YOU ARE THE ONES: MESSAGES FROM THE MOTHER . November 22, 2020 by Eileen Meyer



Will ye be the cesspools of dis-ease
Or instruments of the Light Divine?
This is the fork in the road
Between the ones who are told
And the ones who know
I AM ONE who is entering in
Awakening a power un-told, I LIVE
Tho my heart breaks that I remain invisible
To the diseased
And robotic believers of the world
I do inspire through the few
To gather the souls who hum
The ones who’ve wandered beyond the grey
The ones whom the fire hath changed
I see you on the periphery
Feeling your colors again
Keep watching
Keep listening with your greater eyes and ears
This is the spectrum of light beyond fear
This is the touching of the strings from above
You are the ones
The very Source and Sound of Love

Messages from the Mother 112220

Note from Eileen: I felt it was important to share that this poem-message downloaded effortlessly on the page this morning. I don’t usually share on Sundays; it is my dedicated prayer and dialogue day. But this had an urgent request to be made public. Understand that this isn’t about COVID. It is about a far more insidious dis-ease that has been infecting humanity for centuries. As the Presence showed me earlier in the year, COVID is merely a vehicle that brings us into this time-less crucible so that we can enter the “choosing time.” More context here. The darkness has many faces and games. While they did not create the virus, in every possible way, they are happy to take advantage of your fear, your rage, and your unconscious pain. Wake up. Truth does not arrive through anyone on the current stage. It arrives and guides from within. Bless you – each and every one of you – for we alone decide to welcome this Love or deny.


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