The Greatest Distortion by Jenny Schiltz


I’ve gotten messages from people reaching out because they feel so lost and disconnected within right now. I wanted to share an experience that I had and I hope it will be helpful to those feeling lost.I have been looking at the discourse and uncertainty in our world. If you believe something is one way, you can find where the exact opposite is also believed. It is very difficult to know what is truth in a sea of lies. Discernment is everything.

We are being asked to trust what we feel versus what we see and hear? We are being asked to run everything through our heart space and vibrational field to feel the resonance. We are being asked to break free from the societal conditioning, from the matrix and the hypnosis programming. This is not an easy task and I wanted to be 100% sure that I wasn’t operating within distorted fields and perceptions.

I decided to ask my guidance team, my highest aspect and the angels to assist me with removing all distortions. I gave full permission to be assisted, regardless of the outcome. I didn’t care if the removal of distortions turned my life upside down and made it so I had to go live in a hut somewhere. I told my team “come what may”, I did not want to live a life clouded by illusion, distortion and inauthenticity. No matter the cost I wanted all distortions gone.

It was powerful and I felt something click into place. It was me signaling to Source that above all integrity and authenticity or the most important things. From there all things flow.

In the early morning hours I dreamed I was on the “other side”. I was working with a group of beings and Sophia. We were in such deep union and the energy was light and pure. It was home and how I envision heaven to be.

After some time Sophia tells me that it is time for me to go. She points to a white marble shining staircase and I reluctantly leave, grateful for the time I had. Even during the dream I knew it was one that I would remember. I began to walk down the staircase and it went from white marble to wood and then to stone. The further I walked down, the yuckier the stairs became. The stairs were becoming damp and smelly and it was getting darker and darker.

At this point I woke up and I could feel the staircase within me. I laid in bed and I continued to follow it to the end. I thought maybe there was a soul piece or something that I needed to retrieve. Yet, when I got to the bottom of the staircase I didn’t see or feel a soul piece. I saw nothing and it was pitch black. When I felt into it all I could feel was such incredible loneliness, sorrow and disconnection. This was especially contrasted because I had just been on the other side working in unity and wholeness.

The feeling of despair and loss was so acute that I could do nothing but cry. It was a feeling that I remember experiencing often before beginning my spiritual journey. My husband came from the shower and found me sobbing. You can imagine his face as I tried describing that I had a staircase in me that led to a pit of despair and loneliness. Poor guy 😂. A fellow practitioner texted in that moment letting him off the hook. I told my friend about the dream and what I was currently experiencing and she said “All I keep hearing is to light a candle.”

I had to laugh because here I was playing in non-ordinary reality, sitting in the dark, feeling alone, miserable, and a little sorry for myself and not once did I think to light a candle. Yet, it just goes to show that when we get lost in our own story we struggle with empowering ourselves out of it.

So I went back into that dark pit that smelled like a moldy root cellar and I let a candle. To my surprise I was surrounded by my guides, angels, and ascended masters that I work with. I asked them why I couldn’t feel them verses deep despair.

Just then the sea of beings parted and Sophia came to me. She put her hands on my face and told me that the distortion I was holding was that I was ever alone or disconnected simply because I lowered my vibration to experience incarnations on Earth.

She explained that the biggest distortion that humans hold is that they ever left the other side, that they ever left heaven. She went on further to explain that separation and disconnection is part of the human experience, but it does not need to be. One only need to shine their light in the dark and know that they are never alone nor disconnected.

Lowered frequency and density only creates the illusion of disconnection or of being utterly alone. We each have the ability to shine a light on the staircase within. No matter the density, no matter the experience, all we have to do is know that we have never been separated from Source, our highest aspect, or the other side.

We are never lost as the path, the staircase is within. You are the map, you are the compass, and you are the north star. None of this can be taken from you.

I was talking to Merlin and he told me “Connection begins, continues and ends within. Think of it as a road (dirt). The more the road is traveled, the more it will stay free from debris and brush. This road is your connection to self, to spirit but it also allows spirit to connect with you. Many want to travel on the light, sparkly parts of the road, yet it is in the darkest bits that need the greatest light and knowing that there is no disconnection.”

I hope my sharing of this experience helps. This is not an easy time as we go forward into the unknown. Focusing on our connection within helps us to feel greater joy and excitement versus fear and confusion. May we all find the courage to travel our own personal road, our own staircase from the darkest depths to the lightest heights. May we all awaken fully and remember to our core that we are fully connected and that we never left the other side.

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