Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Friday December 18, 2020

By Trinity Esoterics on Dec 18, 2020 09:52 am


Discernment is an essential element of your enlightenment journey. One of the challenges of 2020 has been the bombardment of information you have been exposed to – some of it very valid and some of it not your truth at all. While it has been challenging, that, combined with the slowing down the pandemic has created for so many of you, has gifted you with the perfect conditions to strengthen your discernment skills.

This is so important because it will help you start to navigate your way forward in the new energies by listening to your heart and your inner wisdom, allowing that combination to lead you forward more than ever before. This will allow you to flow towards your perfect matches and desired experiences far more efficiently.

It is also important because it is implementing a skill that will be very helpful to those who have spiritual gifts suddenly opening to them due to the energetic shifts you have been receiving.

Many of you, particularly early on in your spiritual journey, have had the experience of believing in sources that ended up not being empowering to you or of the vibration you truly seek. This can be a discouraging experience, and in some cases can shake your faith for a period of time until your soul lovingly calls you forward on your path yet again. You have had to develop your discernment as you went, often feeling like you were fumbling in the dark.

The spotlight on discernment and truth now will allow many to develop the skill before their awakening, which will be most beneficial for a smoother path forward. To be clear, you will all need to develop the same skills on your journeys, it is just the timing and speed of the development of those skills that will change depending on the energetics and your soul’s agenda.

This is all part and parcel of the grand shift you are all participating in. While it has been difficult collectively to have so many voices shouting their versions of truth, the experience will have served you well and led you to anchor into your own truth and energetic matches which is absolutely necessary for you to fully embrace your own authentic power. Much will be possible as you step into the new due to the embodiment of this essential skill set. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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