30th November 2020: Lunar Eclipse in 9th degree of Gemini by SARAH VARCAS


Standing on the Brink of Hope


Sarah Varcas

All dates are UT

This lunar eclipse and its partner solar eclipse on 14th December close the door on the intense Capricorn focus of this year. Just after the second of these eclipses, Saturn leaves Capricorn on 17th December, with Jupiter following suit on 19th December. They then form a conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius on the solstice (21st December). This sequence of astrological events promises a powerful end to what has been a monumental year in human history.

Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn at the time of this eclipse speak to the on-going ‘might makes right’ approach to our current global predicament, in which an overriding narrative of vulnerability and fear has possessed the thoughts and imaginations of countless people the world over. Efforts to maintain and intensify this situation will undoubtedly continue to the end of this year and beyond. But the approaching ingress of first Saturn and then Jupiter into Aquarius (the sign of collective humanity) from Capricorn (the sign of top-down authority) speaks to a significant shift of influential power. By the end of this year the wheels of change will have been set in motion, grounding the real potential for a different outcome to this seemingly unending march into global subjugation and tyranny.

The energy of this lunar eclipse is flexible and changeable. It cannot be pinned down and how we each experience it will depend largely on what side of bed we emerge from that morning! With an ongoing square from Eris to Saturn and Pluto the challenge is to claim our own authority in a wise and considered way, neither allowing others to impose their own world-view upon us, nor allowing our own blind spots or emotional overwhelm to lead us down an unhelpful path of reactivity and conflict. At this time, too much certainty may serve to cloud our perspective and distort the truth just as much as confusion and mixed messages will do.

With the on-going tension and pressure faced by us all, many feel there’s no escape and nowhere to hide. People in increasing numbers feel they lack anything to look forward to as hopes, plans and dreams remain on ice while the Covid-19 narrative continues unabated. Fear, loss of hope, frustration, the crazy-making conflicting narratives we must navigate in a world where simply expressing the ‘wrong’ opinion can get you banned, silenced and vilified– all of these things contribute to a sense of powerlessness and emotional fatigue. Sometimes it even seems easier not to think for yourself anymore, to simply surrender to the might of mainstream propaganda and sacrifice inner knowing to the dictates of outer authority. But this eclipse reminds us that taking the longer view will help us choose well at this point.

It’s fair to say that sometimes the truth scares before it emboldens us. At such times wise discernment can separate toxic fear from the fear we may face as we awaken to truth. A message that says you’re inherently vulnerable and dependent on external intervention for survival is about control. A message that says embrace your sovereignty and face the fear of boldly doing so, is one of empowerment – however terrified it may at first make you feel!

Occurring in the same sign as the North Node, this eclipse will reveal how we can best contribute to a future worth living for. Open-minded discussion is important. Curiosity is vital and flexibility key to nurturing hope amidst fear and despair. Finding common ground is essential to recognising the humanity in those who oppose us. We may think differently but we’re all human beings infused with spirit. We all know the inferno of rage, the slow-burn of resentment, the tingle of hope and inspiration of love. We all know what it feels like to be at odds with a loved one or distanced from a cherished friend. And we all know fear, even if its trigger varies in each one of us.

At this critical time when humanity stands on the brink like never before, there is immense cause for both hope and despair, love and fear. The challenge of this eclipse is to be open to all emotional possibilities, whilst knowing which move us in the direction we ultimately want to go. Denying fear helps no one. False positivity just postpones grief for another day. But compassionate attention to the thoughts and emotions of our true present, infused with self-acceptance and love…. this is the catalyst that allows us to be authentically real, not distorted by suppressed anxieties and stifled fear.

With Neptune still in its own sign of Pisces, the on-going imperative for compassionate unity continues unabated. Fear has long been used to divide us by those with the power to dictate a world view. Never has it been more vital to remember who we really are – sovereign, unbounded and free – in the face of any and all apparent evidence to the contrary! And in remembering who we are we can remember for each other too, holding fast to the humanity that unites us, not the paranoia that divides.

Time is running out on us. More change is coming, like it or not. We can’t go back, but we can choose our future direction. This lunar eclipse in light-of-touch and open-minded Gemini will unleash creativity and new possibilities in even the darkest hour, casting light into the shadows where disempowering dread would otherwise fester and grow.

Sarah Varcas


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