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I have an idea that might offer an even higher picture of a key event on Earth. It seems to make sense of some things I was having difficulty understanding. I can also see why this idea hadn’t occurred to me before. As we know, timing is everything and when things are prematurely released, plans can be foiled.

I know we are often passionate about our views, but we need to remember that first and foremost, we are lightworkers and sometimes our role entails being a catalyst or an adversary to assist stirring things up. So, things aren’t always exactly as they seem.

We know we are now at the end of a major evolutionary shift for Earth. Earth has reached its final phase of ascension, which means a rapid increase of Light is now taking place right across the Earth. The Divine Plan for the evolution and Ascension of Earth into a higher dimension of light includes a clean sweep of all entrenched systems that do not serve the people of Earth in Highest order of truth and light. That covers all areas that have a priority agenda of power, control, monetary gain, manipulation or enslavement in any form, of the human population. All established systems that have any intention to control the people in such a way, will be no more. I know that may seem a huge goal, but remember, this is a multi-dimensional Universal Divine Plan!! It is already happening via the cleansing of the earth; releasing negative emotions and awakening and increasing conscious awareness of people everywhere. When this is done on a global level, as it is now, light floods into every corner of Earth.

I think we’ve all seen the waves of hate and anger erupting across the world recently, even in unlikely places. The frequency of light increases as individual and planetary awareness begins to reveal the extent of the intent, control and manipulation within many established systems on Earth. As people become aware of this, they begin to understand just how much power they have handed to others, often dictating many aspects of their life, from what to eat, how to dress, what illness they have, what their education permits them to become in life and becoming fearful of doing anything without permission.

When we don’t take personal responsibility and fail to do our own research to make sure that what we are agreeing to (and  we agree to many things!)  are in the best interests of ourselves or our children, we give our power away. We place ourselves in a vulnerable position of being told what to believe and how to act – dictated by the media; government; religion; advertising; the sciences; the medical profession; pharmaceutical companies; education and big internet companies, etc.

We can each check our guidance re the following, to see if it resonates.

And before I begin. IF the following turns out to be the case, it doesn’t in any way mean we need to suddenly change our views about who we are supporting for president. In fact, quite the opposite. Our I Am Presences are very involved in this and will be actively assisting us to hold the energy of whatever view we have about all this. I suggest that unless our intuition guides us differently, we hold to our current view. What is taking place will have all been planned mathematically, so I suggest we don’t change unless we see our emotions about this have vanished or we are changing our mind. And that would only happen when it was no longer needed.

Patricia Cota Robles said recently in ‘Healing our painful misconceptions’, that she has been amazed by seeing powerful Lightworkers supporting both candidates. Quote – “Lightworkers supporting one candidate felt that you could not possibly be working with the Light if you were supporting the other candidate. The same was true for Lightworkers supporting the other candidate, one (candidate) obviously for enlightenment and one obviously the opposite. It was as though half of the people in America lived on one Earth and the other half of the people lived in a completely alternate Universe.”  End of quote. Obviously, both candidates for the US presidency are quite different in their intended goals and based on that, whereas it may have seemed logical for Lightworkers to be drawn to one, that was not the case. The choice has been divided, sort of like living in parallel universes. That didn’t make sense to me.

We have seen normally placid Lightworkers displaying some quite intense emotions, including anger and hate, about their choice of preferred candidate for US president, often to the extent of falling out with best friends and blocking friends on social media!! And there is also a lot of confusion about the choice made by friends, with many wondering why their friends don’t see what they see.  That didn’t make sense.

Some have said there is a 50/50 Lightworker split with differing views. That didn’t make sense either. (Actually, I checked and it’s not quite an even split. Lightworkers are holding 60% for Trump and 40% for Biden. But all that means is that different mathematical numbers are needed to balance energies.)

So, we have an apparent divided Light force, each passionate and often very emotional regarding their choice, with neither understanding the other’s view. That didn’t make sense.

An apparently sudden 50/50 divide in the Light force? Happening at this point in Earth’s final stage of evolution? That really didn’t make sense!

And how incredible that many Lightworkers have such strong feelings about Trump’s personality, often to the extent they don’t seem to mind who the opponent is or their policies, as long as it means Trump will not be re-elected. Lightworkers being guided in this matter by their emotions also didn’t make sense to me.

And the next puzzling thing was – why haven’t Lightworkers, who know themselves to be quite placid and easy going, suddenly experiencing intense feelings of anger and hate, impatience and frustration – even toward good friends, not question why?  That didn’t make any sense!

So, what is the answer to this very strange Lightworker behaviour?

Well, I believe it is all part of the higher Divine Plan and that it is not an accident that strong opposing emotions are being held by the Light Force regarding the election. Lightworkers are powerful. They came here from higher planes to help, and the power and light they bring to Earth plays a significant role in the planetary evolution taking place at this time. Lightworker emotions, thoughts and actions (which is how we create) hold great power, greatly increased by their Universal Right to speak on behalf of their own soul family group. Lightworkers can, and do, greatly affect the outcome of the evolution of Earth. And the evolution of Earth is, after all, why we incarnated! The fact that Lightworkers can make such a huge difference to the outcome on Earth is why we need to remember that our thoughts and what we choose to repeat as ‘reality’ has powerful energy.

Regarding this election, I believe that around half the light force on Earth adopted one view and the other half took the opposing view. This allowed humanity to raise those same long held emotions within themselves that are currently being displayed by the Light Force. The releasing of these human emotions allows massive amounts of negative energy across the globe to transmute into light. Some of those emotions are anger, hate, confusion, shock, bewilderment, betrayal, loss, disillusionment, scorn, judgement, disappointment, intolerance, disbelief, incredulity, apathy, concern, worry, fear, impatience, frustration and the application of ‘conditional’ love.

How amazing are Lightworkers? All of us!! We do our job well.

I think this entire apparent divide and ‘taking sides’ has been deliberately done by us, from a higher perspective, to help humanity and the Earth to cleanse. I also believe we haven’t realised this, because we weren’t meant to. It also felt right to me to delay writing this article until the correct moment – now. On a higher level, we chose not to look at why we were experiencing such strong emotions about the US presidency!! And these emotions are being held by lightworkers all over the world, not just in the USA. Naturally, lightworkers have strong emotions about many areas, such as chemicals in food, vaccinations and so on, but generally are on the same page with such issues. But the presidential issue had a different goal altogether and needed a division of energy to get the job done.  

It’s not just about releasing emotions. The bigger picture is about many aspects of birthing Earth into a higher Light frequency. It’s about creating a sudden massive awakening within humanity; releasing negativity; it’s about the preparation of humanity to handle huge change (this has been achieved with the rapid and tough Covid restrictions); dramatically increasing awareness of truth about established and accepted parts of their life; and the breaking down of old systems.

The election has many aspects to it that may not be apparent; e.g. Covid 19, vaccines, censorship, smart tracking of individuals, controlled media, awareness of high levels of radiation from smart technology. All these are assisting the goal of the birth of a new Earth. The delay in the election is deliberate and part of the higher Divine plan. It has, and is, allowing many more emotions to surface; offer a chance to see huge corruption in voting systems in countries all over the world; evidence that pharmaceutical companies are placing profit ahead of individual wellbeing with their rush for a vaccine in violation of the time required to test for safety; the world questioning the one-sided media reporting and ever increasing censorship occurring in mainstream news and social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. This unfolding and unravelling taking place worldwide is too vast to be covered here, but the spotlight will continue to focus on areas to be uncovered. Possibly a lot will arise in the expected forthcoming case in the USA’s senior court;  the Supreme Court.

The Divine Plan for the ascension of Earth has been in play in the Higher Realms for a long time. The Light Force began its physical implementation in Atlantis. From its inception, the goal has always been to complete this Divine Plan NOW, in this current time frame.

Nothing in the Universe is stronger than the immense Light and Power of a Divine Plan created by Source. Intricately planned and perfectly executed on multi dimensional levels, millions of highly evolved Lightworkers are completing the final steps, as they stand blessed by the Light of God/All That Is.  

There is ALWAYS a higher picture. And sometimes there is a higher, higher picture.

Love and Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

21.11.2020  (4 weeks before the December 21st equinox)


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