Message from the Angels


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you enter your busy holiday season, pause every now and then for moments of pure appreciation. Take a few seconds here and there to stop and give thanks for life’s simply pleasures. Enjoy a shaft of sunlight as it filters through your windows in the morning, the scent of fresh coffee or tea, a snuggle with your beloved animals, a moment of connection as you look into the eyes of a total stranger. Admire the smoothness of you dishes, the softness of your towels, the strength of the engine that powers your car, the beautiful blue sky, and the air that you breathe.

At random times, pick something random to appreciate and then repeat something like this – either out loud or in the privacy of your own mind. Try to deeply feel the appreciation as you do

I give thanks for this moment.

I give thanks for this <whatever you are appreciating>.

I give thanks for all the hands and hearts that contributed to this moment and brought this thing into my life.

I give thanks for the Spirit of love within me that is connecting to the Spirit of love in this object, in this moment.

I give thanks for the Spirit of Love that lives and breathes in me now.

Then, take a few slow breaths as you appreciate the object, the moment, and your own ability to appreciate. Feel this feeling of love and appreciation expanding within you. Imagine it fills every cell of your body, and expands outward as a beautiful light, radiating from you and blessing all who are near. Imagine it radiating outward, encircling your globe and touching all open hearts with the loving glow of appreciation.

Just breathe in this beautiful light for a few seconds.

This simply exercise which takes less than a few minutes throughout your day can change your life. If you could see what happens to your energy in this space of appreciation, you would be awestruck with the beauty you create in such moments. You shift your focus into a higher vibration where only light can be present in your aura. The energetic vortices of your cells open to this radiance like flowers blossoming and receiving sunlight. In a single moment of appreciation you instantly tune into the vibrations of well-being, happiness, peace, contentment, joy, and love. Love loves to witness itself in all forms!

We live in this glow of appreciation for you. We appreciate your incredible love and courage, your willingness to be the midwives of a new reality upon your planet earth. We appreciate your commitment to love and care for yourselves, to follow the guidance of your heart, and above all, to be the shining beacons of love that you truly are. Your very being, when connected to love and appreciation opens you to a light that can now filter in greater measure into the collective consciousness of humanity. You are all such an important and integral part of creation. In every moment, no matter what you think about yourselves, we honor and appreciate you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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