Shift All That is Known Peggy Black and the ‘team’

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Shift All That is Known
Peggy Black and the ‘team’
We are here, coming as your friends to offer support and guidance as you navigate the turbulence of these challenging times. You are experiencing the collapse of what is and has been familiar. You are experiencing the shift of the ages. You are experiencing the dark night of the collective soul. You are experiencing a major dimensional shift. You are experiencing the great awakening.

It is on every level of your reality that these shifts and these collapses are taking place. The impact of this evolution of consciousness and its effects will be felt, honored and recognized in all the coming years. 

All that has taken place in the conflicts and the polarities in your personal, political, social, physical and environmental arenas has stretched you in every possible manner. Everyone is holding on to what gives them comfort and imagined security.

We are inviting you to ride these waves with as much conscious awareness as possible. You were made for these times. You truly have the immense power to thrive during these times. Remember that you are a divine being in a physical body. It is your divine awareness that will guide and support you as you experience the seeming collapse of what you know and understand to be true about reality.

What is collapsing is all that is limited, untrue, dysfunctional and out of balance. All that has been hidden is being revealed. There is a dismantling of the old structures and the old paradigms.  Even the Earth is healing and purifying herself. All of these events coming together at once certainly are causing great distress. 

We invite you to continue to reset your attitude; take a deep breath and sigh into the exhale. Remind yourself that you were made for these times. You are here to call forth the new reality, to anchor all the cosmic energy and light that is bathing your planet. You are here as the true transformer.

Continue to find that place of peace within yourself. Become the peaceful observer, the fair witness. Notice when you become polarized, angry, irritated, out of balance. Stop the thoughts that are supporting your anger. Pause and allow yourself to reset your awareness. Return to your heart.

It is most important during these times of great chaos to anchor stillness in the midst of chaos. It will take practice and your full awareness to stop your mind from engaging with the emotional issues. It will take the consciousness of the master that you are to not get plugged in to all the turmoil.

Practice finding your inner state of peace. Perhaps in meditation, walks in nature, dancing, chanting or free sounds. Use the methods that work best for you. Remove yourself from your electronic reality. Pause and become aware of everything that is around you. When you are still and peaceful within your own energy is when you are most effective in supporting the changes and the shifts you desire to manifest in your personal life and in the collective.

Your planet is moving into the fifth dimension and all the negative and misqualified energies are being healed and transformed. You are an important part of the process taking place. You have been transforming and healing your personal wounds, limitations and negative reactions to what is occurring.

We acknowledge you for the personal work that you have done. It has not gone unnoticed. You are being acknowledged as a master. You are here on this planet at this time to do this work.

Celebrate this opportunity to truly accept your responsibility as the starbeing that you are. It is important to keep returning to your heart center and to welcome the presence of divine beings into this time frame. We love to be invited to assist and support the evolution of consciousness that is taking place. Remember, when you invite us and other divine beings to assist and support, our energy goes where you are focused.

Our energy is like a laser light of love directed to the area or situation upon which you are focused. If it is your environment that concerns you, let that be your focus when you invite us to assist you. Or perhaps it is the transformation of the government that is your concern, or your economy. Your attention is your free will and we will always honor that.

As these wonderful and tremendous changes are taking place, it is important to remember that these shifts are occurring because of you. You have been asking for, praying about, and quietly requesting these changes to come upon this planet ever since you became conscious. 

All the personal shifts you have made, all the books you have read, workshops you have attended, silent heart requests made and prayers spoken have propelled your planet to be lifted up energetically into the next dimension.  We say to you, good work. You are in the final stages of this powerful transformation.

So continue to hold true to your heart’s knowing that there is a reality in which everyone thrives. You are anchoring an energy that will shift all that is known. We cannot impart the importance of your full attention and focus in bringing this shift to completion.    

Do not be alarmed if things seem to get worse; remember, all that is dark and hidden has to come to the light in order to be transformed.  Hold true to your divine knowing that these are just the last stages of the transformation of your planet and all that is dysfunctional. The cosmic vibrations are causing this shift. Remember, you are being supported by all divine beings both in your personal reality as well as your collective reality.

Together we will celebrate the great awakening and the great reset taking place in your dimension. We are always available to you upon request as are all other divine masters and beings. Call upon us to join you as you hold firm and anchor this evolutionary change and shift which is allowing the old paradigms to be illuminated and eliminated. the ‘team’


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