December Energies by Jamye Price


December Energies

Hello Powerful Love,

I love this time. Things begin to crossover into the year that was and the year that will be. 2020 has been a wild year. Wow! It has been challenging in so many ways. It has also been amazing to watch how synchronistic some things have been, and a deepening of gratitude has been a powerful effect amidst such chaos (change).

Yet as the energy shifted so palpably in late October, the challenges are offering the opportunity of more strength and clarity. This opens a renewal of determination and the November 30 lunar eclipse feels like a “clicking in” of a new flow that will portend a power in the 12/14 solar eclipse.

As you go within on November 30, look for the ah:ha connections that bridge the heart and mind through the throat chakra revealing an expression preparing for birth. What is silent now will not always be. 

Hindsight is only 2020 when you can look past the obvious into the potentials that are calling for nurturance through you so that Love’s potential can manifest here on Earth. 

This month’s video and post are rather different. Typically the post summarizes the video and expands on certain things, but this month the video is more informational while the post is more energetic flow. 

We’ve got some powerful eclipse energy coming up, and my favorite solstice. I’m excited to share the vision for December in this video, and 2021 energies are coming soon. It is going to be a powerful year. 

I hope you have a blessed month and deeply joyful holiday season.

Much Love,



[Note from Jamye: the video and the post are very different. There is more information and detail in the video (and of course, the Light Language healing transmission), while the post has more of an energy flow rather than as much detail.]


As 2020 winds down, December brings a focus to permeating the year (past and future) with a ripple of Unconditional Love, bridging the old and new with a strength, determination and quiet grace that embraces change.

Love is an intangible, sometimes a commodity; and unconditionality is often resented by the creative drive and the ego’s need for control to feel safe.

It can take great trust to believe in yourself and Life when the evidence isn’t “real.” It tests courage and it goes against the unconscious survival response. Yet it is the key to the vast invisible that connects All.

As Areon constantly reminds, you live in the realm of conditions. How do you consistently merge conditions and non-conditions, real and (currently) imagined, fact and faith?

This is the merging that Ascension weaves.

The tangible and the intangible are same in value, different in form. They meet at the impact of was and will. They stir a questioning, an unknown and trust bolsters or breaks as you pursue the discovery.

Here is where wisdom quiets or alerts the heart and mind.

Unconditional Love is an inner discovery of strength in the face of unknown, unmasking the fears that people obfuscate in false power.

Unconditional Love is your inner gateway to the infinite realm of the unformed; where creativity bubbles forth from no-where into your where-with-all. It’s where Love is free because its infinite.

There is no demand on the supply be-cause it does not die; it just transforms, in forms, unforms, and the transforming begins again.

To move beyond what has already been, one must tap into the quiet current of Love that has always been longing to touch Light. Bubbling deep from within, the excitement of sun seeking is the anticipation of conditions correct. The season of Love weaves through All. What will it be? Will it blossom or fall? When will it be? Time less until known. Will it, be me. Will it, be me. Will it, be me. Four Love has grown.


As we end the strengthening of 2020, a 4 year; we transform with a new strength to face the unknown. What you touch with Unconditional Love, will you let the silence of deep knowing penetrate an eye for an eye. That all eyes (could) see deeper than they will admit to the mind, but trusting that you can steward infinite time loosens the grip of what was and strengthens the will of divine.

As you surrender the known and open your mind, Unconditional Love permeates your known with divine. The separation of opposites and connection of time is your infinite self soothing finite into sublime.

Expectations lose to sublimations; from was to willing, quantum leaps unwind. The present, the now, becomes potential unbound. Blessed Being, your divinity is found. Infinite Love is available for you to ground.

Will it. Be it. Love it. Through you.


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