Freeing Your Heart 2021 Ascension Energies by Jamye Price


2021 Ascension Energies – Freeing Your Heart

2021 Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

[Please note: the video and post are rather different. The video is a plain explanation, while the post below shifts into a Light-infused poem.]


Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, was calling 2020 the Year of Following Your Heart. 2020 was a four year, which compels stability, practicality, discipline and a strong foundation. Gabriel’s Horn heralded a connection with our divinity as the year began. This initiated an increased opening of the throat chakra.

With massive fires around the world and a global pandemic, it didn’t seem like a year of heart, unless ache counts. Indeed, it does in the realm of change—a breakdown to breakthrough or a breakup to breakout creates inner change. This strengthens the vulnerable to see the hidden ether ore always at the fore (4 brain).

Love is forever at the core, it’s the connective force of Life. It’s invisible at first, for it’s deep within. It’s the in-4m-ation of you. 2020 was a year of inner structural change. As you were compelled to shift your inner landscape, the outer structures continued their breakdown to breakthrough.

The lockdowns and pandemic spiraled fear to the surface, creating more polarization for many, a predicted state that has been increasing for quite a while now. It forced separation in order to connect in a new way through time. People had to deal with their inner realm, whether that was how being “stuck” with family impacted them or being alone with their thoughts. Not an easy time for many.

While it revealed economic inequality, it also unveiled the inherent equality that is always beneath the surface of the play between servants and masters.

There are no gilded lungs that dazzle a virus, just gilded mirrors that frame perceptions.

Many of those with eyes to see, looked past logic into hidden pride, being right or left behind is the game of the mind. Distraction gained traction and Love seemed to cower, but the universe of Love called warriors to tower. Stand up and stand tall, meek warrior of Love. Life has a natural flow of homeostasis and equalization.

Servants become masters in times of disaster, for (4) strength built the tower that holds the master. A-trophy—a static prize marking time past, or a towering vessel of Love creating futures?


The pull of drama was powerful in 2020. It clouds the eyes (often unconsciously) with right or wrong, implanting hidden aggressions and preemptive separation. Empathy is then thwarted and the flow of Love erodes within and without. To take control of your own mind, you have to balance the understanding of the play of good and evil. Tables always turn in the spirals of time.

The mind must be quiet enough to hear the heart. In 2020, as the trumpet blared, people were shaken awake. Fear either creates fight, flight or freeze. Many don’t realize the effects of being in fight (drama) survival mechanism—how it shuts down the openness that is a function of the heart chakra. It takes effort to soothe the mind into heart resonance, even while staying open and aware of challenging conditions.

Fear strengthens or it separates. 2020 offered constant exercise.

Do you feel stronger now that you’ve been through the gauntlet of 2020? As the year wound down, the static began to harmonize as the music of Gabriel’s Horn found ground to grow, and mastery of Love began to reach for the stars, heralding a new year of Christ Consciousness crowning the meek that will take what is inherently ours.


Areon is calling 2021 the Year of Freeing Your Heart. After building inner strength and clarity to listen to the whisper of Love within noisy chaos, we cycle into expression and external movement of your loving heart.

As we move from 4 (2020) to 5 (2021), a gateway of change creaks open. It’s a heavy gate, not for the weak. It’s puzzling, first for the few to solve. The Gordian Knot knights ingenuity to dissolve the obvious. The feather is strong enough to move stone that turns on a breath. The gate turns to path, as the crowned and glorious can never turn back.


I had a vision for 2021 a few weeks ago. I wasn’t even in meditation, it just spontaneously began to dominate my mind.

I was shown a dragon on Earth, erupting fire upwards. Then I was shown a dragon in the air erupting clouds outwards. I heard “releasing the poison,” and I was shown energy springing from the sacral, heart and throat chakras. (More info in the video above)

All that eruption and poison can seem ominous (even dragons scare some), yet there are always positive potentials permeating, beckoning a life vessel to hold a new future in its heart space, breathing new Life into old news. It’s the aerating that creates healthy soil for growth.

Release, like an exhale, is necessary to continue creating anew. Release is activation’s reflection, for as one moves so does the other, the mirror connected. Same in Life, Opposite in Form, Connected through Unconditional Love.

The fire of release creates fast transformation, the catalyst that takes life from seed to Sequoia. What future towering tree are you? The meek dragons know their power and use it wisely, for the impact on the web of life is understood.

To love boldly breathes the fire of love into life, and passion cools into compassion.

The mind softens its fear to the warmth of the heart.


Dragons represent mastery of all the elements, and we move from the strengthening of the inner realm (4-strong foundation) into the expression outward to catalyze change (5). 5 is a magnetic principle, as always change is an inside job. From a wide and strong foundation, the (choice) point is obvious. It is like looking into the eye of the needle. It’s not always clear what you’re seeing, but there is an interest that draws you in.

So small, this point of no return, yet it weaves the fabric of life.

Power is going through a transformation as the meek inherit the Earth, this is the path of Ascension. As you consciously interact with universal law instead of just physical law (both apply here), you begin to utilize the engine of Life.

It moves from external to internal/internal to external. 2021 is a time of that flow moving from inner to outer. It is moving from the foundation, Earth; to the manifesting movement (sky) that nourishes Earth’s work.


This is where the clock has its structure and time can now be marked more consciously. Time is an air apparent, those who breathe deeply of its offering nourish the geometry of strength.

What is pent up? It will vent out.

As universal law unconditionally flows, the tesseract pulses in and out of existence, memories fading into legend. What’s real or not (knot) calls the meak to cross and heaven and earth reveal Time’s lock. Breathe deeply, sweet dragon, for your fire is needed. Are you ready to fly in the geyser of Earth to sky? It is your Love’s push that breaks the barrier of sound. Even walls of stone come crumbling down.

4 and 5 bring the completion of nine, your immediate cycle is ending this Time. But cycles just flow with paths infinity, each gateway is keyed with harmony’s symphony. In the key of love is both hawk and dove, for Life has all cycles entwined in its lines.

What blood do you have but life’s force of will, where passion and power have tainted the still. Have they really or is that just the cross made to bare the chaos that disrupts harmony’s share. Still waters create no waves to ride. Chaos is concerted and the heart’s tone takes no side.

Each breath is a door to life’s histories and futures. The dragons breathe fire to warm hands and singe sutures. What stitched your Time is the needling mind, the heart of Love seen as weak and yet the fabric sublime. Take of its power to cover birth and breath, hiding passion that breeds love or the pendant of death. Silk roads lead to ruins still melting in Time, and your heart’s passion-fire is smelting ether’s ore from the mine. Ruins aren’t ruined, they just seek to remind.

Take that deep breath, dragon love to the masses. The tesseract bares crosses that directed minds to confuse paths. Right is left behind as the mirror’s reflection distracts. Through mist there is illusion that fogs the mind into delusion, seeing saviors in serpents that have no heroic persuasion.

The sword in the stone is not a weapon but a tone—a harmonic key that opens gates into heart-warming homes. What awakens and stirs from back to front, is the eye of the needle training yarns into truths that only courage confronts.

Courage calls to bare the inner strength or fear.  Only one side of the coin is seen in Time’s point, yet both exist. Rage is within. Do you fear that fire, scarecrow? Resist, or know there are dragons in your midst, finding the urge to curve the age that turns on the point of the pent.

Cour-age calls to bear what the trumpet drowns out. You can’t hear the heart’s choice until human gives it voice, and the tidal tones open gateways and doors to traverse. Harmony sweeps and cascades through streets and parades, as the footsteps of many move Earth into heaven’s gaze. When the sun goes away, water falls from the stars. Dew becomes diamonds that brighten your day. A dragon’s fire gives steam to your engine, and the cross that you’ve pathed is a key to new beginning.


Be, sweet dragon, did you knot know fire was within? Just be, sweet dragon, time’s cycle will spin. From Earth you grow through the fire of Love. It warms, connects and burns when needed (needled). But that raging fire transforms, and water’s grace soothes storms, as the sweet dragon’s fire singes free the heart’s thorns.

It’s the tone that releases the sword from the stone, and crowns aren’t restrained by the thorn’s slow drain.

Be, sweet dragon, you’ve been trained for a circus. Release the chains from your power and Free your Heart to have purpose.

Be, sweet dragon. The in-form-ation is confusing. The knots are stoned and can’t be forced free, just condoned. Fire melts stone and unknots the tone. The (cou)rage of love is curved and honed into harmony’s drone. Your courage of Love brings your heart into Aum. Be, sweet dragon. Life’s calling you Home.

You are Home. Set the tone. You are the dragon, and your fire melts stone.

Free Your Heart and wield the sword as a wand. Conduct with fierce love as the armored hear Love’s song. The wanderers burst free from roots deep in space and the hardest of rock smooths to water’s embrace.

Look in your mirror and see Life’s universe faced.

Be, sweet dragon. You are Life’s saving grace.

Lead with your heart and your sword close at hand. The meak is for harvest or harming, the choice is for (hu)man. Does it fuel or drain, the illusion is now. When mirrors are broken and reflection’s dispersed, what’s deeper than surface is courage unversed.

The future calls for (4) focus as the tesseract reacts. Repeat or renew is the choice of the few. Be, sweet dragon. Your fire renews.

The point of the spiral becomes obvious in 5. It twists and turns fours through the infinite 8. The tone that awakened your power has opened a gate. You stand at the threshold, beckoned onward by Love. Water falls from the stars and refreshes thirsty earth from above. 4d is a moment and your now is for Love.

Earth’s veil has been hiding what the stars always new.

Be, sweet dragon. Life was waiting for you. It knew that from ashes grow towering trees. It knew that from babies come royal threes. Different in form, same in life.

Both hawk and dove nest and nurture their young. Nurture your future of Love to reign in One. What is opposite is just wholeness wanting embrace. Be, sweet dragon. You are Life’s saving grace.

From 4 to 5 (9), cycles 5 to 6 (11). Your future mastery awaits your passage from gauntlet to gate. Step forward with your heart and your sword at your hand. As you move from threshold to fate, Love is the future of (hu)man. Be, sweet dragon. The wand-ering is grand. Life was waiting for you to hold sword in hand. Release old definitions and wield the tone. Your Love is the power and your fire melts stone.


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