Message from The Goddess regarding our Physical Form during this Transition


Message from The Goddess regarding our Physical Form during this Transition

This transition we are in is quite intense, requiring us to use all of our tools in order to stay in alignment. I find that if I dive too much into what is going on “out there” my body becomes quite anxious. Self care in all forms is imperative right now. This can mean quiet time and pampering or it can mean taking a deep dive into yourself. Some are experiencing what feels like a life review as we cut through the illusion. Others are finding that they are connecting in new ways and to new aspects. Whatever you are experiencing, surrender to it and allow it to flow through you.

Many are experiencing intense physical symptoms. The list is quite a range. Joint aches, muscle tightness, and pain in the lower spine/hips are very common. Pain in the heart chakra, higher heart and wing chakras are common as well. Some are feeling cold like symptoms (always fun in a time of COVID), others are feeling a nervous tension and overwhelm in the body. Quite a few have verbalized to me that they feel “they are dying”, even when there is not a rational explanation for feeling something that intently. Yet, there is truth to it. Some of you may be experiencing a death of sorts of the carbon-based body, aspects, and even the removal of what has held us in a limited reality. What is interesting is that my sister is seeing patients in the ER that are complaining that they are dying without a physical cause present. This tells me just how powerful this transit is. Not a single person on this planet will be left unaffected in some way.

Recently a client was discussing how she was struggling with her digestion, unable to eat anything but bland foods as it felt like her digestive system was extremely irritated and swollen. She isn’t alone in those complaints. I have found foods that I could eat at one time are no longer agreeing with me and even caused hives to erupt!

As we were talking, my office took on this incredible shimmering quality. From there all I can say is that THE Goddess, She of Many faces, stepped forward. Both the client and I became covered in goosebumps and the download was intense. Here is what she said:

“What you must understand is that the body is deep in the crystalline process. It is so that the amount of photonic light coming into the earth in the coming days will not be as difficult on the body. All that is out of balance in the form will be triggered: yeast, parasites, viruses, even imprints of traumatic events or an injury. It is of utmost importance that each person listen to their form completely. It is wanting to be listened to, communicated with, and understood so that it may come online (activation of the Divine Blueprint). Much will change with your physicality, what it can do and how it can heal. However, it first must make it through this transition phase and be purified and cleansed of imbalance. It is imperative that each commune and listen to the body’s message and needs. Some will fast, others will not. There is no wrong way when you are listening to and honoring your sacred form.”

I thanked her for her wisdom and then she retreated, leaving us quite surprised. I knew it needed to be shared. I hope this finds you well and coming deeper and deeper into self. If you have not already done so, please join my mailing list so that you keep up to date with my postings and offerings .  To join the mailing list, click Here

Thank you to all that have shared and supported this work. It means the world. Sending you all lots of love, joy, and connection. Happy Holidays!


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