An excerpt from the new book Lennon Speaks: Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon through Caroline Oceana Ryan.


A Message to Lightworkers – December 11, 2020

Today’s Message is an excerpt from the new book Lennon Speaks: Messages from the Spirit of John Lennon.

The Collective add their beautiful energies to this and all chapters in the book. 

Now available for preorder Lennon Speaks releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.


Excerpt from Lennon Speaks
From Chapter 5 – “Music as a Portal”

COR: Would you talk to us about your life as a musician? Did you choose music, or did music choose you?

LENNON: I always felt to be a part of music. Part of what it is in the world, and what it is to me on every level, including the soul, though I didn’t always believe in the soul.

For a while there I thought we were just examples of biology wandering the Earth with a small brain, trying to figure things out, and for what? To just die in the end?

Then I began to understand, by the mid- to late-Sixties, what had been quietly presenting itself to me my entire life long.

Which is that we are all here for reasons much bigger than we can understand while living a human life.

Life is much bigger—we are much bigger—than our understandings, our beliefs, our ideas, our obsessions. Those are small expressions of what we’re doing or experiencing at the moment. They are not fully who we are.

For me, it didn’t even come down to “This maharishi said this or that” or “This experimental drug experience showed me this.” It was much bigger than that. Bigger than Timothy Leary or Allen Ginsberg or Dylan, or Yoko and me.

That was the mind-bending moment, when I saw that music is pure vibration. And that it’s vibration with the potential to shift people’s inner lives.

Not only their minds, but their whole stance, their whole energy, and then everything they do and say and feel from there on.

It wasn’t every musician who saw that, then or now. Many just respond to the music pouring out of them intuitively, which is great.

If you just want to dance with it and see what happens, like you’d dance with a lover who knows you better than anyone else, who knows sides of you that you haven’t even seen yet, then do that.

But after a time, I began to see that music was a doorway, and I had purposely sent myself through that portal to see what’s on the other side of the human psyche.

And what I mean by that, is that I needed to see what it is that’s within us, that nearly every system on the planet does it damnedest to hide, squash, or destroy.

What is within us, that we are never supposed to know? Once I began asking those questions in bigger ways, I somewhat drew up my own death warrant.

COR: The old “power crowd” was using music to control young people to think, feel, be a particular way, and you were pointing to something much bigger than that. Something that connects us to the power of our own souls.

Yes, though I wasn’t the only one of course.

Quite a few good people have left the Earth at their “behest,” because those people were saying something the old elite have never wanted people to know.

Which is, for one, that they are only our “overlords” for as long as we let them be. That’s the cornerstone, the key realization that many millions are tapping into now.

That’s a big part of why you see so many wars going on, journalists jailed and abused, even children jailed, abused, trafficked.

They do this to dampen the human spirit into not only complacency, but the kind of numbness that comes with not being able to take any more bad news.

That makes you more pliable, because after a while you just sort of hunker down and hide, so that all the bad stuff won’t find you.

And yet—look at what this group of young people in Florida are doing now, taking on the gun lobby in the US!

There are those taking on the legislators in the US and elsewhere who want to criminalize women for taking their own decisions about their own bodies.

Others taking on the governments who deny climate change, or the armies who feel they have a right to commit genocide.

Those young people and others like them have a better understanding of the world than people three times their age, and they’re saying No More. It’s what we dreamt of in the Sixties and Seventies.

This time of awakening was inevitable in some ways, once the decision was made by the human race to awaken. It’s just been met with extreme resistance by the au regime.

More trauma that will need to be healed. Much of that healing is happening while people are on the Earth. Some will need to happen in other dimensions.

COR: But again—how do we overcome the fact that the invading races tampered with human DNA, and reduced the strands from 12 to only two? That took away our higher self insight.

I know that’s changing now, but the average person doesn’t know that, and certainly doesn’t have control over it.

You do have control over it!

Every time you meditate, every time you connect with the Earth in a powerful and life-affirming way.

Every time you listen to what you call high vibrational music, or heal yourself, or express yourself creatively or with pure higher intent—every time you dance or sing for the pure joy of it—all of those moments and others upgrade your DNA.

Those who have special connection to the element of air are lifted to a higher level as they stand in a storm or on a clifftop, with the wind roaring around them.

Those with special connection to the water element experience it as they swim or stand under a waterfall.

Those with special connection to the stars feel it as they look at the night sky. In those moments, you realize the Oneness of all Creation . . .


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