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Tension is the effort with which you hold your perceptions of this world in memory. When you feel tension, remember this. You made a world with thought, and when you feel tension, you are struggling to remember those thoughts, to hold onto your illusion. This means that no one “else” can cause your tension. Nothing “else” can cause your tension–only your effort to cling to your illusion.

What if you were to let go? Whenever you feel tension, there is something into which you can relax. That something is not of this world. That something is prior to this world, and it Is what you Are. It is also what all beings across time and space Are and always have been. The feeling of tension is a sign that you are holding the perception of the world up to block the remembrance of who you Are. It is a habit, and habits can be dropped.

When you feel tension, remember this: I am trying not to remember something, and instead of blocking remembrance, I can find my willingness to relax into what I truly Am.

We want you to get used to receiving gifts, and to know that to receive them is to share them with all beings across time and space. When you find yourself in a situation with any tension or negative emotion, we invite you to metaphorically reach out your hand in order to have a gift placed into it. As you allow remembrance of what is prior to this world, you also open up to the never-ending flow of gifts that is available to you and all. The gifts are always perfectly appropriate to whatever situation you perceive.

The gift you receive may be a new thought, an idea, an inspiration. It may be a beautiful wave of clarity and gratitude. It may seem to be a material resource that helps you on your way. It may be an opportunity to share, easily and without effort, with another. Whatever it is, it brings ease. You don’t have to invent ease within your illusion while you are busy blocking ease out. You allow ease. You allow ease by relaxing into what is always here for you, and as you do that, you make it really obvious to others how it is done. As you sink into ease, the gift you give to others is a pathway to ease that lights up for them.

It is time to pack up the nightmare and to put it away. The nightmare is anything, any situation in your world that you believe is a cause of tension. It is actually just evidence that you have been blocking ease in your fruitless quest to hang on to illusion. Whenever you attribute the nightmare to anyone or anything you call else, you disempower yourself and all beings across time and space as you perceive them. You always see them as you see yourself, because there is only one of you. What do they reveal about how you are seeing yourself? Are you willing to see your Self as you Are?

If the nightmare in any form is only evidence of refusal of gifts, all you need to do is to learn how to accept the gifts that are always right here for you, the gifts that belong equally to all, the gifts of which all are equally worthy. Look through the illusion to the equal light everyone Is, find your willingness to remember Truth, and the gifts that are always present flow into your experience. Just don’t get confused by the world. It is never cause. It is always effect, and an effect that can be changed very easily for the benefit of all when turned over to Spirit.

We invite you to pay attention to the feeling of “I-want-and-I’m-not-getting.” This is a feeling you could cite as evidence that gifts are not always here for you and all. This feeling is only the result of practice–practice in perceiving that which is unfulfilled, and practice in perceiving a world that fails to meet needs. As much as you have practiced to see this world, to that same extent you can drop your commitment to continuing to see it.

Think of yourself as opening the door to guests you have tried mightily to block for all of time. Suddenly realizing that these guests cannot harm you or anyone, you open the door wide. To open the door is to allow the resolution in perception of all the things you think you have made here. The forms in which your gifts arrive matter not at all. Just know that they are always completely appropriate for whatever situation you believe you are in.

In order to receive your gifts, you must set down your perception of control over the illusion you have made. It is our delight to see you pause in your preoccupation with control in order to receive the abundance that is always Here.



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