that of healing.
Balance is required and intrinsic to the process. There are necessary removals. Yet you cannot fall victim to revenge or repeated anger, blame, accusal or hatred. You will find these to be counter-productive. What comes next, after the reveal, is wisdom.
It will be clear that new hands, heads, and hearts are needed to run things. They will emerge among you. For blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Yes, there comes now anger, outrage and pain with these revelations. Do not lose yourselves to these, but allow for their full movement through your being. No more heads in the sand. You cannot avoid the painful.
You will get through it and emerge all the stronger for having done so.
Now comes clarity as to what is most important. Now comes agreement on priorities. Now comes equal distribution of prosperity. You are about to experience a life of abundance, abundance in all things – options will be the least of it.
You will see next the power of Love played out once your Unity is obvious.
You have all been played, albeit to different degrees.
This week was only the start. Hold fast to inner knowing. The suppression of truth is not long for this world.
What is real is invisible to the eye, perhaps, but not to the heart.
You are not losing. It is very much the opposite.
Remember your favorite events are those that run the emotional gamut for you – all from a place of safety. Trust that all is not lost, that a proper resolution awaits you and that you are very much up to whatever comes next.
The highest and best for all of the race – that is the place you are headed.
You will see, dear human, you will see.
That is all.
Thank you.
*The visual and accompanying story here was that the actors will surprise us as to who is playing which side and why. The lines are all purposeful, everyone is playing; the media, the lawmakers, the citizens. It is all a show. Agreements to play parts have been made. There are good guys who appear not so hot, and not so good guys that appear to be light filled and positive. It is all a show, and the ending, once reached, will reveal all of the parts and the players for who they actually are. We are in for a shock.
**Referring here to truth tellers, light warriors, etc. Those who would be reading these words soon after they are written and shared, in January 2021. The awake ones.


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