A Message to Lightworkers – November 17, 2020 🌟


Greetings, Beautiful Friend!

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Tuesday, December 15

I’ve channeled the Collective since 2014, and your kind support and beautiful comments have encouraged me to keep on with it.

And I have at times wondered at times who else I might work with at some point.

Then in 2018, a friend who is an amazing psychic medium, in touch with the spirit of John Lennon and other musicians who have passed, told me, “John wants to work with you.”  

Though Lennon has been a mentor to me and many others, I wondered if I was up to channeling him. But his work to establish Peace on the planet, and the idea of a Universal citizenship, in addition to his music, brings a message of steadiness in the face of the storm that is vital now. 

So I sat down to channel, asking John questions about many issues—his UFO encounter, the hidden history of this planet, how he treated women in his last Earth life, the truth about the tragedies that happen in the music business, what his work is now, and more. 

I let John know we need support now that so many are facing illness, job losses, evictions, or seeing loved ones suffer, in addition to all the other uncertainties.

He answered each question with compassion, humor, and sharp insight. He’s still a live wire—that part hasn’t changed.

Over time I recognized the Collective’s presence as well, and asked about it. John explained, “I work with them,” and said they were infusing the book with their energies.

And like the Collective in Earth Life Challenges, John speaks right to the issues.

I loved how honest and funny he is at times, as he mixes what we knew of him in his last well-known Earth life with spiritual realities, offering solid advice on how to feel stronger despite what’s happening around us.

This book is really a conversation among friends, so I hope you’ll join us—excerpts coming soon!

In the meantime, let’s pool our energies to bring miraculous courage and healing to the Earth and all Her beings now, as NESARA draws closer . . .

Much Love and Light,

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If you feel a session is right for you now (or a “Just One (or Two or Three) Questions” channeling), go here book a session, to receive energy work and higher insights from your Spirit team and the Collective that can beautifully assist you at this time. 


A Message to Lightworkers –
November 17, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And we wish to say, that there is great movement afoot now to bring each nation, each person, each community to a place of sovereignty in all ways and on all levels of life.

You may feel that the passage of NESARA law will solve only certain problems while producing others—too great a shift for some to adjust to.

Yet what you many call “problems” are generally the result of the particular way in which the ego-mind receives an event or situation.

It is a form of resisting a situation, rather than sitting with the discomfort or newness of it, patiently, until a resolution or adjustment can be found that is for the higher good of all.

The unfolding of this shift, which has been a long time (in your Earth time) in the making, is not something that will bring you into a similar situation to that which has already existed on the Earth.

You have before now built and sustained highly advanced societies and civilizations, yes, and some of these are still operating, such as those in Inner Earth.

Yet we speak of the liberation of surface Earth life, which has not yet been achieved (on this timeline) in terms of raising life from a dark and difficult third dimension to that of a higher, less dense form of reality.

NESARA’s enactment, though powerful and inevitable now, cannot do the real work of Ascending humanity or the Earth Herself. It is a sign of Ascension, not the completion of it . . .

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