Two Lories… 23 November 2020


The Power of Surrendering

You are only responsible for what is in your sovereign field.

When a human attaches to a desired outcome it is an anchor that weighs them down.

Surrender allows flow… you don’t attach to any outcome. In the quantum field there are multiple versions of ourselves. When you surrender, you begin to flow. When you attach, you are anchored…

What is it you don’t want in your Now?

Can you surrender into being in your Now?

Can you see a version of you in your Now moment where that thing is not there?

I am trusting the way flow works… as long as I remain surrendered in the Now I will get there to that other version of self.

You cannot control the river… the flow…

You stop trying to control what you don’t like… you just let it be.

Surrender in compassion, trust, and love.



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