Love Can Build a Bridge Video


Dear Beautiful Members of my Lists,

I have been having problems recently doing anything more with my website ‘Tree of the Golden Light’, so I’ve decided for now to send anything I want to share with you out to my lists.

With what is going on these days all around the globe, here and there and everywhere, I was lead to go to a video on the “Tree’ to revisit the video and song that I have posted there on the Slideshow and Video Branch. I feel that though it was created back in 2011, it represents that there is no ‘time’, only Now in Love and Togetherness. You can go to this link and watch/listen to what the video shares with all of you around the world. When you get to the page go down to this section,  March 2011, Love Can Build a Bridge Video and it should bring up the video to watch and listen to.

I Love you all, and I know that you are living your lives the best you can. That is what represents the Love, Joy and Togetherness that we are all in as the minutes go by.



You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,

for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.


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