Message from the Angels


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

While so much has been unpredictable, scary, and unfamiliar this year, our wish is that you find peaceful solace in the celebrations of your season of light. Whether you are alone or with family and friends, the light in the manger and the lamp that burned brightly are the same light that lives and breathes, and burns brightly within you.

You are, in effect celebrating not only miracles that occurred in years past, but more importantly, the miracle of every single expression of love that you bring to the surface in your hearts and your homes, in your here and your now.

For wherever Love is birthed, you find Christmas. Wherever the Love remains shining in the dark, you find Hanukkah. Whenever you listen to your hearts, you follow the star – the guiding light within that has helped you navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times.

So many of you have been this light, throughout the years. You have been the beacons of hope and inspiration, peace, kindness, and truth in a world where many have been possessed by fear, or mired in divisiveness. You have been the mangers and the menorahs. You have been the light of the living Christ, the Presence and embodiment of Divine Love in a world very much in need of hope.

With every simple act of kindness to self or others you have brought the season to life. You have birthed this love as you honored your own hearts and accepted your own feelings – whether that meant staying at home and having your groceries delivered, or going out and about and proceeding with life as you adapted to a new normal. You have birthed this love as you sewed masks, delivered groceries, helped a neighbor, shared a smile through your eyes, worked in your regular jobs, learned new skills, connected on your computers, baked, enjoyed time in nature, or simply allowed hope for a better world to rise up within you.

In a million ways, great and small, you have brought the holiday season to life in your hearts and homes all year long. As you gather, where and how you can; as you celebrate – whether in silence or in solidarity with those you love; as you listen to your holiday music, sing your holiday songs, enjoy your traditional foods, or simply allow yourself to have a few days of quiet peace, know that it is You that you celebrate – your light, your love, and the miracle of your Presence here upon the earth.

Merry Christmas dear ones. Happy Hanukkah., Happy Kwanzaa, and above all Happy holy season of light. We honor you as the pioneers in a wondrous new world that is still in the process and pangs of birth. We honor you as the lights in the darkness. We celebrate your willingness to work through your fears, your frustrations, your upsets, your disagreements, and your challenges, and to bring to life again and again, the miracle of light that burns within you.

You are the brightest bulbs on God’s tree. You are lights in the dark. You are the sparks that will eventually kindle a very beautiful and bright flame of love within the human race. Enjoy your holidays. Slow down. Savor the moments. Gather your energy. You are needed dear ones. We celebrate you and the birth of your light in every moment of your lives.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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