Current Energies: SOVEREIGNTY



Current Energies: SOVEREIGNTY

Lorie Ladd

  • Pay attention as you are navigating your NOW. Am I choosing or following?
  • Recognize that it isn’t right or wrong, good or bad
  • Sovereignty, I am not a victim!
  • Free, empowered, speaking truth
  • Am I feeling or am I numbing it by ignoring my feelings?
  • You need to be IN THE BODY in order to be free, sovereign
  • Am I listening to ‘me’ in this Now moment? Me or the external?
  • Am I following or am I leading myself through this based on what I want?
  • Become the observer of every Now moment
  • Am I creating and intending my next Now moment or am I allowing the external to create it for me?
  • This is about choosing timelines and holding it…
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